saga/title/fandom: Two Pair: Part 3 Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These (X-Men)

author: L.M. Griffin

rating/genre: (PG-13) - Romance/Drama

warnings: het,language, violence

summary: Through sick or sin, Gambit and Jubilee will be there for each other. (Gambit/Jubilee)

comments/disclaimers: Standard disclaimers apply.

Part 3: Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These

There are two things notable about most half drunk college frat boys. Their bodily passions outweigh their common sense, and anything female will catch their eye. Especially if it is -young- and -shapely-. The three frat boys who stumbled into the Salem Pool Hall were no exception to those rules. They were rowdy, they were horny, and they had come for more beer.

Of course, they attracted attention. The wrong kind. Most of the inhabiants of the 'Hall were notably of the biker variety. The men looked like rejects from Hell's Angels, milling around various pool tables, adding comentary about each of the games. The women...all seemed to be circling a table nearest to the bar. The frat boys were a bit disappointed about that; they half considered going over to the table themselves. A single look at the two men playing pool there however, changed the young men's minds.

One was tall, with long auburn hair drifting into his pretty boy face. A definate looker (not that the frat boys were LOOKING. Of course not.), as his tight black jeans and half unbuttoned flannel shirt showed off a lean, muscled body. He was wearing shades inside the darkened pool hall, but it didn't seem to phase his ability to play. He seemed to have the phrase, 'Good looking bad-ass' printed all over him.

The other man was of a shorter stature, but tightly built. He was puffing a cigar, and the smoke drifted through his strangly pointed hair. He too, wore a flannel shirt and jeans, but while the first man made looked like a Gap ad, the same looking outfit made the shorter man look like the cover of Woodland Survivors Monthly. He gave the young men a pointed 'look', one that clearly said, 'Quiet down. Or I'll make you. In a way that will make you cry for your mommies.' The three twentyish boys quieted down notably, while shifting their gaze towards the bar, then their eyes fell on the jukebox. Their expressions brightened.

A girl was there. Not just any girl, but a gorgeous girl. Jet black hair fell around her shoulders in a slightly layered cut, and her skin was a light golden color, marking her as one of Asian descent. On her slim form she wore a tight, dark green, long-sleeved shirt, cut at navel level, and flared jeans with bottoms of matching green material. Her boots were black, with flat heels that gave her another inch or two of height to her 5'4 frame. She was tapping her fingers on top of the domed glass of the jukebox, picking out songs with a handful of quarters in her grip.

She was young. She had a body. She looked like she was alone. They moved in.

She was swinging her hips softly to the music, Britney Spears by the sound of it. As their shadows fell over her, she turned, her eyes narrowing. The frat boys blinked with surprise; no Asian girl they had ever ran across had blue eyes. She was definately hot, though, even if she wasn't stacked heavy. She looked around eighteen, although the expression on her face made her look years older. She quirked an annoyed eyebrow, "Yeeeeeeeeea-ah?"

The tallest one, a noted football hero who had his way around the ladies, leaned forward, encircling the girl with his muscle arms. "Hey there, sweet thang....we were wondering if we could buy you a drink?"

The girl sniffed his breath, rolled her eyes, then ducked from underneath his arm quickly. "By the smell of it,'ve already had a few too many. Not interested. Ex-cuse me." She started to make her way back over to the bar, when he grabbed her by the arm, none too gently. The other two frat boys closed her in, encircling her. There was movement from behind them, as the two men from the first pool table shifted around. The shorter man looked two seconds away from ripping all three of the boys into tiny shreds, but the taller man put a hand on his arm. Giving his companion the look of, 'Not quite yet.'

The tallest frat boy smiled, one that didn't quite meet his eyes, "We're not used to be rejected so easily there, sweetheart. So let me put this to you, simply. We're all going to grab a few beers, and leave this place. Then, we're going to have a little fun..."

The girl was surrounded by guys who were taller, and looked tougher. She bit her bottom lip, her blue eyes growing larger as she slowly twisted a silver ring around her thumb, "So...let me get this straight...we get beer. We leave. Then I end up at the tail-end of a probable gang-bang. That what you guys have planned?"

The second tallest, a bit thinner then his friends, smirked slightly, "Well...that is if you don't mind." He moved in closer. They were used to using size and force to get their way. Big mistake. One they should have realized they made when the girl smiled, dangerously.

"Funny thing about that...stupid, I do mind." she said with a tone of pure ice, as a fist of lightening quickness slammed into his stomach. He stumbled backwards, groaning as his two friends tried to close in on the girl. Second mistake. There was the sound of fist meeting flesh twice more, and thumps as both frat guys went flying back into the bar.

The shorter man eased up slightly, a tight grin of amusement passing his face. His sharp blue eyes moved towards his companion, as Logan, otherwise just known as the indomitable Wolverine said cooly, "Ten minutes."

Remy LeBeau, the X-Man known to his friends and foes alike as the unpredictable Gambit, pushed his sunglasses down his nose momentarily, crimson eyes watching the fight in progress. His Cajun accent smoothly flowed over the words, "Five. Tops. She already has dem on de ropes."

"How much this time?" Logan said, watching as one of the frat boys tried to throw a chair at the girl, who easily flipped out of the way.

"Twenty sound good?" Remy purred, as the girl swivel-kicked the chair thrower in the stomach, then followed up with a one-two punch.

"Bettin' high today, Gumbo."

"Only b'cause she's dat good, Logan."

Crack. Thomp. Thomp. Both men winced slightly.

"That had to have hurt..." Logan muttered.

Craaaaaack. Booom.

"Oooh, he's gonna have a nasty bruise on his head now..." Remy said, checking his watch. 2 minutes.

