saga/title/fandom: Two of Us chapter 32 (X-Men)

author: Alex L

rating/genre: (NC-17) - Romance/Drama

warnings: het, language, adult situtations

summary: Set after the kiss in Homecomings, Bobby finds happiness with Jubilee. In progress. Please read and review!

comments/disclaimers: I forgot the disclaimer for this one---my apologies. All characters belong to Marvel. The story is mine.Feedback is always appreciated.

Chapter Thirty-Two: You Gave Your Love To Me Softly (Explicit)

Summer arrived quickly on the heels of spring, ushering in even warmer temperatures and brighter days. By this time, the shrubbery that decorated the mansion’s spacious grounds was in full bloom. At night, the soft glow of fireflies could be seen dancing along the trees and around the lake. The promise of vacation was tantalizingly close. Like the students, many instructors became distracted with prospective plans. It was not an uncommon occurrence to see class being held outside. Most of the time, the idea of sticking to any lesson plan was left behind in favor of walking barefoot in the grass or simply sitting under the broad shade of the trees.

More than most people, Jubilee found it increasingly difficult to stay on task during this time. She was vaguely aware that classes for her at the university would be ending and that there were various assignments and exams to be concerned with. Yet, those things were shelved in the back of her mind in favor of other matters.

First and foremost, her birthday was fast approaching. Unlike her boyfriend, she was looking forward to hers and the promise of celebration entailed. While she was turning nineteen, she never quite outgrew the child-like glee of receiving presents and a big cake. Around the Summers’ house, she had already spied Jean making the preparations for the party. The last she heard, Cook was supposed to bake a chocolate cake with yellow frosting and pink flowers.

Her attentions had also been occupied by thoughts of Bobby. It was about this time last year that they started seeing one another. She had never known anything like it before. The experience had been and continued to be a thrilling one, filled with incredible, intense emotions and moments. Bobby taught her a great deal during their time together, imparting things that had been so foreign to her but were now so fundamentally important. He showed her that she was not alone in the world and that it was safe to trust and care about someone else without any fear. Sitting behind the wheel of her yellow Volkswagen Beetle in the mansion’s garage, she stared down at the gold band he had given her. A smile graced her mouth as she was suddenly filled with the familiar euphoria that was associated with any memory of him.

While she was driving home, she was trying to rack her brain in order to come up with something special to commemorate their anniversary. There were several possibilities, but she was hesitant to commit to any one of them. It was not that she was afraid that Bobby would not have a good time. He was rather relaxed about these things, assuring her that he was fine as long as she was around. However, this was not enough for the young girl. She was determined to do something amazing.

Jubilee hopped out of her car, slinging her black messenger bag over a slim shoulder. After she locked up, she jogged to the door that basically connected the garage to the kitchen. Slipping inside, she waved to Cook and the new sous-chef in greeting, who were preparing dinner for that night. Then she immediately drifted to the refrigerator and grabbed a bottle of water. Her mouth was dry as cotton, which made the cool liquid trickling down her throat all the more satisfying.

She sauntered towards one of the windows that provided a view to the pool and surrounding deck area. It was late afternoon and the sun was still shining against the deep-blue sky. Normally, many of the students would be relaxing by the Olympic-sized pool or enjoying the waters, following a day of classes. Yet, Jubilee did not observe any of the children nearby. Instead, she noticed some familiar, older figures in their place. Grinning, she decided to make her way outside.

“Well, look who’s come to join us,” Tabitha sang in greeting, shifting in the steamer-inspired lounge chair she was sitting in. The blonde was in the midst of untying her seersucker bikini top so that she could lie down on her stomach.

Jubilee tossed her long tresses over one shoulder, closing the French doors behind her. “I see you’ve kicked the kids out,” she observed wryly, her coltish legs carrying her towards the poolside where Tabitha was stretched out along with Paige, Kitty, and Amara.

The swimsuit-clad quartet appeared to be enjoying the mild temperatures. A teak ice box was placed by Amara’s chair, filled with bevy of bottled sodas, juices, and water. Next to the outdoor cooler was a portable stereo/CD player. The local college station was on the air, which was playing an acoustic version of “Baby One More Time” by the Fountains of Wayne.

“No one was kicked out,” Kitty protested, pulling up the strap to her red-and-black, rugby-striped swimsuit. “Kurt, Dani, and Xi’an took a big group to the IMAX showing of that movie about those mountain climbers.”

Amara smoothed on some additional sunscreen over her golden skin. “Is it our fault that we’re simply capitalizing on this opportunity?”

“I guess not,” Jubilee laughed, feeling out of place and overdressed in her black-and-white rugby shirt and boy jeans.

“Come sit with me, Jubes.” A red bikini-wearing Paige swung her legs over the side of the lounge chair she had been sitting in and motioning for her friend to come over.

