saga/title/fandom: The Fallen (Blade: Trinity)

author: SlayerKnight

rating/genre: (R to NC-17) - action/adventure/drama

warnings: m/m sex, violence, language, AU (alternate universe), first-time

summary: What would have happened if Blade and the Nightstalkers had lost? The vampires would proceed with world domination., Alternating POVs.) (Hannibal King/Drake (Dracula)

comments/disclaimers: Don't own 'em. New Line Cinema and Marvel comics does. This is an AU. At the end, the arrow's poison doesn't work, nor does the virus. Oh, and Asher and Grimwood are still alive as are the vampire dogs. =) I'm taking some info from the novelization as well.


His whole body hurt. Broken ribs, bloody nose, cut lip - well, various cuts on his face. He wiped the blood out of his eyes as he struggled to stand up and avoid Grimwood's next punch. Damn, he'd forgotten how much head wounds bleed. He jumped out of the way just as the huge vampire swung at him. King landed a swift upper cut that connected solidly with the creature's jaw.

Fuck! His wounded shoulder burned from the exertions. He heard shots echoing out in the hallway. Abigail. He knew Blade could more than handle himself but he and Abby were human. She would need his help. King then made the dangerous mistake of pausing to glance out into the corridor as Abigail jumped down from the ramp she'd been on. Uh, oh. It can't be a good thing that she looked so pissed.

White-hot pain shot up through his stomach as Grimwood got a cheap shot in. King doubled over, then crumpled to the ground as the huge vampire punched him in the face with the force of a battering ram. He felt Grimwood grab a handful of his hair.

"Not so tough now are you, King?"

"Well, I left my red cape and stakes in my other outfit." He managed to mumble.

In response, Grimwood slammed his head down onto the hard floors, causing a cracking sound to reverberate in his skull that he hoped was the floor. White lights exploded in front of his eyes and he knew he was down for the count. But that was a fact that Grimwood was either too stupid to know or too sadistic to care. The immortal creature then went on savagely kick him in the side and abdomen.

"Stop!" A deep voice echoed unnaturally in the small room.

Grimwood froze above him, turning around. The big vampire seemed to shrink away from the figure that stood in the doorway. King blinked, trying to focus on the new player as well as stay conscious. Blurry lines slowly faded as the figure walked towards him. It was Drake.

"Touch him again and I will make you suffer in ways you cannot even imagine." The old vampire's voice held an odd baritone to it that hinted at how different the creature was from both humans and younger vampires.

Drake came to a stop in front of him, kneeling down. A cool hand touched his forehead, momentarily soothing the burning skin. King jumped at the foreign touch but Drake caught him, pulling him in close. He struggled against the master vampire, instinctually terrified of Drake. The other seemed to understand it, holding him closer.

King could feel the sheer strength in the vampire. He knew the other could crush steel without breaking a sweat, tear him apart with hideous ease. Yet for all the creature's bulk and strength, Drake's hold on him was tight but not painful. He stopped struggling when he realized the vampire was speaking to him.

"Easy. Easy." Simple words with a lot of meaning.

Battered, bruised, bleeding, and exhausted, King stopped fighting and let his head drop down onto the other's shoulder. Giving up was not something he was used to but if the master vampire was going to kill him, there was little he could do about it now. He could feel Drake's hands rubbing his back slowly, gently. Surprisingly, Drake wasn't hurting him or aggravating his injuries.

"He fought with honor and you treat as though he were a rabid dog. You have as much respect for your adversaries as you do for those you turn." Drake glared at Grimwood, then turned his scorching gaze to Danica as she entered the room. "You turned him?"

Danica took a few hesitant steps forward, her heels clicking loudly on the floor. King winced as he remembered how sharp those stilettos had been pushed into the wound in his shoulder. But it had been nothing new. Danica was one twisted bitch with enemies and lovers alike.