The one the girl had kicked in the stomach pulled himself to his feet, and staggered towards her. She smiled wickedly, then punt-kicked him between the legs. Remy's and Logan's eyes widened.

"Uhm...Logan? She wearin' dose steel tipped boots?" Remy said, voice riding a bit high.

"Yup. B'lieve me when I say it. Ow-ch." Logan said, teeth gritting together. They both self-conciously crossed their legs. The boy was now doubled over in pain, as the girl brought her fist around, and roundhoused punched him. He flew backwards, straight towards the two men.

"Incoming." Logan stated, as he and Remy shifted apart to let the boy fall face first onto their pool table. Twin looks of disgust worked over the men's face.

" E'cuse me...yer on our table. Logan...he's gone 'n messed up de set-up." Remy said with an aggrivated tone. He prodded at the young collegiate with a finger, wiping it off on his jeans as if he touched something dirty.

Logan took his pool stick, and none too gently used it to lever the young man off the table. The frat boy stood for a moment, a dazzed look on his face. Logan quirked an eyebrow, and then tapped the end of the pool stick into the boy's forehead. The boy proceeded to keel right over.

One of the frat boys was smart enough to high-tail it for the door. The other picked up a leg from the broken chair, and swung at the girl. She ducked out of the way.

"Striiiiiiiiiiiiike one." Logan called out, flexing his fingers. He almost wished he could get in on the fun.

The boy growled, lunging again with the blunt object. The girl danced easily out of the way.

"Dat be strike two..." Remy said, crimson eyes flashing with dark amusement.

The boy screamed in rage, swinging the chair leg down at the girl like a mallet. She grabbed it before it was halfway down, holding at face level. He tried to tug it away, but her grip in it was like iron. She smiled sweetly, pulling on it hard for another moment before saying, "Strike three. You're outta here."

She let go of the chair leg, and the force of it cracked the boy in the nose -hard-. He started to scream, holding his now bleeding nose in pain as he fell to the floor, "Mai nosb! Mai nosb! She boke mai nosb!"

Logan quirked an eyebrow, "What's he sayin'?"

Remy shifted his gaze from his watch to his companion as he mimicked, "'Mai nosb! Mai nosb! She boke mai nosb!' "

Logan's lips twitched, "Thanks Gumbo. That helped."

"Always glad ta obl'ge, Logan. 'N you owe me twenty dollars, as de time be...," Remy tapped his watch with a smirk, "...four minutes, n' thirty seven seconds."

Logan cursed briefly as he dug into his jeans pocket, as the girl wiped the sweat from her brow, and glanced towards the two older men. She walked towards them, hands folded behind her. The fallen body of the 'punted' boy lay in front of her. She paused for a moment, then stepped on him, moving on towards Remy and Logan. The boy let out a quiet 'ooof'. The smile quirked over her lips again as she watched as the money exchanged hands, then stated simply, "How much this time, Logan?"

"Twenty." Logan said, eying the girl. She looked slightly flushed from the fighting, but besides that, perfectly all right. Of course, the young woman known to both men as Jubilation Lee had seen tougher fighters in her day. The frat boys weren't much better then practice droids.

"Twenty?" Jubilee whistled appreicately, quirking a grin towards Remy, "Bettin' high on me today, eh Gumbo?"

"You be worth it, p'tite. One thing 'bout always be a sure thing in a bar fight." Remy said, smiling. Jubilee mock-curtsied, a smirk resting on her lips

"Well, Re-my...if I'm that valuable a commodity to you...mind buying a thirsty girl a drink?" She batted her eyelashes at him, a gesture that used to simply be cute. It was becoming, well, downright coy. The Cajun couldn't say he didn't like it.

Remy's lips moved into a half-grin, "Since, oui, you be de reason Gambit's twenty dollars would be my honor t'buy you a drink. What would you like?"

Jubilee glanced over at Logan, who was setting back up the pool balls back in formation on the table. She whispered conspiratorily, "Well....a strawberry dacquiri would be way of the good."

Remy laughed softly, and was about to respond, when Logan spoke up, "Yeah, it would be. When yer about three years older." He smirked over at the girl.

Jubilee growled, "Sometimes Wolvie, I swear you're half-bat, with that hearing of yours. What, you get radar signals from the points in your hair?" The look on her face was pure aggrivation. Remy was trying very hard not to burst out in laughter.

"Nope. Just radio transmissions," Logan said dryly, checking his watch, "Speaking of overprotective, which yeah, I know that I am, darlin'...Ororo's expecting us home in the next half of an hour. Let's get a move on, people."

Jubilee groaned softly, moving to grab her coat from where she left it on the opposite side of the table, "Okay, hello? Seventeen, going on eighteen in ONE lousy day? Was 'Ro this hyper over Kitty?"

"In a word darlin', yep..." Logan grabbed up his leather coat, tossing Remy his own. The Cajun gave Jubilee a thoughtful look, and then glanced over to Logan.

"Surely Logan...Stormy's not gonna object for us stoppin' for strawberry milkshakes?" He said, pulling on his coat. He winked at Jubilee, who grinned in return.

The wicked twinkle was back in her eye, as she purred, "Of course she isn't, Wolvie. Especially if we bring her back a chocolate one..."

Logan eyed the two of them suspiciously. Remy and Jubilee affected their most innocent of charming smiles. He growled softly, " two could coax a nun that celibacy is just a 'passin' fad'. All right, all right, we stop and get milkshakes.."

Remy raised a finger, "Actually, dere was dis one nun, Sister Katrina of..." That was all he managed to get out before Logan fixed him with a steely glare. Remy smiled innocently again, and moved towards the bar to pay the tab, and get the bill for the damages Jubilee's fight had cost. Meanwhile, Jubilee snaked her arm around Logan's waist.