Tabitha nodded, rolling over on her belly. “Yeah,” she said, echoing the younger Guthrie’s sentiment, “you’re just in time for some scintillating conversation.”

Jubilee smirked, seating herself in front of Paige. “Oh really? And what would that be?”

Amara paused dramatically and took a deep breath before introducing the topic. “If you were about to do it, what would you want the other person to say right before?” She pulled up the navy bandeau top to her bikini.

Tabitha slipped on a pair of dark, sunglasses. “This won't take long,” she quipped, eliciting giggles from the others.

“No, seriously,” Kitty finally said, rolling her eyes and stretching her arms over her head.

The blonde tilted her head to the side and looked rather pensive. Then she brightened and cried out, “Ooh, I know. How about this, ‘Do I know you?’”

Kitty shook her head in disdain, brown ponytail swinging behind her head. “No, for real. Like romantic.”

As Kitty and Amara debated with Tabitha regarding the perfect line, Paige leaned over towards Jubilee. “So, has Bobby tried any of these on you?” she whispered.

Jubilee turned around, smiling sheepishly at her friend and tucking a lock of silky hair behind her ear. “He knows better,” she replied. Then she dropped her voice lower and added, “And, we kind of… haven’t.”

“Kind of?”

“OK, Hayseed. We haven’t. Satisfied?”

“Oh. Wow.”

“What is that supposed to mean?”

“Nothing. It’s just that it’s great that you’re waiting. I wish I did…”

“Well, it’s not like I haven’t thought about it. I mean, I have. Tons of times.”

“But he’s not pressuring you into anything?”

“Trust me, no. Bobby’s been the greatest. He wants me to be ready.”

“You’re so lucky. It’s so hard to find a guy like that.”

“Yeah, I know.”

“Jubes, you have to promise me something.”


Paige grabbed her friend’s hand and looked into her face with her most earnest expression. “Just use something,” she began. “Like a condom—”

Jubilee pulled her hand away, laughing lightly. “You sound like an after school special,” she chided.

“Come on,” her former roommate pleaded, keeping her voice down to a whisper. “I’m being serious here. Please tell me you’ve considered it. I don’t know if the world’s ready for a baby with your prankster genes.”

Jubilee placed a hand over her friend’s knee reassuringly. “Listen, I’m fine,” she told her. “If you have to know, I’ve been on the pill for the past seven months. How’s that for the girl who used to do her homework an hour before it was due?”

Paige fell back in her chair, sighing with relief as the trio of women on the other side of her erupted into a chorus of giggles. “Well, that’s good to know,” she breathed.

“Hey,” a familiar voice drawled.

Jubilee turned around. Her cheeks almost turned pink as she stared up at her boyfriend. His sense of timing was uncanny. She hoped he had not heard any of that. “Hey, yourself.”

Bobby grinned and nodded in greeting at Paige and then at Kitty, Amara, and Tabitha. The women briefly acknowledged his presence before returning to their conversation. Then he extended a hand to his girlfriend, pulling her up to her feet. The two of them exchanged a glance, the meaning of which was only known to the couple.

Clasping Bobby’s hand in hers, Jubilee turned to Paige with a smile. “I’ll see you around.”

Paige nodded. She watched Bobby lead Jubilee through the French doors and inside the mansion. As she stared after them, she felt her friend’s excitement and joy course through her own veins. Protective as she once was, the younger Guthrie was reassured that Jubilee was truly happy.

Bobby drummed his fingers quietly against the steering wheel, his Jetta coming to a complete stop at a red light. The windows were rolled down, allowing a late evening breeze to rumple his sandy hair. Fresh honeysuckles lined the roads that led toward the mansion, filling the air with aromatic sweetness. The sound of crickets chirping added to tranquil and serenity of the evening.

Waiting for the light to change, he turned to the passenger side and smiled. His girlfriend was curled up in her seat, fast asleep. She looked angelic while she was in repose. Her long, silky hair framed her delicate features, which glowed under the moonlight. Every once in a while, she would shift in her seat, sighing but never completely roused.

Bobby had decided to take Jubilee out the night before her birthday extravaganza the following day. He wanted to have a private celebration of the occasion with just the two of them together. Given the large-scale nature of most parties Jean planned, he realized he would not being seeing much of Jubilee. He imagined she would be whisked away to talk to the many guests expected to appear or open the many presents that would be awaiting her attention.

The night started off at the Silver Platter, which served Jubilee’s favorite strawberry milkshakes and cheeseburgers. Then the couple found themselves at the local arcade, challenging one another to the various games there. Bobby had even made a gallant attempt at winning her one of those tacky, oversized pink bears at the prize machine. However, his skill at the controls managed to yield a whoopee cushion, which Jubilee told him would be saved for a future prank. They soon ended the night at the Uptown for a movie. The theatre was showing Hugh Jackman’s latest flick, an action film about a detective whose family was gunned down by the mafia, forcing him to go undercover as a tortilla salesman. While Bobby was rightfully wary of seeing the movie, Jubilee expressed great enthusiasm about seeing it. Much to his confusion, she was a huge fan of the Aussie heartthrob. Personally, he didn’t see the appeal.

