saga/title/fandom: The Fallen chapter 2(Blade: Trinity)

author: SlayerKnight

rating/genre: (R to NC-17) - action/adventure/drama

warnings: m/m sex, violence, language, AU (alternate universe), first-time

summary: What would have happened if Blade and the Nightstalkers had lost? The vampires would proceed with world domination., Alternating POVs.) (Hannibal King/Drake (Dracula)

comments/disclaimers: Don't own 'em. New Line Cinema and Marvel comics does. This is an AU. At the end, the arrow's poison doesn't work, nor does the virus. Oh, and Asher and Grimwood are still alive as are the vampire dogs. =) I'm taking some info from the novelization as well.


He sat on the edge of the enormous bed the vampires had given him. His kind had grown weak and decadent over the centuries. No longer were they the warrior race he had bred them to be. Still, luxury had its benefits after a long battle. This war was over.

His gaze fell on the young man sleeping in the bed. Hannibal King. This human had fought bravely and very well for his kind. In all Drake's years he had seldom seen such a human warrior be able to take on more than one vampire and live to tell the tale. But, if the stories Danica had told him were true, than this one had destroyed many vampires in many battles over the years.

But his interest in King ran deeper than the young man's fighting ability. He was drawn to King in a way he couldn't describe and that fascinated him. What was it about this man that drew vampires to him? And therein laid the proverbial catch.

King had been a vampire for five years but had also been mistreated. As such, the young fighter greatly feared the new life Drake had bestowed on him. He had tasted grief, despair, and a deep-seated terror at being among the immortals again. Danica had done that to him. She'd made him fear what he was and for that, she would pay. But all in good time.

Let them first find a way to re-seat vampires on the throne of dominion over the humans. Never again would they be the magnificent creatures that once inspired legends of fear and destruction but perhaps they could reach a similar reign for the new age.

King stirred. His sleep would be fitful as his body tried to fight the vampire virus now latching onto it's cells. But it was always a loosing battle. Warm brown eyes looked up at him with the sickness of a fever and the horror of realization. He reached out and caressed King's face, feeling the heated skin under his palm.

"You are safe now. "

King seemed to calm down at his statement. "Why didn't you let me die?"

Drake frowned. The very question that he'd been asking himself for the past three hours." I didn't wish it."

The young man nodded, simply too tired to speak or did not wish to push the issue further. He leaned into Drake's caress, probably seeking the comfort of the cool skin. The master vampire could see the grief and despair in the other's dark eyes. Just hours before, Drake had admired the strong spirit and humorous defiance in King. How far he'd fallen.

"I'm sorry your friends were defeated."

King swallowed. "Thought you'd be glad. We've been trying to destroy your kind for a long time."

"Our kind." Drake replied, unfazed. He enjoyed seeing the fiery spirit in the youth again. "And I didn't say that I was unhappy about the victory. It is always a loss when great warriors fall. And I am sorry that you mourn them."

"What would you know of grief? You murdered my friends back at the boat docks." King's voice was hoarse.

Ah, yes. The fighters at the bunker. "I killed them. But I took no pleasure in it."

"You're lying." The young man's words were tinged with anger. "I know your kind, I was your kind."

"You are my kind. The sooner you accept that, the easier your new life will be." Neither Drake's words nor tone held menace. He respected the other warrior too much to belittle him. "And I am sorry that your friends are dead. But they were a part of this war. In order for me to defeat the enemy, they had to die."

King snorted. "So they were collateral."

Drake frowned. He didn't understand this word. "What's collateral?"

For the first time, the anger dimmed in King's eyes. "Its when people who weren't involved in the one-on-one fight end up paying for it."

Drake nodded, storing this new information in his photographic memory. So many new things to learn in this world. How odd that the world could change so dramatically in just over two centuries. And it would change even more once this new technology allows for the younger vampires to walk in the daylight.

"Would you have let any vampires live?" For some reason, Drake wanted King to trust him.

King didn't answer but looked away. The young man would grieve but, through a miracle of life, he would go on. Drake had seen many people he loved die and many places he adored be torn down. Grief had its place, as did acceptance and hope.

"Where's Zoe?"

Drake tilted his head in consideration. "She's alive and unharmed."

King looked surprised. "You didn't kill her. Why? I mean, you could have brought in any kid to threaten me with."

He paused. "I didn't consider her ... collateral. She was a child; she had no place in this war. I thought it was odd that such noble fighters would bring a defenseless creature to the front lines."

The young man pondered this. "What will you do with her now?"

"I hadn't decided."

"Let her go. Please." Deep brown eyes looked up at him, pleading for at least one loved one to live.

Drake had heard this plea countless times over his 7,000-year existence and only now did he find himself willing to acquiesce. "She will be released."

King nodded, relieved. "Orphanage would be the best place. I know of a good one off of 6th and Amsterdam."

"I'll make the arrangements. You should rest." He went to stand up but a warm hand grabbed his wrist. Drake stopped and looked down at the other man.

"Will you ... can you stay with me a while?" King looked uncomfortable.

Drake moved and laid down next to him. He was unsure of what King wanted but he had seen the barely concealed fear still looming in his eyes. The young man still feared the vampires and this place. Years of abuse and slavery had taught King that and it was a hard lesson to forget. King turned on his side to face him.

"You're safe here. No one will harm you now that you're under my protection."

King looked pensive for a moment before moving closer, his head resting on Drake's shoulder. He wrapped his arm around the young man, resting his own head on top of King's. Again, he felt that pulling deep within. He was fascinated by this man, had been since that day in the mortal doctor's office. He'd seen the dark eyes, handsome face. He'd felt the warm skin and strong muscles as he'd grabbed him. Drake could have ripped out his throat, would have, but something stopped him. Instead, he'd delayed death with the silver stake.

He'd been obsessed with Hannibal King ever since.

As King slept in his arms, he knew this new world the vampires would create would be forged with blood and suffering. It would be a dangerous undertaking as he knew that humans were a resilient species. As were the evolution of their species; vampires.


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