"Thanks for takin' me out, Logan...always need my annual birthday brawl...," she said, blue eyes glowing, "Just sorry you won't be here tomorrow, tho'." She leaned her head on his shoulder.

Logan squeezed her back, eyes crinkling around the edges with fatherly affection, "Can't be helped, darlin'. Amiko needs me in Japan. Some bad stuff going down. But I'll be back in a few days. 'N what the Cajun has planned for you sounds" The wry look on his face said that whatever the plan Cajun had in mind, didn't exactly meet up with his defination of amusement.

Jubilee laughed, "Oh, what Remy likes and what I like seem to fall into the same catagories most times. So, all in all, as I enter into my legality, Remy should find a way for it to be a total blast."

Logan's eyes flickered, as he said with a small grin, "Noticed that. You and the Cajun are, excuse the expression, thick as thieves. That's why I'm trustin' him to take care of you while I'm gone."

Remy moved over to Jubilee's right side just then, quirking an eyebrow as he lit a cigarette, "Someone takin' my name in vain?" They all moved towards the double doors, Remy winking to the distraught females he was leaving behind. Logan and Jubilee looked at each other, rolling their eyes.

"Logan's sayin' he's trusting my well-being with you. I'm thinkin' it's a good thing I can fend for myself. You're probably going to end up leaving me the first time a pretty red-head flashes you the 'come-hither' smile." Jubilee's tone was wry.

"Just remember to bring your cellphone, kid. That way you can call Sean to come and get you." Logan said, his expression deadpan.

Remy's expression could only be described as scornful, as he pointed a finger, "Dere is only gonna be one pretty girl that has my attention tomorrow night. Kinda on de petite side (Hence her nickname, p'tite....), dark hair, very belle blue eyes, and a sarcastic sense of humor.."

"Wow, Remy...," Jubilee grinned, "Can't wait to meet her. Sounds like we'll really get along well." Logan snickered softly, while Remy glared. He was about to comment again, when the double doors in front of them exploded open. The last standing frat boy, with an entire pack of his friends, had come back to play.

"That's the one! Right there!" He yelled, pointing at Jubilee. His mouth was still bleeding, and bruises were starting to form over his right eye. The two X-Men raised their eyebrows, while Jubilee quirked a slight grin.

The leader of the group, as apparent by his president pin on his fraternity logo jacket, eyed the trio in front of him. He turned towards his battered companion, "Which one? The skinny guy? Or the short old dude?"

Jubilee unwrapped her arm from Logan's waist, and stepped forward, "I think he's talkin' about me, buddy boy." She waggled her fingers at the bruised frat boy, while she started to count up the numbers. One, two, three...

The president blinked at Jubilee, then looked over to his cowering friend, "That's the one? She's the one who beat the crud outta you? She's practically a midget!" His other companions snickered softly. Jubilee ignored the comment. Six, seven, eight....

The bruised frat boy shook his head furiously, "Don't underestimate her, man...she's like this miniature Bruce Lee or somethin'."

"Actually mon ami, dat's Jubilation Lee..." Remy commented, taking another drag of his cigarette.

"Whatever, man...little girl, you're going down! No one messes with the Kappa Alphas!" The president shifted his attention to Jubilee, making his voice boom.

She was as impressed as a police man would be by a security guard at 7-11.

"Huh-uh. Right. Ex-cuse me for a moment, big, stupid and obviously inbred." She commented dryly, spinning around to her awaiting male 'escorts'. She grinned at them, blue eyes flickering as she leaned her weight on one side of her body, hand on hip, "Well listen guys, I was gonna take care of all the fun for myself, but it seems I'm outnumbered like, 12 to 1. Bad odds. Soooo...wanna help?"

Remy's smile was cutting, as he flicked away his cigarette, "Certainly, p'tite...never was one t'leave a damsel in distress." The frat boys looked each other nervously for a moment.

Logan's look, however, was the one that got the frat boys thinking twice about what they were about to get into. It was straight out of one those nature show where the predator was about to attacking the helpless little bunny. Excepting the fact that the frat boys had just become the bunnies. The older man cracked his knuckles, as dark look entered the blue eyes. His voice was practically a growl, "Sure darlin' glad to help."

Then he did.

Ororo Munroe closed her book with a snap as she heard the buzz of two motorcycles pull into the driveway of Xavier's School For Gifted Youngsters, known to 'students' as the X-Mansion. She checked her watch, frowning. An hour hour! She expected this kind of behavior from Remy. Even from Jubilee. From Logan, however, she expected better. 'I suppose I cannot really blame him. Jubilee and Remy probably convinced him to stop for milkshakes. Poor man, I almost pity him...' She thought to herself with a rueful smile. She rose from her chair in the library, gracefully gliding towards the front hallway. Her long ivory hair shifted around her waist, setting off the dark green of her silk pajamas. She picked up her bathrobe from where she had left it lying across the sofa opposite her, and tied it securely around her waist.

She just stepped into the dimly lit hall when the front door opened, and faint whispers could be heard. She clicked on the hall light, and said dryly, "Well, I certainly hope you...BRIGHT LADY! What in the world happened to you three?" Her silver eyes widened as she took in Remy, Logan, and Jubilee. All three were covered in dirt, with flecks of blood here and there (none of theirs, it seemed, thank the Goddess...). Logan had wood splinters all in his hair. Matching sheepish expressions moved over their faces, and Jubilee meekly held out a white bag.

"We brought you a shake...and some fries..." the girl said quietly, trying to look as harmless as she possibly could. She tried for a small smile, but the glare in the Wind Rider's eyes made her look back down at the floor as quickly as possible.

"Wolverine. Gambit. Jubilation. I demand an explanation right now." Ororo fumed, her dark hands moving to her hips. Jubilee and Logan glanced at each other, while Remy cleared his throat, looking at the ceiling.

