saga/title/fandom:The Private and Personal Journal of Tom Mitchell


rating/genre:(PG-13) - Gen/Het

warnings: Dubious Content, Adult Humor

summary: The title says it all.

comments/disclaimers: Pitch Black et al are not mine. The idea comes from repetitive readings of the genius that are The Very Secret Diaries by Cassandra Claire, based on Lord of the Rings. I do not apologise for my sorry attempts at humour, but feel free to lynch at will.

Day One

Last day of shore leave before trip on the Hunter-Gratzner. Try to pluck up courage to go in shop but only make it as far as second set of doors before nerves fail me.

May have another chance on the docking station, although Iím not sure what their retail facilities are like.

Day Two

Disappointed in range of products available aboard the station. Looks like Iím going to have to just leave it and try again in New Mecca. Damn nerves.

Have just had amazing idea! Docking Pilot Fry bound to have spares lying around. I can sneak into her quarters and take a few. Sheíll never know.

Day Three

Great plan went slightly wrong. Was disturbed mid-raid and ended up stuffing the lot up my shirt before escaping via the air vent. Havenít yet plucked up the courage to go back and return them. Still, it was worth it. Fry has excellent choice in underwear.

Spent happy evening lounging round in silk panties and bra. Tried on satin nightdress as well, the material feels so soft against the skin. Would have tried cosmetics too, but Fry appears not to own any.

Day Four

Really want to keep dress on but unfortunately, as Captain, have to wear flight-suit for trip. Shall put it on again when I get there and definitely go shopping for my own this time.

Decide to keep panties and bra on under the suit. No one knows but me, so have secret smile on my face all day. Heeee!

Day 154

Had strange dream was playing table tennis at the Olympics, when all these ping-pong balls started flying at me. It kinda hurts, actually.

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