I guess that’s what love is all about, he mused, brushing a tendril of hair from her smooth cheek. Doing things you totally can’t stand so that someone else can be happy.

Bobby grinned to himself, noting that his statement was not entirely true. Over this first year of their relationship, he went through things never delved into during his previous romances. With Jubilee, there were deeper emotions at play and experiences that were more meaningful than anything he had ever known. Both of them had opportunities to learn from one another and how each saw the world. Granted, there were times that reflected the anxieties of getting over the inherent learning curves associated with being in a new relationship. Fortunately, they were overshadowed by moments of unbridled happiness he never believed was possible.

He supposed much of this joy stemmed from the feeling of being completely understood by another person, without the fear of being judged. It was this aspect that had been largely absent from his other involvements. Before, he had to keep a running list of what was safe to talk about or do, especially around the more sensitive girlfriends. Now, there was no concern regarding any of that. Jubilee knew the man behind the jokes and pranks, and to his sheer relief, she wanted him just the same. The insecurities and anxieties that might have pushed others away, she accepted with an open mind and seemingly unending patience.

Given this, Bobby wanted to be good for her, to be that romantic hero she deserved. He made a point to show her every minute of every day how much she had come to mean to him. Whether it was kissing that wonderful mouth of hers or remembering to grab extra napkins whenever they got popcorn at the movies so that she wouldn’t have to wipe her hands on her jeans, he loved these chances to communicate his affection for her.

This was why waiting to have sex had not been an issue for him. Bobby was aware that most of his peers would not be as patient as he was, but he liked to think that he was, in a way, better than these men. He had been in other relationships where sex had become a prominent part of the picture by the end of the first month. Many of these involvements (with the exception of Opal) failed to make it beyond the year-mark, and all of them were, in one way or the other, were filled with conflict.

It was not that he didn’t think about the subject. Sometimes, Bobby found it hard not to considering what it would be like to sleep with her. There were times when they were on the verge of taking that next step, only to be interrupted. Neither one expressed too much grief over it (although Bobby fought the urge to curse his luck following the more intense encounters), but both of them reasoned that when the time was right, things would simply fall into place accordingly.

The traffic light turned green and Bobby tapped on the gas pedal. The rest of the drive to the mansion was rather peaceful. Jubilee did not stir until the car entered through the iron-wrought gates, which creaked ever so slightly. He steered the Jetta up the hill to the garage with one hand on the wheel, while the other held Jubilee’s hand.

“How’d you sleep?” he asked, smiling gently at her.

She yawned, smiling sheepishly when she finished. “I didn’t realize I was,” she told him as he pulled the car into the spacious garage.

“Maybe my version of a birthday celebration bored you to tears,” he pretended to huff, feigning a hurt expression. The twinkling in his gray eyes belied the wounded front he put forth.

She nodded wryly, unbuckling her seatbelt when the car was in park. “You got it,” she replied. “The worst pre-birthday outing I’ve ever had.”

He pouted and turned his face towards the driver’s side window. “I was going to invite you to spend the night with me, but if you’re going to be that way, then consider the invite revoked.”

Jubilee stifled a giggle. Then she leaned towards him, affixing her most beguiling expression across her delicate features. “Oh come on,” she cajoled, playing with the collar of his Hawaiian shirt. “I was just fooling around.”

“Hmmph.” He was finding it harder and harder to keep up his act with her fingers sliding across his throat like that.

She smiled smugly, detecting the effect her actions had on him already. Her eyes flicked to the clock inside the car before returning to Bobby. “Please, Bobby. Don’t make me beg—not on my birthday.”

Surprised, Bobby peered over at the clock. Sure enough, it was midnight. He turned to Jubilee, who was nearly in his lap. “Well, what do you know?” he asked, his voice husky as he pulled her lithe frame on top of him. “Does that mean I get give you your birthday kiss?”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way,” she whispered, wrapping her arms around his neck.

He kissed her deeply, moving his mouth over hers. His tongue traced over the detail of her lips and teeth, exploring the warmth from her mouth. Slowly, he began to lose himself in the feel of her lips, her skin, and her perfume of bubblegum and cinnamon. If he had his way, Bobby would stay in the garage all night. However, he realized this was not feasible.

With a heavy reluctance in his heart, he drew away. “You just got your invitation back,” he told her.

They soon made their way into the mansion and upstairs to his bedroom. Fortunately, the couple’s entrance went unnoticed, thanks to Sage and Bishop hosting movie rental night for some of the students. Their selection, ‘Event Horizon’, captivated the students’ attention with the eerie suspense that permeated throughout the picture. It also helped that Bishop had cranked up the sound.