Logan managed to at least sound sincere when he commented, "Nothin' happened, Stormy...well, nothing that we couldn't handle."

"Or, we wouldn't be here, like standing. Okay, so we're a little dirty but...I think it's important to note that we brought you food. Again." Jubilee said, nodding her head furiously.

Ororo moved her gaze towards Remy, who put on his, 'I'm just an innocent master-thief' look. She narrowed her eyes. He coughed, saying quietly, " 'Ro, now really...we're all X-Men, n' trained fighters t'boot. We didn't get into anythin' really serious. However, if anyone...ya know...policeman-like, calls 'bout fifteen frat boys 'n why they're all now spitting out dere permanant teeth...we had nothin' to do with it."

"Absolutely nothing...well, minor, itsy-bitsy something, but really beyond that, nothing." Jubilee added.

"Yeah, we didn't do anything to them that they didn't start." Logan said firmly. There was a long moment of silence, then Ororo pressed her slender fingers to her brow, as if trying to ward away a terrible headache. Remy raised an eyebrow towards Logan and Jubilee, gesturing for them all to try and slip away. They slowly began to creep down the hall, and managed to get half-way down before Ororo's voice called them back. They froze, wincing just slightly, turning around slowly to face the Leader of the X-Men.

She had her arms crossed over her chest, silver eyes flashing as she said in a strained voice, "The milkshake. Is it chocolate?"

Jubilee gulped, nodding her head as she handed the bag over to the taller woman. Ororo glanced inside the bag, and said in a low tone, "Now. I will forget this incident as no one, besides those unfortunate college boys, was hurt seriously and you seem pentinant enough. However, I do not want a repeat of this action. Especially tomorrow night, Remy, where I am leaving Jubilee in your hopefully capable hands."

A slightly annoyed look passed Remy's face, "Now why does everyone think dat I can't-mmmphpppphth!" Jubilee's hand covered Remy's mouth, as she started to pull him down the hall. He struggled, but Jubilee's glare silenced him.

"Don't worry about it, 'Ro...I'll be as safe as a kitten with Remy around. Safer! Like, a kitten in...a big comfy safe pillow truck with tons of seatbelts and well....enjoy the milkshake." Jubilee nodded her head furiously, tugging the grumbling Cajun towards the kitchen. Logan stood for a moment, hand over his mouth, as his shoulders shook silently. Ororo's lips were quirking, as her grip on the white bag tightened slightly.

Logan looked over to Ororo, and cleared his throat, trying to keep his tone neutral, "I won't laugh Stormy, if you don't."

Ororo's lips moved to the smallest of grins. "Logan, my friend, that will definately be hard. Those two together...," She shook her head ruefully, "...are just chaos waiting to happen. I fear for New York City with those two on the prowl."

Logan smirked slightly, "And on that 'encouraging' note, I think I'm gonna try and get some sleep. Although I'm probably going to end up having nightmares about giant kittens crushin' the city to dust."

"And I, am going to finish my book, and my milkshake. By the by, Logan..." Ororo called up to the shorter man, as he started up the stairs. Her expression was curious, "Just how exactly did you get splinters in your hair?"

Logan paused thoughtfully, "Y'know how sometimes in the movies, guys try to crack chairs over their opponents heads to knock them out?"

A delicate eyebrow arched on Ororo's face, "I have seen a few scenes such as those, yes..."

Logan grinned, "Let's just say...they tried, and they failed."

"I see...a good night to you, Logan."

"Night 'Ro."

Remy was pouting. Straight out pouting, with his bottom lip stuck out, and his arms crossed over his chest, a pensive expression on his handsome face. "I don't und'rstand why everyone seems ta think dat I'm gonna leave ya in da middle of nowhere."

Jubilee poured herself a glass of milk, and pushed one towards Remy. Her expression was highly amused, "Oh, c'mon Gumbo...we're just teasin'. I know you won't leave me in some club over a red-head."

Remy tilted his glass, "Thank you, p'tite...."

Jubilee waited till he had a good sip of milk in his mouth, before saying dryly, "It'll probably be a blonde." She wasn't disappointed. He spit out milk in a gesyer. She snickered softly, as he glared at her.

"Hah. Hah. Hah. Tell me why I'm bein' nice 'n takin' you out at all?" He growled, picking up a paper towel and wiping up the milk.

"Because I'm terrible, mean, and heartless. But it doesn't matter, because you adore me. And you know I'm just picking on you." Jubilee said, ripping off another paper towel, and standing on her tiptoes, wiped the milk from Remy's chin and nose.

Remy sighed, the sound of a brow-beaten man, "Yah, yah, 'cause you only pick on de ones you love, right p'tite?" His lips twisted into a softly wry smile.

Jubilee smiled, "You know it, Cajun..." Then she took a long sip of her milk, just leaning on the counter and looking at him innocently.

Remy rolled his eyes, "I'm goin' ta bed....I know it's been a long night when an eighteen year old woman can insult me, den twist me around her lil' pinky finger. 'Member, p'tite...dress up. Nicely. And oui, dat means a dress." He put down his empty glass, planting a kiss on top of Jubilee's head.

Jubilee grinned, "Don't worry Remy, I shall not shame you. A dress you ask me to wear, therefore, a dress there will be." The Cajun chuckled, shutting the kitchen door behind him. She put both glasses in the sink, then paused in surprise. She watched Remy move down towards the boat house, a contemplative look on her face.

In all the years she had known Remy LeBeau, he had never called her a woman. Not until tonight, anyways. Huh. She shrugged, and turned off the kitchen light. A thought for another night.

Remy straightened his jacket in the hall mirror of the Mansion, admiring his reflection. He didn't try to be arrogant about his looks, (Thieving skills, charm, and intelligence, sure. Never about his looks. ) but sometimes...

