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welcome to the haven fiction archive gateway.

the haven fiction archive warehouses stories created by non-professional writers using pre-existing characters from various fandoms. any comments regarding a story you have read in the archive should be sent, via e-mail, to the author. please do not 'snatch' a story from this archive unless you have the author's permission to do so first. please note, the haven does not accept fiction submissions.

a man apart

saga/title/fandom: Adagio
chapters: 1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 7/ 8/ 9/ 10/ 11/ 12/ 13/ 14/ 15/ 16/ 17/ 18/ 19/ 20/ 21/ 22/ 23
author: Rae/Celtia/Celtiareborn
rating/genre: (ADULT) - romance/crime drama
warnings: het, language, violence, and graphic sexual content
summary: Officer Sean Vetter, formerly of the DEA, tries to rebuild his life in Chicago after losing his wife in a botched assassination attempt on his own life. Joining the Chicago Special Tactics Unit, Vetter’s bitterness toward life and sullen determination not to care for anyone makes him a nightmare of potential partners, until a stubborn Irish woman named Kate Shea decides she isn’t going to let Vetter chase her away – from his career or his life. (Sean/OFC)


saga/title/fandom: The Fallen
chapters: 1/ 2/ 3
author: SlayerKnight
rating/genre: (ADULT) - action/adventure/drama
warnings: slash, m/m sex, violence, language, AU (alternate universe), first-time
summary: What would have happened if Blade and the Nightstalkers had lost? The vampires would proceed with world domination., Alternating POVs.) (Hannibal King/Drake (Dracula))

hercules & xena universe

saga/title/fandom: Love and Mischief Saga: Seeking Balance
chapter: 1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 7/ 8/ 9/ 10/ 11/ 12/ 13/ 14
author: Scribe
rating/genre:(ADULT) - Comedy/Romance/Drama
warnings: slash, sexual content, language, male pregnancy
summary: This story begins before the events of Cupid's Little Helper. An offshoot of the epic Love and Mischief Series. (Ares/Joxer)

saga/title/fandom: Love and Mischief Saga: Diety By Day
chapters: 1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5
author: Scribe
rating/genre:(18+) - Comedy/Romance/Drama
warnings: slash, sexual content, language, male pregnancy
summary: Accord's day of birth, and the family is resting, and bonding. Sequel to Seeking Balance, in the Love and Mischief Series. An offshoot of the epic Love and Mischief Series. (Ares/Joxer)

jurassic park

saga/title/fandom: Once Bitten
chapters: 1/2/3
author: Sithkitten
rating/genre: (18+) - drama, angst, romance
warnings: slash, language, adult situations
summary: In the beginning, there was Billy... (Alan/Billy)

saga/title/fandom: Would You Believe It!
chapters: 1
author: Hergerbabe
rating/genre: (ADULT) - romance, drama
warnings: slash, sexual content, language, adult situations
summary: Billy is surprised, but darned happy! (Alan/Billy)

justice league/dc comics/dc cartoons

saga/title/fandom: 3X5 Index Cards
chapters: 1/2/3
author: Dimitri Aidan
rating/genre: (18+) - comedy, romance
warnings: het, slash, language, murder
summary: It’s Clark’s fault: His ‘making sure they were in a healthy place’ line started it. In which Bruce is broody, Wally knows…stuff, and John wishes for sanity. Oh, and a therapist is killed… Sequel to Secret. (Batman/Green Lantern(JS)/Flash)

saga/title/fandom: Change of Preception
chapters: 1/ 2/ 3
rating/genre:(ADULT) - romance
warnings: slash, explicit sexual content
summary: (Superman/Batman/Flash)---'nuff said

saga/title/fandom: Identity
chapters: 1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 7/ 8/ 9/ 10/ 11/ 12/ 13/ 14/ 15/ 16/ 17
author: Girl_Gambit
rating/genre: (15+) - drama/romance
warnings: het, violence, language
summary: Terry hasn't had time for himself lately, things seem a bit of a mess. It's a T/M fanfic - but I don't hate D. (Terry/Max)

saga/title/fandom: Kaskade
chapters: 1
author: Candylyn
rating/genre: (18+) - angst, drama, romance
warnings: slash, het, angst, sexual content (eventually), language
summary: Batman realizes Flash is having trouble dealing with the changes within the League. (Batman/Flash, Green Lantern/Hawkgirl, Wonder Woman/(not yet))

saga/title/fandom: The Other
chapters: 1
author: AlexisBroken
rating/genre: (ADULT) - drama/angst
warnings: slash, heated sexual content
summary: Sometimes you shouldn't get everything you want. (Lex/Clark/Bruce Wayne)

saga/title/fandom: Outtake
chapters: 1
author: 'rith
rating/genre: (ADULT) - drama/romance
warnings: slash, language
summary: A slash "outtake" from from JAWR. (Connor/Kyle)