Jubilee followed her boyfriend into his room, allowing him to close the door behind her. Spending the night with him had become a regular occurrence, much to Logan and Scott’s collective chagrin. So much so that she began to store some of her things in his room, like pajamas and an extra toiletries bag in his private bathroom.

She went to the dresser as Bobby tossed his wallet and keys on his desk. Taking out a white tank top and a pair of blue pajama pants with sheep printed on them, she kicked off her brown flip-flops. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Bobby saunter towards his stereo system, as he always did when she slept over. He liked to have his music playing just as they were going to bed.

“I’ve got Coldplay in here,” he told her, running a hand through his sandy hair. “Is that OK?”

Jubilee nodded and walked towards the bathroom with her nightclothes tucked under her arm. “I’ll be out in a minute,” she said when she reached the doorway.

Bobby smiled at her warmly. “I’ll be waiting in anticipation,” he replied, meaning every word.

She laughed, closing the door. In almost a routine-like manner, she removed her jewelry and placed on the counter. Quickly, she brushed her teeth and removed her make-up, another part of the ritual that came with spending the night with Bobby. Then she stripped out of her pale-blue shorts.

As she hung them on the back of the door, she paused. While everything about what she was doing seemed standard for a night in Bobby’s room, there was something resonating inside of her that indicated otherwise. At first, she wasn’t sure what it was. Perhaps it was the excitement of her birthday and the party to be held tomorrow. Perhaps it was the prospect of seeing Logan and Ororo for the first time in several weeks.

In the end, none of those things came to the forefront.

Ever since her conversation with Paige at the pool, Jubilee had given some careful thought about sleeping with Bobby. She indeed thought about it and came very close to doing so. The fearful girl who was naively unaware of this aspect of a relationship had been replaced with someone who bravely prepared for what lay ahead. She and Bobby had discussed the fact that she was going on the pill. They talked candidly about other issues that might arise once they consummated their relationship. What was important to both of them was that the moment was right for both of them, not just for one.

As someone who was a little more experienced, Bobby was concerned that she would jump into bed to please him. He told her repeatedly that that would diminish the meaning behind making love. The way he saw things, waiting would be worth it to make her first time a good one. “I want you to want me as much as I want you,” he had said to her.

Her cheeks flushed pink at the memory of his words and the way he said them. In spite of his commitment to wait, he did not hide the fact that he desired her very much. She could see it in his eyes, feel it in the way he touched her, hear it in his voice, and taste it in his kisses. It was all too palpable.

Staring at her reflection in the mirror, she studied herself. Sapphire eyes sparkled with an intensity she had not known before. She could feel her heart racing a million miles a minute. The blush still remained, but was evoked from something else. At that moment, she came to the realization that Bobby was not alone in wanting anymore.

I’m ready.

Jubilee opened the door to find Bobby unbuttoning his Hawaiian shirt and tossing it on the back of his swivel chair. He then made his way to his dresser. After a few seconds, he became aware he was being watched. Turning his gaze in her direction, he looked surprised.

“Something wrong?” he asked, wondering why she wasn’t in her pajamas yet. Not that he was complaining. He definitely liked having a chance to admire those slim legs of hers.

“I don’t want to sleep tonight,” she told him softly, dark hair cascading down her slim shoulders as she walked towards him. Her face glowed with a brilliant radiance that made her look even more ethereal.

He looked at her quizzically, pausing as he attempted to retrieve a T-shirt to throw on. “What do you mean?” he asked in a low voice. His boyish face was transfixed when she stood in front of him. He was always fascinated as to how she had that effect on him.

She took both of his hands in hers, relishing the cool dryness of them. Tenderly, she raised them to her mouth and kissed the palms. “I don’t want to sleep tonight,” she reiterated. She smiled shyly up at him, placing his hands on her waist.

His heart started racing inside his chest. He pulled close to him, cupping her head in his hands. His gray eyes searched for any hesitation in those intoxicating sapphire depths. As badly as he wanted her, he needed to know she was ready and not bowing into pressure he might have given her unconsciously.

“You’re sure about this?” he asked huskily, resting his forehead against hers. “Because you know I’ll wait for you. This should be right for the both of us. Don’t feel like you have to—”

The young girl shook her head firmly. “I want to,” she corrected, her smile all the more endearing and sweet. She leaned in for a deep, lingering kiss before pulling away, leaving him breathless. “I’m ready for you to show me, Bobby…”

Then she drew back from him. Her hands traveled to the hem of her yellow T-shirt. With the sound of his heart thudding wildly in his ears, he watched as she pulled it slowly over her head. He did not even notice her tossing it on the floor next to her. All he could focus on was the significance of this moment, on how much he was in love with her, on how desperately he wanted her.