"I jest impress myself." He said, grinning. The Italian custom made suit itself was a dark crimson fabric, bringing out the darker shades of his red eyes, and the delicately patterned silk vest matched. The silk shirt itself had a straight priest collar buttoned to the neck. The color was a lighter red, almost pink. Most men couldn't pull it off and still look masculine. He pulled off and made it look good. It fit more then well, and he looked great in it. Ego? No thanks, already have one.

His usually wild hair was pulled back away from his face, making his carved features seem all the more alluring. His cologne was applied lightly, a particular scent that Jubilee had noted that she liked before. The mirror reflection was giving him an over-all appearance of an extremely well dressed, and attractive man. Which he was.

"Hose me down, and call in the fire department....," came the appreciative whistle from Sarah. She, along with Kitty Pryde, Ororo, and Rogue climbed down the main staircase. Sarah brushed red hair from her face, and away from the delicate bone structure rising from her forehead, to admire Remy fully. In the years that had passed between when Remy returned, and when Sarah was the former human assassin, confused and angry, the two had become closer. She wasn't as close to him as Jubilee was, but they were good friends.

Remy did a little mock bow, turning on the heels of his expensive Italian shoes to give off the full show. All four women applauded and whistled. "You look great Remy....A-pluses all around." Kitty said admiringly as she hopped down the last few stairs. She pushed the shorter strands of dark hair from her face, leaning on the banister, a grin plastered on her face.

"There isn' a note of dissention here, LeBeau. Jubilee will be proud ta take yah anywhere..." Rogue commented, green eyes flickering softly with a bit of envy. The two may have no longer of been a 'couple' in any sense of the word, but there still remained a friendship, of sorts. That became somewhat strained when Rogue began seeing Colossus of all people, but Remy had chalked it under 'c'est la vie'. A little bitterly, of course.

"Speakin' of which, where is dat girl?" Remy said with a frown, pushing his red lensed sunglasses up on his nose to check his watch. Sadly enough, these particular shades always reminded him of Scott Summers. The thought was a painful, and sorrowful one. It was moments like this Remy wished that Scott had lived to see. Perhaps the two men hadn't gotten along particularily well at times, but Remy remembered Scott as one would remember an beloved older brother who just nagged too much. A moment like this, Remy reflected, Scott would of loved to see. Watching as 'little' Jubilee turned eighteen.

'She'd make ya proud, Cykes....' the thief thought to himself ruefully, 'She's graduatin' in a few months. Tops in her class. Comin' back t'be an X-Man, full fledged. You'd be burstin' outta dat favorite plaid shirt of yers.'

Ororo moved before him, straightening the red silk hankerchief in his front breast pocket. Her silver eyes met his in a moment of quiet understanding, but her tone was light, "She will be down momentarily, as she is putting the final touches on her outfit for the evening. She wanted very much to impress you with her 'dress-wearing-persona'."

"I think, 'Ro...I will be more impress'd if she makes down here on time. For once." Remy retorted with a grin.

"Ooh, Remy...I wouldn't be telling Jubilee that. She just might decide to vent that pretty suit of yours." Sarah smirked.

"Don't worry Sarah, I shall be more den properly surpris'd 'n flabbergast'd when Jubilee makes her grand...grand... " Remy choked on his next few words, as Jubilee appeared at the top of the stairs. The word 'beautiful' didn't quite cut it. He was going to have to go with stunning.

Perhaps it was the dress. The oriental style, no-sleeved, light blue gown embroidered with silver thread that came to mid-calf, and that slit all the way up to mid-thigh. It clung to her like a second skin, made her already blue eyes seem more vivid, and did more then enough justice to her pale golden complexion. Or perhaps it was the make-up, the application of crimson lipstick that made her lips seem fuller, the eyeliner made her almond shaped eyes look dusky, mysterious. Sky blue eyeshadow, lightly done, with silver glitter over gave her face the right kind of exotic set.

It could be the shoes, the smart short heels with straps that rounded around her ankles. They made her shapely legs look longer. It might of even been her ebony tresses, as half of it was swept away from her face with two blue chopsticks, and the other tumbled around the shoulders of her dress. The style showed off her earrings, long silver hoops. Her fingernails were painted a matching blue to the dress, and also were dusted in silver. Two silver bracelets adorned her wrists.

Of course, it might just be the fact that Jubilee was a beautiful woman, and the clothes and the hair and the shoes emphasized a fact he already knew. He didn't realize his mouth was hanging open until she finally made her way down the last few steps, and pressed her fingers under his jaw to close it. She folded her hands in front of her, a delicate smirk touching her lips, "So I'm taking it for granted that I meet your expectations?"

Remy cleared his throat, and commented, "E'cuse moi, but is it a mite bit hot in here? My collar sudd'nly feels a bit tight." He half bowed from the waist, his tone completely formal, "Or in other words, p' look like I always said. Absol'tly -gorgeous-. Might I have de honor of escortin' you out fer de evenin', Ms. Lee?"

"You certainly may, M'sieur LeBeau. And might I add, you look positively ravishing? Red is so your color.." Jubilee said with a soft smile. He did look incredibly handsome. She wanted to kiss the man who made the suit, because the cut alone made Remy just seem so, she was going with the word edible. Her smile widened, as she realized that she, Jubilation Lee, was going out with a guy so good-looking, he made Tom Cruise look like a gap-toothed yokel. It was enough to give a girl an ego-complex.

"Why, thank you, Ms. Lee....," Remy purred, as he looked over to the others, "Don't wait up. Well, ya can wait up...but yer gonna be mighty sleepy in de morning." He winked as he opened the door, letting Jubilee glide out in front of him. The door shut behind them, and moments later there was the sound of a car engine starting. All the women moved towards the window to watch as the rented black limosine drove away in a cloud of dust.