saga/title/fandom: School Days are the Unhappiest
chapters: 1
author: Mara Greengrass
rating/genre: (18+) - romance/tiny bit of angst
warnings: slash, sexual content
summary: School sucks even if you're not a superhero, but if you're a Teen Titan, it rises to new levels of suckitude. Good thing Tim's around to make Kon feel better. (Robin III/Superboy)

saga/title/fandom: Secret
author: Dimitri Aidan
rating/genre: (15+) - drama, angst, romance
warnings: slash, distrubing interpersonal conflicts
summary: Sometimes John wonders if anyone remembers him. "Hell, he had less of a life than Batman. That was just scary. At least J’onn had an excuse, his entire race had been blown up, there was no one left to think of him…What did he have?" (Green Lantern(JS)/Flash)

saga/title/fandom: You and I Got Something
chapters: 1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 7/ 8/ 9/ 10/ 11
author: Dimitri Aidan
rating/genre: (18+)- drama/romance
warnings: slash, het, adult situations, adult language
summary: As they get ready for Bruce and Diana's wedding, Flash thinks. Getting together isn't easy in their line of work, but somehow he and John managed it; evil robots, best friends, and Yellow Lanterns be damned. (Flash/GL, Batman/Wonder Woman, Superman/Lois Lane. A little Nightwing/OMC and Hawkgirl/GL)

pirates of the caribbean

saga/title/fandom: Matter of Rules
chapters: 1/ 2/ 3
author: L.M. Griffin (Wren Griffin)
rating/genre: (ADULT) - romance/drama
warnings: het, slash, language, violence
summary: Norrington faces off with a party filled with socialite sharks and the dread annoying pirate Sparrow. However, as Fate sometimes decrees, things don't happen just as he planned...(Jack/Norrington)

pitch black/escape from butcher's bay/dark fury/the chronicles of riddick

saga/title/fandom: Last Job
chapters: 1
author: Shalimar
rating/genre: (ADULT) - gen, angst, drama
warnings: het, a lot angst, violence, criminal activities
summary: Things go way wrong on his last job and Riddick has a little time to think about the last few years of his life.

saga/title/fandom: The Past Never Dies
chapters: 1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 7/ 8/ 9/ 10/ 11/ 12/ 13/ 14/ 15/ 16/ 17/ 18/ 19/ 20/ 21/ 22/ 23/ 24/ 25/ 26/ 27/ 28/ 29/ 30/ 31/ 32/ 33/ 34/ 35/ 36/ 37/ 38
author: Shalimar
rating/genre: (ADULT) - het, angst, drama
warnings: het, sexual content, adult content, drug use, criminal activity, religious fusion
summary: What if Jack had stayed on New Mecca with Imam? What if Riddick had come back for her? (Riddick/Jack, Imam/OFC)

saga/title/fandom: The Private and Personal Journal of...
chapters: 1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 7/ 8/ 9/ 10
rating/genre:(15+) - comedy
warnings: het, dubious content, adult humor
summary: The title says it all.

saga/title/fandom: The Ten Minute Review
chapters: 1
author: Novafry
rating/genre:(10+) - comedy
warnings: het, adult content
summary: Don't have two hours to sit through the movie Pitch Black all over again? Read novafry's ten-minute review instead. All it takes is ten minutes! (Riddick/Carolyn (hints))


saga/title/fandom: Gender Bent
chapters: 1
author: mimic117
rating/genre: (ADULT) - romanace
warnings: het, explicit sexual content, conspirarcy theories
summary: Brother Andrew's touch lingers on. (Mulder/Scully (MSR))

x-men universe comics, movies & cartoons

saga/title/fandom: Beauty Tips and the Beast
chapters: 1/ 2
rating/genre:(ADULT) - romance/comedy
warnings: het, language, heated sexual content
summary: Racy and funny (Jubilee/Hank)

saga/title/fandom: Day of Worship
chapters: 1
author: X-Trick
rating/genre: (ADULT) - romance
warnings: slash, heated sexual intercourse
summary: On a trip to Mexico to meet Julio's parents, Shatterstar gets what he'd given up on... Julio. (Shatterstar/Rictor)

saga/title/fandom: The Debate 1 & 2
chapters: 1
rating/genre:(15+) - comedy
warnings: het, language, adult conversation, sexual content
summary: The 4-1-1: The boys of Generation X debate Angelo's chances of getting with Jubilee. (Jubilee/Wolverine (hint), Jubilee/Angelo (hint))

saga/title/fandom: Duty Calls
chapters: 1/2/
author: Ascian
rating/genre: (15+) - action/adventure/drama
warnings: gen, violence, adult situations
summary: Set in the 'Duty Calls' universe from the 'X-Men Millennial Visions' book. Wolverine and Jubilee are interplanetary peacekeepers.