Bobby’s gray eyes smoldered with unadulterated desire and yearning. He moved towards her, pulling her lithe body against his. He then brushed his lips along her shoulder, unclasping her bra with fervor and slipping it off of her. “I’ve waited so long to touch you like this,” he whispered huskily. He nipped at her neck, burying his face in her silken hair. “You feel so good, Jubes.”

“Bobby…” She shuddered against him, feeling tingles of excitement dancing across her skin. Her sapphire eyes glittered from beneath her thick, dark lashes. She allowed her small hands to roam across his bare chest, marveling at firm muscle that met her touch. Then her fingertips trailed down his flat stomach and paused at his trousers.

He drew back slightly. His gray eyes watched her begin to unbuckle his belt. Her movements were hesitant, but focused as she freed him. Slowly, he stepped out of pants, which left him in only his blue boxer shorts. His gaze, still steady, remained on the beautiful, half-naked creature in front of him.

The next moment he had her pressed up against the wall. His mouth devoured hers hungrily. He buried his hand into her silky hair. Meanwhile, the other pulled her hips against his, letting her feel the evidence of his arousal. His fingers skimmed along her panties, tugging insistently.

Her breathing was rapid when she pulled away. Every inch of her flesh was warm with anticipation. Staring up at Bobby, she knew this time was right. Never had she been sure of anything in her entire life. “Take them off,” she whispered, taking his hands and hooking his fingers at the waistband.

His heart continued to race inside, still trying to convince himself that this was no dream. “Yeah?”

“Yeah.” She shuddered against him when he began to trace tingling circles across her skin with his fingertips.

He smiled at her, lowering himself to divest the last article of clothing from her. As she kicked her panties away, he slowly rose to his feet. Then he paused, admiring the breathtaking picture in front of him: the dark hair, the beautiful face, and the slim build of her body. Her breasts were full, but not disproportionately so; her stomach taut, and her arms and legs perfectly toned. Everything about her was created to fulfill an ideal of perfection just for him, from her creamy skin to the slender column of her neck.

Bobby snaked his fingers through her hair, still smiling tenderly at her. “So beautiful,” he murmured against her mouth. There was no way he could be any more sincere.

She gazed up at him, the look in her dazzling eyes filled with wonder and affection. “Yes, you are,” she replied softly as she stroked his hair. Her heart swelled inside her chest, surprised she could ever feel this safe and cared for with anyone.

He quickly stripped off his boxers. “See how much I’ve wanted you,” he whispered huskily, guiding one of her small hands along his throbbing length. His eyes twinkled upon hearing her gasp in surprise.

Then he slid his hands around her waist and lifting her against him, her bare chest pressed to his for just a moment. Her gorgeous breasts swayed as she breathed heavily, the pink nipples tight and pouting against his tanned skin. Bobby lowered her on the bed, following her down until he was lying on his side next to her. Her hair fanned out behind her head like a halo, and she moistened her lips as he gazed upon her.

Jubilee bit her lower lip, suppressing the nervous smile quivering there. The cause for it was suddenly apparent. He was staring her with such intensity it made her self-conscious. Her cheeks immediately began to flush pink.

Bobby observed her slight embarrassment, which perplexed him somewhat. She was so beautiful simply lying there in his arms. It was hard for him to believe that she didn’t realize this. Perhaps it was something else. Maybe she was experiencing second thoughts.

He kissed her deeply, a sign of the overwhelming affection he felt for her and reassurance. “Are you sure? We don’t have to do anything if you’re not ready.” he whispered, stroking her silky hair tenderly.

Her sapphire eyes were shining as she stared up at him. There was no way she turning back now. “I want to,” she breathed. “I want to…with you.”

He smiled. That was all he needed to hear. His gray eyes looked down at her tight nipples, flushed with desire. He flicked one with his finger, and she shivered as the sensation ran through her. Then he took both breasts in his hands. Their tips stiffened even more.

  He ran his thumbs across the sensitive flesh of the tightly furled buds. "Do you like that?"

  She sighed in pleasure. "Oh yes, Bobby, yes," she whispered. She began to move her hips in time with the stroking of his thumbs.

Bobby’s mouth enclosed her nipple like fire, and her back arched in response. She moaned, unable to contain the pleasure that his lips began to inflict upon her sensitive flesh. His tongue swirled the hardened nub, then applied strong suction. He squeezed her other nipple between his thumb and forefinger gently.

He raised his head and gazed upon the lovely angel in his arms. “More?”

There was frantic nodding of the head. “Ohyesohyesohpleaseohplease…”

Bobby grinned, kissing her mouth softly. He cupped her other breast in his hand, brushing his thumb over the tight bud in time with the flicks of his tongue. Jubilee breathed her protest when he lifted his head, until he moved to the other breast, paying it the same attention as the first. His tongue swirled over the pebbled nipple. He sucked strongly at her, and then moved his mouth toward her stomach, where he laved the taut skin with long, slow licks, all the while continuing to stroke her breasts with his hands.  