Sarah glanced over at Rogue. There was a tightness around the green eyes, and a firm set to the mouth. Sarah tried not to smirk, as she said sweetly, "Gee, Roguey...didn't know the color of your skin could match your eyes. Envy much?"

Rogue gave Sarah a sharp look, "Sarah, in two words.... Shut Up." Then she turned on her heel, marching away from the window.

Sarah looked over to Kitty, grinning wickedly, "Bitter. Population, Rogue."

Kitty shook her head ruefully, " of these days you're going to push Rogue too far."

Sarah laughed softly, "Yeah, but I'm going to have a helluva lot of fun baiting her 'til I do."

'When Remy said he was going all out...I really didn't think he meant all out...' Jubilee thought to herself, as she walked into the low key main hall of the Four Seasons. She paused just beside the wide carpeted staircase leading upwards to the restaurant itself. She was so nervous, she didn't note the admiring stares she was getting from some of the male patrons, or the sharp looks from their wives or girlfriends. She felt a soft touch on her elbow, and shifted around to look up at Remy's gently smiling face. "Remy...," she whispered, as he took her arm again and lead her up the stairs, " do realize how expensive this place is?"

"But of course, p'tite..." Remy stated smoothly, moving over to the small desk that served as the station for the maitre de. He tried not to grin widely. Wasn't she in for a surprise...

"Yeah...but do you really have the kind of money to blow on eating here? Once? With me?" She hissed under her breath.

"Oh, I think so..." Was Remy's simple reply, as he approached the maitre'd. Jubilee mentally winced, trying not to think of the cost. Really. Even though she knew a bread stick would probably cost as much as a SuperSized McDonald's Extra Value Meal.

The maitre'd's eyes lit up with greedy warmth as the couple approached. He purred, "Good evening Mr. always it's a pleasure to see you again! Your regular table?"

"Good evenin' yerself, Maurice...yes, dat will be fine." Remy responded smoothly. He didn't look at Jubilee. He knew if he did, he'd burst out laughing. He did manage a sideways glance. She looked a little shell shocked, but covered it up quickly. His lips twitched. He would not laugh. He would not. Snicker, perhaps. Laugh, no.

They were seated promptly, with menus. Jubilee smiled sweetly at their waiter as he took their drink orders, but as he left she promptly fixed Remy with a glare, "You have a regular table here?"

Remy looked over his menu, keeping his tone as innocent as possible, "De food's good."

Jubilee leaned back in her chair, lifting an eyebrow, "One of the most expensive restaurants in New York City...and all you can comment is, 'De food's good'?"

Remy's lips flexed into the tiniest of smiles, as he said defensively, " is."

Jubilee rolled her eyes, "Gumbo, you're impossible."

"But terribly charmin', you must admit." Remy said, tilting his sunglasses down, crimson eyes twinkling.

"Among other less polite words..." Jubilee said, trying not to smile. If she smiled, he won the prize for most delicious rascal contest.

"Ahh, you know you can't resist de charms of a Nawlins boy, born 'n raised." Remy said with a knowing look.

"Oh yeah, says who?" Jubilee retorted, giggles bubbling in her throat.

"Sez me..." Remy grinned, crossing his arms on the table as he leaned forward.

"Oh, you that arrogant, or just that good?" Jubilee said, blue eyes flashing as she leaned forward herself.

There was a pause...then they said together, " 'Jest dat good'."

They both laughed, leaning back into their chairs. Jubilee glanced at her menu, smiling softly, "Didn't think you'd remember that."

Remy shrugged elegantly, "I never ferget important conversations. Espec'ally ones dat involve you." He met her gaze, that quiet knowing look in his eyes. He continued, a bit lower, "A promise is a promise, non? What kinda pact would it be if I jest fergot everythin' you ever told me de moment after I heard it?"

Jubilee closed her menu thoughtfully, folding her hands together, "We have kept to the pact pretty well, haven't we?"

"I should say so...t'aint ever been a time I've needed you dat you haven't been dere for me." Remy said gently, reaching out one hand, palm up.

"And there's never been a time where you haven't been there for me..." Jubilee said quietly, her blue eyes glowing as she put out her own hand to meet his. The fingers folded over each other, and both squeezed affectionately.

"Altho'...," Remy mused, looking at the slender yet strong fingers between his, "...yer hand isn't as small as it used t'be..."

Jubilee snorted, "What, now my hands are the size of softball gloves?"

Remy's smile was a wicked one, "Of course not, p'tite...more like baseball gloves." The remark earned him a sharp kick under the table. He had to swallow his yelp of pain, while she smirked at him. They let their hands part as the waiter came to take their entree orders. To Remy's slight surprise, Jubilee ordered with the ease of a practiced restauranteer. He gave his own order, and then lifted an eyebrow at the girl.

She sipped her sparkling water, blue eyes innocent, "What?"

"Jest wonderin' when ya became such a gourmet conoussier..." Remy said suspiciously.

Jubilee grinned, shifting a strand of hair away from her face, "You honestly think Frosty lets us drag her to the Diner all the time? I've had my share of steak au pouvoir."

"Oh well den, dat's acceptable. Didn't want any unsavory old men types takin' you t'places like dis." Remy said smugly, taking a delicate taste of his '43 Bourdeux. Perfection, as per usual.

Jubilee lifted both eyebrows, giving him a confused look. "Unsavory types? Sorry, I don't do dinner with Magneto or Sabertooth. Horrible dinner conversation, and Creed drools.." She said, her lips shifting into a wry look.

"Well...I jest wanted to know dat I be de only older man spoilin' de livin' daylights out of you. Possible exception of Logan n' de Professor..," Remy's look was teasing.

