saga/title/fandom: The Fallen chapter 3 (Blade: Trinity)

author: SlayerKnight

rating/genre: (R to NC-17) - action/adventure/drama

warnings: m/m sex, violence, language, AU (alternate universe), first-time

summary: What would have happened if Blade and the Nightstalkers had lost? The vampires would proceed with world domination., Alternating POVs.) (Hannibal King/Drake (Dracula)

comments/disclaimers: Don't own 'em. New Line Cinema and Marvel comics does. This is an AU. At the end, the arrow's poison doesn't work, nor does the virus. Oh, and Asher and Grimwood are still alive as are the vampire dogs. =) I'm taking some info from the novelization as well.


Awareness slowly came to King. The first thing he noticed was that, for the first time in days, he wasn't in pain. The second thing he noticed was that he was comfortable. The third was that there was no sandpaper tongue licking the side of his face.

Opening his eyes, he confirmed his first impression that, indeed, the puppies from hell were not in the room. Slightly disoriented, King sat up in the plush bed. The soft light from the city dimly illuminated the room, casting shadows on the walls. Shit. Where the hell was he?

Then memory came to bite him in the ass.

Daystar. Daywalker. Being captured. Being bitten. Drake. King turned and ran a hand over the spot where the vampire ruler had laid just hours before. Had it been hours? How long had he slept? The last time he'd been turned, he'd slept for twenty hours before being awakened.

King cringed as he remembered how Danica had wasted no time playing show-and-tell with him. But Drake had been different. When he'd awakened briefly, the vampire had..comforted him. His words had been sharp but truthful and his touch had been soothing.

The vampire had explained why he'd killed Hedges, Dex, and Somerfield. It still hurt like a son of a bitch but King couldn't bring himself to hate Drake for it. The vampire was from a different time. He hadn't killed them for pleasure or revenge; he'd done it for war. Drake was an enigma, coming from an age of respect and honor. A far cry from every other vamp King had run into.

Standing up, he walked over to the window. His muscles felt shaky and sleepy, as if protesting the transformation that had been done. He gazed out at the city, fascinated by how vivid the lights were. Yep, same shit, different sire.

He placed his hands against the cold glass, leaning his forehead against it. Even from this height he could make out the forms of the people below with surprising clarity as they rushed to nowhere. A new wave of despair threatened to overwhelm him as he realized that his salvation had been all for naught. He had been able to walk amongst them once again, be human again, only to be brought back into the darkness.

"They walk an exhalted road that you were never meant for."

He jumped at the sound of Drake's voice but didn't turn around, his face still pressed against the cold surface. Days ago he had wanted the master vampire dead; earlier he had needed him close to feel safe in this hostile place. Now he had no idea how he felt towards him.

"Exhalted? Don't you -- we get to live forever?"

There was a pause. "It is because we live forever that we cannot truly appreciate what it is to live each day as though it were our last. How would you live your last day? You'd do everything you could in such little time. Like a caged butterfly frantically flapping about in a jar. It somehow knows its time is limited."

He snorted. "Must be why two-thirds of America has insomnia. Turns out they don't need a sleeping pill but a good old-fashioned bloodsucker."

"Humans survive much longer in this time than they did in mine and yet there are more illnesses. Not even modern medicine can keep up with the filth that exists today."

That struck a cord in King. "And vampires are all squeaky-clean? They've evolved a long way in the shitter from daylight, warriors, and honor to designer clothes, stocks, and blood-bitches."

Drake moved up behind him, his mere presence as forceful as a million people screaming. But his words held no anger, only disappointment. "My people are little better than those they despise. The humans hold far more promise than any vampire I have seen, aside from the Daywalker. Their minds are as diluted as their blood."

At the mention of Blade's name, his mind drifted back to the last battle of the war. "You could have killed me in Vance's office and when you raided the docks but you didn't. Why not get rid of one enemy in the doc's office? And any of the others could have told you about the Nightstalkers, especially Somerfield." King turned around, facing the first vampire every created. "Then you turn me. Why?"

Unfathomable eyes gazed back at him. Such odd eyes; red and yellow mixed into a hypnotic shape. "I already answered you."

"You didn't wish it. Yeah, and if wishes were money ... then you'd own this whole damn building." King rolled his eyes. Nothing like a lame joke to lighten the mood. But Drake seemed to know better.

The dark eyes ran over his face. "You speak like that when you're nervous."

King shifted but didn't look away. "It's called a joke."

"I know. Why so nervous, Nightstalker?" The vampire's tone implied that he already knew the answer.

"I'm guessing the same reason you didn't kill me."

Drake tilted his head to the side, as if contemplating him. Or to be more accurate, like a hungry man examining a steak. Drake leaned in and nuzzled his cheek, the master vampire's cool skin making his own tingle. Oh yeah, King was nervous and excited. He could feel a thrill running through him, making the hair on the back of his neck stick up. This all felt so surreal.

He could feel the cool lips pressing against his cheek and turned inwards, his own lips brushing Drake's. The vampire pulled back a little, those cryptic eyes searching him. A loud knock at the door startled both of them.

Danica entered, those damned heels clicking on the tile. "Drake-"


She looked from Drake to him and back to the master vampire. "But I thought you'd like to see our progress with the Daywalker's blood."

"Leave!" The single word echoed in the room, the picture frames shaking slightly.

Danica's eyes widened and she scuttled out in fright. Drake turned back to him, the anger disappearing in an instant. A hand came up to caress his face, simultaneously calming him and turning him on.

"You need to feed."

King suddenly didn't want him to leave again. "I want to go with you."

Drake shook his head, walking towards the door. "You need to feed."

The door slide shut and he sighed. And he'd thought Danica was bad. "I gotta be cruising the pushiest vampire that ever lived."

To Be continued.....

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