“You’re so beautiful,” he murmured against his her belly. “I’ve been dreaming about this…”

One of his hands slid down her stomach, and his finger brushed through the neatly trimmed curls at the apex of her thighs. She moved her hips up slightly, trying to force his fingers to make contact. His fingers swept across her clit ever so lightly, but the touch was like fire on her overly aroused flesh. She gasped, and felt the moisture between her thighs increase. He cupped his hand over her sex, the heel of his hand grinding gently against her.

She moaned when he slipped a finger into her. Unconsciously, she began to push her hips against his hand, and he obliged her by slowly pressing further, then retreating, his thumb brushing her clit with infuriating subtlety, heightening her pleasure but denying her release. He added a second finger and began to thrust them in and out.

Then Bobby slid one hand around, pressed it onto her belly to keep her down on the bed, and continued to slide his thumb over the small bundle of nerves with hard, fast strokes. She was slick and plump under his fingers, her breath coming in short pants. Slipping two fingers on his other hand back inside her, he began rubbing them deep within, and she cried out. He could feel her muscles begin to tighten around him. Bobby changed his rhythm, using the broad, flat part of his thumb to sweep across her clit, swirling around it, and using the tip of his nail to flick strongly at the tiny organ. He added a third finger, pushed them deep, loving the slick sound of the motion. Smiling, he could feel her prepare for orgasm and knew that the use of his hands had been enough.

She clutched the sheets beneath her tightly. “Bobby…”

His gray eyes were heavy –lidded as he stared between her legs. Her neatly trimmed black curls glistened with her moisture. At the top of her sex, her clitoris was unsheathed from the little hood, nearly begging him to touch, to taste. He decided to give in and used his two thumbs to spread her. He inhaled her scent deeply—warm, sweet, and clean.

Her eyes flew open when she felt the touch of his tongue on her. She cried out, but he did not let up, licking across her labia, teasing her clitoris mercilessly, but pulling back to lave softly at her entrance when she would begin to tense and shudder.

"Oh, Bobby," she whispered. "Yes, please…more."

  He lifted his head. "Mmm… You taste like…honey." His head dipped, and he drew his tongue down her wet slit, stopping only where his fingers entered her. He trailed his tongue back up. His lips enclosing her engorged clit and his tongue flicking and swirling around it. He pushed his fingers inside her deeper and moved them faster. She was slick and soft and wet under his touch.

  "That's so good," she whimpered. Her entire being was centered on his caressing tongue and the smooth glide of his fingers. Taut tendrils of a sensation like lightning snaked through her, coiling in her belly, around her spine, to the point where his mouth covered her, tasting her in the most intimate way. Her body shook as she tried to contain the sensations converging wherever he touched.

He licked her again. "You are so sweet." He swept his tongue down, and drove it into her vagina.

She became self-conscious again, but that quickly dissipated as pleasure pulsed through her slender body. “Bobby, I…” Jubilee began. Her breath caught as her orgasm crashed through her, bowing her body.

His gray eyes were bleary with desire as they roved over her. He was in awe as to how incredibly sexy she was. Her head thrashed on the bed, her hair tumbling wildly. Tiny, delicate hands clenched and unclenched. Her body shuddered as he continued to lick at her. She came again suddenly, her moisture flooding his fingers and tongue. He lapped at her, slowly cleaning her as she quieted and stilled.

Heart beating wildly, Jubilee stared at him. She felt her breath shuddering, her limbs weak from the pleasure still coursing through her body. “That was…” she whispered, but found she could not finish her sentence.

He drew himself up, looming over her lovingly. Smiling at her tenderly, he shook his head as if to tell she did not have to finish her sentence. “It’s all for you,” he said to her and pressed his lips against the base of her throat. His nose inhaled her fragrance that emanated from her silky hair and skin. “I love you so much.”

In response, Jubilee searched for his mouth with passionate kisses along his jaw and cheek. “I love you, too,” she replied, gasping for air when she felt his fingers slide down her belly.

Bobby’s breath was heavy and labored as he ran his blunt, hot probing of his length up and down her moist sex. He spread her with his fingers, guiding himself to her entrance. Gently, he pushed the tip just inside her, and stopped. “This is going to hurt a little,” he murmured gently. “But if you want me to stop, just tell me.”

She nodded, swallowing hard and sapphire eyes widening. “Okay.”

She gasped as his large organ began to stretch her sensitive flesh. Bobby clenched his teeth, fighting the overwhelming urge to thrust into her deep and hard to feel her moist, hot depths caressing his full length. Overwhelmed with tingling pleasure, he leaned forward and licked her nipple, pressing forward again until he came upon a barrier. She was incredibly tight around his throbbing shaft.