"Oh yeah...I have lovers from the ages of 20 all the way up to 88 lined up around the block to take me out to dinner at places like this." Jubilee smirked.

Remy glanced out the nearest plate glass window towards the street below, his crimson eyes flashing mischeviously as he murmured, "Gee, 'n here I thought dat line was for Cats..."

His reward was Jubilee's sparkling laughter, that filled him with that quiet glow of happiness. The rest of the meal was spent in pleasant conversation, just rehashing of old times. By the time the desert cart rolled around, Jubilee just waved it off. At Remy's bemused look, she just blushed and shrugged.

"Too full," She said, "I don't want to burst out of this dress tonight. I'll be right back...going to go freshen up a bit." She moved to take out the slender little purse she brought with her, rising slowly as to not to pull on the hems of the dress.

Remy rose as well, and watched as she made her way through through the tables filled with elegantly dressed couples and families. He couldn't help but smile; she really did fill out that dress quite nicely. He sat himself back down, and reached into his inner pocket. Good, it was still there. He took out the long black velvet box, and placed it on Jubilee's side of the table. The check arrived, and he settled the platinium card on it. Being a former thief definately had it's advantages. Large savings accounts all over the world just happened to be one of them.

Jubilee returned, eyes widening slightly as she took in the velvet box. "Don't tell me this is an expensive piece of jewelry." She said softly, looking at the box as if it was going to bite her.

The corners of Remy's mouth raised slowly, "Alright, I won't. Of course, you'll never know if it is or not, unless you open de box, non?"

Jubilee eyed the box for a moment, carefully prying open the lid. Her mouth gaped open for a moment as she got a glimpse at the necklace inside, and then she shut it quickly again. Her voice was strained, "Remy....this is too much. This necklace must of cost thousands."

Remy reached into his inner coat pocket, pulling out a slender silver cigarette case. He lit one, before answering, "8,042 dollars, actu'lly. But dat's only if ya want ta get techinical."

"You paid that much for this necklace?" Jubilee hissed, the white of her eyes practically gone.

"Ah...well...paid is a relative sorta term. Think of it as, 'permantly borrowed'. " Remy coughed quietly into his hand.

"You stole it."


"From whom, dare I ask?"

"A drug dealer with a much more shady past den m'self."

"So...he won't be missing it."

"Non...but jest in case, don't go wearin' dat on de streets of Hong Kong."

"Wasn't planning on it..." Jubilee said dryly, opening the lid again. She took out the necklace, letting the candles light up the sapphires into tiny blue flames in her hand. A small smile of pure joy passed her lips.

" it den?" Remy paused, not breathing for a moment. He wasn't exactly sure why he wasn't breathing, but it seemed like a dramatic moment. He went with it.

"I....I love it. It's the most beautiful thing I've ever owned in my entire life. Thank you, Remy." Jubilee looked up at him, the soft blue of her eyes matching the stones precisely.

Remy felt a rush of real pleasure flow through him. She liked it. Non, she loved it. He felt a tiny blaze of pride that he earned that smile from her. He shrugged, saying nonchalantly, "Well....a sapphire necklace bracelet dere...I'm jest butterin' you up, of course."

"Oh really now? And what do I need buttering for?" Jubilee chuckled softly, as the waiter returned with the card. Remy signed, left a hefty tip, and they both rose to leave.

Remy shrugged innocently, "What else? A birthday kiss."

Jubilee smirked slightly, "You think a necklace gets you a kiss? Dream on, Gumbo."

Remy seemed to ponder this answer, before replying, "So...yer tellin' me de next time, I need ta bring de tiara too?"

"Yup. Maybe the earrings too." Jubilee said lightly. They stepped outside into the cool evening air, waiting for the limo to come back to pick them up. Jubilee shivered for a moment before the car pulled around, and practically hopped into the backseat as the chauffeur opened the door. Remy settled in beside her.

"So where now?" Jubilee said, rubbing her arms till warmth entered them again. She crossed one leg over the other, showing a very nice expansion of thigh. Remy glanced for a moment, then cleared his throat as he moved his gaze elsewhere.

"Whereever you chose, p''s your birthday." He responded smoothly. Well look, his voice didn't crack. Point for him.

"Oh?" Jubilee's eyes sparkled, as she managed to make the small word into an entire meaningful phrase.

Remy's eyes narrowed suspiciously. Why did he have a sudden feeling he was about to be made poor by the street known as 5th Avenue? "Yah, whatever you want to do, we'll do." He said slowly, eying her.

"Very cool...because I want to go dancing." Jubilee said brightly, as she leaned forward to give the directions to the driver. Remy gulped for a moment. Now why did he suddenly wish she had just wanted to put a dent in his credit card?

"Ooooh, my achin' feet..." Remy moaned, as they stepped out of the limosine several hours later in front of the Mansion. Jubilee laughed softly as she stepped out of the car behind him, waving the driver out into the night. Remy gave her a mournful look as they walked towards the front door.

"Well, I'm proud of you, Gumbo...for a guy who only ever learned how to waltz, you kicked some great moves on that dance floor." Jubilee said, wrapping an arm around his waist. They both looked slightly dishevled, but Remy laughed, and Jubilee's smile was bright despite the lateness of the hour.

"Merci, p'tite, and might I are de most excellent of dancers. You didn't slow down once. I'm impressed..." The thief grinned, squeezing her waist in return.

"Just comes from skippin' all the slow songs, I guess..." Jubilee said, something tinging in the back of her throat. Before Remy had a chance to ask her what was wrong, she shifted around to face him, "Walking me all the way to the front door?"

"Dat is what a gentleman always does when escorting a lady home." Remy said primly. Jubilee giggled as they stopped in front of the door, and she turned towards him. Leaning upwards on her toes, she planted a soft kiss on his cheek. His crimson eyes widened, and a smile warmed itself on his tired features.