saga/title/fandom: Fool
chapters: 1/ 2
author: Khirsah
rating/genre: (ADULT) - drama/romance
warnings: slash, language, heated sexual content
summary: Bobby's good at making excuses. (Bobby/Jean-Paul)

saga/title/fandom: Homecomings Saga: Homecomings
chapters: 1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 7/ 8/ 9/ 10/ 11/ 12/ 13/ 14/ 15/ 16/ 17/ 18/ 19/ 20/ 21/ 22/ 23/ 24/ 25/ 26/ 27/ 28/ 29/ 30/ 31/ 32/ 33
author: Alex L
rating/genre: (18+) - drama/angst
warnings: Het, language, adult situations, attempted rape
summary: Not all homecomings are happy ones. R for language, disturbing imagery, and references to attempted rape. Featuring Iceman, Wolverine, Gambit, Jubilee, Rogue, and Storm, as well as other favorites. (Gambit/Rogue, Jubilee/Bobby)

saga/title/fandom: Homecomings Saga: Two of Us
chapters: 1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 7/ 8/ 9/ 10/ 11/ 12/ 13/ 14/ 15/ 16/ 17/ 18/ 19/ 20/ 21/ 22/ 23/ 24/ 25/ 26/ 27/ 28/ 29/ 30/ 31/ 32/ 33/ 34/ 35/ 36/ 37/ 38
author: Alex L
rating/genre: (18+) - romance/drama
warnings: het, language, adult situtations
summary: Set after the kiss in Homecomings, Bobby finds happiness with Jubilee. In progress. Please read and review! (Bobby/Jubilee)

saga/title/fandom: Journey
chapters: 1/ 2
author: Minerva Solo
rating/genre: (15+) - romance
warnings: slash, language, UST
summary: Uncanny X-men 'verse. Iceman falls asleep on Northstar during a long plane trip. Spoilers for more recent comics. To read more of Minerva Solo's works of fiction go here.(Jean-Paul/Bobby (hint))

saga/title/fandom: Juke Joint, Blues and Whiskey
chapters: 1
author: Candylyn
rating/genre:(15+) - drama
warnings: hints of racism and violence
summary: After moving to Xavier's Chamber finds a special place in town. Fluff. (Jono/OFC)

saga/title/fandom: Love, or Something Like It
chapters:1/ 2/ 3
author: TNL
rating/genre: (ADULT) - drama/romance
warnings: slash, language, adult situtations, violence/death
summary: Logan has a past. Three parter.(Logan/OMC, Logan/Scott)

saga/title/fandom: Madman's Waltz
chapters: 1
rating/genre:(15+) - angst
warnings: language, disturbing concepts
summary: Magneto considers Charles and their conflict.

saga/title/fandom: Orpheus
chapters: 1/2/3/4/5/6
author: Kristy
rating/genre:(18+) - drama, romance
warnings: het, sexual content, violence
summary:Logan's life has always felt empty. He felt dead inside and with Jean's rejection, Logan spent his time feeling more alone then ever before. One night, he stumbles upon an injured stranger and takes her to the Professor. A meaningless promise becomes Logan's link to the powerful mutant. The more time he spends with her, the less alone he becomes, as though she's breathing new life into his lonely soul. Attraction becomes passion and passion leads Logan to find love and strange connection with his past. Nightmares are altered to reveal a truth that could damage his future. (Wolverine/OFC)

saga/title/fandom: A Request
chapters: 1
author: Candylyn
rating/genre: (10+) - romance, angst
warnings: death, graphic hospital stuff, underage kiss
summary: Jubilee makes a request of Wolverine on Christmas morning. (Jubilee/Wolverine)

saga/title/fandom: s.d.m.f.
chapters: 1
author: Candylyn
rating/genre:(18+) - comedy/songfic
warnings: het, language, violence, sexual content
summary: Scott catches Jean cheating with Logan. (Features a butchered version of D'Angelo's S.D.M.F.) (Wolverine/Jean)

saga/title/fandom: Touched
chapters: 1/ 2/ 3
author: Viridian5
rating/genre:(ADULT) - drama/romance
warnings: slash, sexual content, language
summary: Shatterstar struggles with his newfound emotions, while Rictor struggles with himself. (Shatterstar/Rictor)

saga/title/fandom: Two Pair
chapters: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11
author: L.M. Griffin (Wren Griffin)
rating/genre: (15+) - Romance/Drama
warnings: het,language, violence
summary: Through sick or sin, Gambit and Jubilee will be there for each other. (Gambit/Jubilee)

saga/title/fandom: What Is Already Known
chapters: 1
author: Janete (Jane & Te)
rating/genre: (ADULT) - romance
warnings: slash, heated sex sequences
summary: Star needs. That's novel enough to keep Rictor still.(Shatterstar/Rictor)

saga/title/fandom: Don't Wake Up
chapters: 1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 7/ 8/ 9/ 10/ 11
author: Chriscent
rating/genre: (adult) - romance
warnings: slash, language, heated sexual content
summary: X comes home to Los Angeles to square things with his friends after being gone for months and end up getting more than he could have dreamed. (Xander/OMC)


saga/title/fandom: Personals
chapters: 1
author: Kaylee
rating/genre: (15+) - comedy
warnings: het/slash, adult humor
summary: Ever wonder what "personals" in the newspaper would sound like if written by superheroes and some of your favorite characters from tv and movies. (unusual pairings) X-Files, X-Men, Oz and others.

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