Suddenly, he noticed that her face immediately pinched up, her jaw locking as she braced herself against him. "Jubes?" he drawled. “Jubes, look at me. Are you OK?”

She couldn't bring herself to open her eyes just yet, too embarrassed by her reaction to face him. Immediately, all her fears and insecurities flooded every fiber of his being. Her coltish limbs began to tremble and quake. She did not want to disappoint him. The bliss and ecstasy on his face was quite palpable, and all of it was because of her.

Bobby’s mouth brushed against hers. “I’ll stop,” he whispered, moving his hips slightly to ease out.

Jubilee shook her head, raising one of her hands to cup his cheek. "No," she whispered back. “It was just that I… It’s something to get used to. I-I don’t want to stop.”

His gray eyes were concerned as he rested his forehead against hers. “Are you sure?”

She nodded, cerulean eyes earnest. “I told you I was,” she said softly. “I want you, Bobby. More than anything.”

He began moving again, pistoning slowly into her. “How’s that?” he asked, still worried but feeling very overwhelmed by the sensation of her warmth around him.

Her limbs began to relax. The pain of his entry quickly faded, to be replaced by pleasure as he pushed forward again. “It’s getting better,” she said softly, blushing with embarrassment from her lack of experience. “It doesn’t hurt the more you do it…”

His lips brushed against her forehead affectionately. “It’s going to get better, I promise.” He slipped another inch deeper as he spoke.

She moaned his name in response. “Bobby…” Her eyes were closed again, her thick black lashes fanned against her cheeks. She trapped her full bottom lip between her teeth. Bobby could see the moistness on her lips, as if she had just licked them. A slight flush colored her cheeks and neck. She was beautiful.

Smiling tenderly at down at her, he reached down and rubbed her clit in time with his slow thrusts. Then he began increasing the tempo, her inner walls massaging his cock in its tight grip. He savored the exquisite feel of her strong contractions on his throbbing length, drawing out her orgasm. The slippery sounds of their lovemaking filled the room, mixed with her sensual gasps and moans.

She wrapped her legs around his hips, drawing him deeper inside. “Bobby… Bobby…”

The way she was saying his name in that breathy voice was driving him wild. Bobby dipped his head and licked her nipple in reward. “Jubes… What you do to me,” he groaned, his lips now buried in her soft hair.

Then he threaded his fingers through hers, pinning her hands above her head. He moved against her in a heated rhythm, his sweat-slicked skin sliding over hers. Then he began to change in the angle of his thrusts. Each stroke of his cock skimmed over her clitoris, heightening her arousal to a fever pitch. She tightened her legs around him, urging him faster, deeper.

Jubilee felt the hands holding hers tremble slightly. She realized that Bobby was waiting for her. The knowledge sent her over the edge, crying out. She watched as his teeth clenched, the cords standing out on his neck as he drove into her once more, then the slow, heavy pulse of his release inside her.

Exhaling deeply, he supported his weight on his elbows. Tenderly, he looked down at her. Jubilee’s lips were swollen, her eyes dark with erotic satisfaction. The sheen of perspiration on her skin made her glow. He leaned down, pressed his lips to hers lightly. She was his—now and for the rest of time.

Jubilee lay there a moment, never feeling more connected to one person than she did in that moment.  The feel of him still inside her, her body throbbing around him, the warmth they generated together, the beat of his heart. It seemed completely natural to lift her head and smile weakly at him. 

Bobby’s arms wrapped around her as her fingers lazily traced the firm contours of his shoulder and chest. “Are you all right?” he asked, sliding out of her.

Smiling, she sighed. “Are you?” she whispered.

“Best I’ve been in a long time,” he murmured. He was still shuddering from the intensity of it all.

“Then I was…OK?” Her cheeks flushed with embarrassment from her lack of experience. “Because there were things I didn’t…”

Incredulous, he widened his gray eyes. “You were amazing,” he told her earnestly, stroking her hair lovingly. “You were worth waiting for, Jubes.”



“I never knew anything could be like that. I mean, I’ve heard things and read magazines…”

“What kinds of things?”

“Like flowery, mushy stuff. I used to get a real laugh whenever I came across it. But now… I know. I mean, what it’s like.”

“It’s nothing like the real thing.”

“Definitely. Bobby?”

“Yeah, Jubes?”

“I’m glad we waited.”

“Me, too.”

“I’m also glad that you’re my first. I can’t think of anyone I’d rather be with…”

Bobby smiled, feeling his heart float inside his chest. “It’s not over yet,” he told her, nuzzling her neck with his nose and mouth. His nostrils inhaled her trademark scent of bubblegum and cinnamon, which was mixed with his sweat. He had never smelled anything so good in his entire life.

Jubilee intake of breath was shaky. She was not sure how there could be possibly anything else. “Bobby?”

“Do you want me again?” he whispered, planting kisses on her forehead and cheeks.