"Thank you Remy...for a wonderful evening." Jubilee said, cheeks slightly pink.

"Non, chere...thank you for allowing me to take you out. You were the most charmin' of company..." Remy spoke gallantly, bowing slightly as he stepped away from the door. He waited until she stepped inside, before moving around the silent Mansion itself to the boat house. He whistled softly to himself, glancing upwards to the third story window. He paused for a moment, did he just see a flash of movement from Rogue's room? Huh. Someone was up late. He allowed himself a dry smile, before moving on. It was late. He was tired, and sleep was awaiting him...

That night, Remy dreamed. Nothing remarkable about that, he dreamed almost every night. Sometimes they were good. Oftener then not they were bad. This one definately started out in the right direction. There was a huge soft bed. There was Rogue, dressed in something green, flimsy and he was guessing, soft to the touch. He moved towards her, dressed only in the bottom half of his favorite black silk pajamas. She smiled at him, crooking one finger. As much as she had hurt him, as much as what she was doing now with Peter was like a thorn in his side, he couldn't resist. He moved forward.

"Evenin' Remy....," Rogue purred to him, "Guess what I learned ta do?"

Remy hoped it involved something with whipped cream. Or jello. Both would be good. He cleared his throat, "Haven't a clue, chere. Altho', I'm dyin' to find out."

She shifted to her side, "Learned how ta control mah powers....thought yah should be the first one ta know.." Leaning upwards, she wrapped his arms around his neck, and kissed him on the lips. He let out the softest of moans, wrapping his arms around her waist. Yep, the green stuff was soft as he imagined. He and Rogue started to recline back on the bed....

...When something caught his eye. A rather large something. In blue. He frowned. As he tried to get a better look, Rogue shifted, blocking his view. Her lips caressed his neck, and he would have gone back to more important things, like finding the zipper on Rogue nifty little nightie...if the blue thing wasn't there on the bed. Persistantly so.

He growled low in his throat, as he sat up, leaving a pouting Rogue down on the pillows. "Fontanelle...if dis be one of your late night visits...." He said, crimson eyes flashing annoyance, then blinked with surprise. Of all the people he expected to see in a dream like this, she wasn't one of them.

Yet there she sat, dressed in blue silk pajamas. Her dark hair tumbled around her shoulders in a softly sensual sort of way, and her sapphire eyes glinted with bemusement. The necklace he had given her glinted at her pale throat. Jubilee sat cross-legged on the end of the bed, looking around, "Nice place you've got here, Remy. Who does your decorating, Victoria's Secrets?"

Remy couldn't help but chuckle at that, before asking curiously, "What you doin' here, p'tite?"

Jubilee laughed softly, "Who me? I'm not really here, Remy. In tonight's dream, I'm just playing an important part..."

Remy ran his fingers through his auburn hair, muttering, "If dis be what I think it is...this dream's gettin' way too kinky."

Jubilee rolled her eyes, "Puh-lease. Get a grip on your hormones. I'm part of your subconcious that's trying to tell you something. Call me that nagging little thought that's been content to sit in the background...but now is coming to the fore."

Remy's eyebrows lifted together, " 'N dat thought would be...?"

An impish grin passed Jubilee's face, "Well Remy, let's put it this way. When you're ready to figure it out, I'll be back. In full force. 'Till then...just let it stew around for a bit. You're a smart guy. You'll figure it out."

He tried to reach for her, but she just smiled, wiggled her fingers at him, and disappeared. He touched the empty spot on the bed where she had just been...

And woke up, cursing. He breathed a few more minutes, shaking his head. With that nagging little thought pounding againist his brain. He cursed again, then shoved aside the covers. He needed a cold shower. A very, very cold shower.

There's a strange thing about dreaming real live events. They seem ten times more vivid, and for some reason, other things that didn't happen just... appear as part of the dream. Jubilee didn't mind, they just struck her as out of the ordinary as she drifted along, reliving what she was starting to consider one of the best nights of her entire life. However, the blatant differences struck her every time she saw them...

Like Remy reaching over to kiss her hand after that comment he made, "Ahh, you know you can't resist de charms of a Nawlins boy, born 'n raised." She couldn't even think of the response she made the last time around, she was so flustered over his response. 'Yeesh, Lee...get a hold of yourself.' she berated herself. Still didn't stop the blush to her cheeks.

Then as they waited outside The Four Seasons, she knew Remy hadn't taken off his coat, and wrapped it around her shoulders. Knew he hadn't stood with one arm around her, keeping her warm until the car arrived. However, it was so nice she just let slide.

The scene drifted along to the dance club. The fast song had just ended, and instead of walking off the floor, Remy held her hand, and pulled her gently back. "Dance with me, p'tite..." He said, eyes glowing softly behind his shades. She smiled, taking his hand in hers. The song was soft and sweet, and she let her head rest on that spot just above his heart as they rocked slowly together. His arms were around her, not too tight, but not too loose. He was just so warm, so gentle. So Remy...

The dream skipped ahead to the doorstep of the Mansion. She leaned forward, planting the softest of kisses on his rough cheek. That was when the really, really strange part of the dream happened. Remy looked into her eyes, so intently Jubilee started to feel like squirming from nervousness. Then he took her face in his hands, and planted a chaste kiss on her lips. Closed mouth. Lasting longer then just a friendly kiss...but stopping before it became something else. Then he pulled away.

Which was about the point that she woke up. She sat up, blinking at the early morning sun rays. She rubbed her eyes, and felt her breath stop in her throat, as she whispered, "Yep...I've definately gotta stop drinkin' coffee so late at night."

Something was telling her, however...that it wasn't the coffee.

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