"Yes. He is an attractive human, isn't he?" She reached out to touch him but Drake grabbed her hand. He could barely see any movement but he heard the pop and snap of bone and Danica shrieked in pain.

"You sicken me." Drake's voice was filled with menace and disappointment as he released Danica's hand. She cradled it against her chest, her eyes filled with unshed tears. "Once a vampire turned only those he cared for. Now you turn humans as you change your clothing. Only if they are deserving of this gift, should they be allowed to have it."

"And Blade?" Danica's voice was shaky.

King inhaled sharply. If the vampires were all standing around here, then the battle was over. And it didn't look like it ended in the good guys' favor. He just hoped Blade and Abigail had managed to escape with their lives.

"The Daywalker is alive."

As if on cue, there was an odd noise in the hallway and the guards dropped a body on the floor. King's heart sank as he recognized Blade. The half-vampire, half-mortal man was cuffed behind his back and a small cut above his temple was bleeding. The vampire hunter looked bodily beaten but King refused to believe he was defeated.

Blade struggled up to his knees but the guards prevented him from standing up. His trademark shades were gone and his fierce eyes shone with barely concealed agony and stubborn determination. King knew that even if Blade was somehow defeated, he would never let the vampires know it.

"You let him live?" King recognized Asher's voice but the pain in his body warned him against trying to turn.

"Yes, you fool! We need him alive." Danica walked over to Blade. "We're going to use his DNA as a catalyst to merge Drake's with ours or create a different gene to use so we can walk in the daylight as well. How does enslavement of the entire human race sound to you, Blade? And just think, we wouldn't be able to do it without you."

King waited for the comical cackle that usually followed such a statement but didn't hear any. No, this wasn't fictional or funny. This was really happening. A brief thought flashed through his mind. He shifted against Drake, ignoring the protests of his muscles, and tried to catch a glimpse of anything out in the hallway. The arms around him tightened just enough to cease his efforts. Well, he'd try verbally then.

"My friend, Abigail. Where is she? What happened to her?"

Danica smiled cruelly at him. "Well, lover, there was an accident. We'd planned to capture her alive and try to get some information on the Nightstalkers. But we fought and I snapped her neck. I mean we can always get the information from you, can't we?"

Abigail was dead. King suddenly found it hard to breathe as despair stabbed his heart and filled his soul. Hedges, Dex, Somerfield, Abigail, even Whistler; they had all been killed in less than a few days. King had no one left.

He felt a hand comb gently through his hair as Drake nuzzled the side of his neck. He knew what was coming. Usually he would fight but he had nothing to fight for anymore. King jumped as he felt the vampire kiss his neck. In his world of pain, the light kisses felt good. Much like a physical Stockholm Syndrome. He relaxed into the touch, but the pain of the fangs sinking into his throat was almost unbearable.

King clenched his teeth, having forgotten how excruciating a vampire's bite could be. It wasn't like the movies made it out to be; lustful and orgasmic. More like the opposite. It was like a dog attack, sending every nerve in the immediate vicinity of the bite on fire. And he could feel the blood leaving his body in a wet suction that left his limps feeling icy cold. His shaky hands clutched at Drake's shoulders as he felt a wave of weightlessness, his fingers grasping at the hard muscles under cool skin. This was it; it was over.

Suddenly, Drake pulled back. Sharp fangs that burned his skin were replaced by a cooling, wet tongue that soothed the wound. The burning disappeared as his neck began to feel numb. He barely remembered what is was like when he was bitten for the first time. His limbs had a sluggish feeling and his head felt heavy. He hadn't expected this, not from Drake. Danica, maybe, in her twisted fuckwad of a mind. But what could the master vampire possibly want from him?

He looked up and saw Blade staring at him, his _expression unreadable. Things would be different now. If the vampire hunter managed to escape, he had no idea on how to contact the other Nightstalker cells. No scientists meant no cure. King would now be the hunted again.

Darkness swam in his vision, and for the first time all night, he didn't fight it.


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