She framed his handsome face in her small hands. His gray eyes were filled with such want and desire. It was unthinkable to her that she had aroused those feelings in him. She smiled up at him and nodded. “I do,” she breathed as he kissed her mouth fervently.

His hand cupped the curve of her bottom, then down her thighs.  They soon slid to her calves. She sighed at the feel of his lips kissing her bare legs. When his mouth brushed over her ankle, she became startled and jerked her leg from his hands.

“It tickled,” she murmured apologetically.

He grinned, his lips feathering against her slender ankle again. “I can stop,” he told her, his voice husky.

Jubilee shook her head firmly, her limbs tingling in anticipation as to what would follow.

Bobby kissed his way back up, from her ankle to her upper leg. She tensed in anticipation as he neared the juncture of her thighs, moaned with disappointment as he passed over it, and traveling up over her belly. His hands followed the course of his mouth, soothing, inflaming, until they reached the apex of her sex. He caught her nipple in his mouth even as he slid his fingers into the wet that waited for his touch. He stroked her nether lips softly before parting them, driving his fingers deep.

Brushing his thumb against her clit, Bobby smiled as Jubilee moaned arching her back, her breasts lifting into the air. Gradually, she moved with him. He positioned himself between her legs without breaking the rhythm of his hand. She closed her eyes, allowing the exquisite pleasure from his fingers wash over her.

Then he drew her clitoris into his mouth, sucking on the sensitive flesh as her inner muscles contracted around his fingers over and over. He didn't let up on his movements as he felt her vaginal muscles contracting around his fingers. Bobby could feel the tiny pulses of her clit under his tongue. Then she came, moaning softly for him.

Bobby flipped her over onto her belly, kissing up the length of her spine, down over the still quivering flesh of her bottom. He pulled her to her knees by her hips, her elbows on the bed, and positioned himself behind her. Her response was immediate; she began pushing back, gasping as his large organ began to stretch her sensitive flesh.

Jubilee panted, glorying at the sensation of his rigid sex pushing deeper and deeper, seemingly endless as she pressed back and back. She stopped, nearly overcome by the sensation, unsure of her ability to take him. Following his lead, she took in the remaining length with a deep backward stroke. She cried out in pleasure. He was large and thick, stretching her, and filling her perfectly.

Slick and hard, his cock slid out of her warmth, leaving her feeling empty. He thrust forward slowly. In response, she moaned, unable to bear the agony of his unhurried thrusts.

His buttocks flexed as he stroked his cock into her. His hands slid up her thighs and grasped her hips. Then he pushed forward to the hilt of his cock, his balls resting against the curve of her buttocks. He bent over her, one hand sliding down and around to tease her.

The tension was coiling within her again, tighter. "Bobby…" She lifted her head, turning to look behind her at the sight of him thrusting into her at that slow, deliberate pace. His fingers strummed at her clitoris, and she bit her lip to contain the cries of ecstasy that she could feel rising within her.

"You feel so good," he groaned, and suddenly rammed deep into her, increasing his force and taking deep, hard strokes into her slick, tight sex. He plucked at her clit again, and then slid his hands up her torso to cup her breasts, flicking her nipples with his thumbs.

She took his heavy thrusts, urging him harder and faster with her eyes, the tortured, erotic sounds that she was unable to keep within her. “Oh, Bobby…”

She rose suddenly, desperate to get closer to him. She pressed her back to his chest, gasping as the angle of his penetration changed. His cock slid inside her, rubbing inside the inner walls of her sex more roughly. She turned her head and found his lips with her own, her tongue gliding against his. His lower abdomen slapped rhythmically against her bottom, the sound mingling with the rasp of their harsh, quick breaths, and the slick, wet sound of their mating.

Their kiss continued. His mouth was passionate and insistent as he took one of her hands, guiding it between her legs. She understood and began to stroke quickly. Immediately, Jubilee felt the telltale tension within her, indicating an impending orgasm. Bobby broke the kiss and he pushed her back down to her hands, grasping her hips again as he pounded. It was too much. She came hard against him as he continued to thrust against her.

She shook with the force of her orgasm, cried out his name. “Bobby!”

He held her motionless against him for a moment, climaxing himself with a groan. Gently, he slid himself from her warm sheath, lifting and turning her so that she was on her knees, facing him. He reached up, tilted her chin so that she looked up at him. Kissing her gently, he pushed her backward, following her down.

Settling himself between her thighs, Bobby cradled his lovely Jubilee in his arms. “I love you,” he said softly.

Her crystalline glittered in the darkness as she stared up at his boyishly handsome face. “I love you, too.”

At last their breathing quieted.  She rested her head against him, closing her eyes while he smoothed her wildly tousled hair. Exhaustion played out against the aching pleasure lingering in their limbs. It was not too soon that they fell blissfully asleep.

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