saga/title/fandom: Two of Us chapter 34 (X-Men)

author: Alex L

rating/genre: (NC-17) - Romance/Drama

warnings: het, language, adult situtations

summary: Set after the kiss in Homecomings, Bobby finds happiness with Jubilee. In progress. Please read and review!

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Chapter Thirty-Four: Locked Out (explicit)

“I need an honest opinion,” Jay Guthrie said thoughtfully, wrapping his arms around his acoustic guitar. Like his sister, he worked hard to shed his Kentucky accent. However, his rationale differed from hers in that he found it better to annunciate his lyrics while he was singing without the Southern twang indigenous to their home.

His older brother reached over and affectionately rumpled the younger Guthrie’s copper locks, a gesture he knew Jay disdained. “Feelin’ self-conscious?”

This mild, but cloudy afternoon found the two of them, relaxing on the mansion’s spacious patio. They had set up their lounge chairs right outside of the French doors that led inside the mansion. Jay had insisted that they stay further away from the pool and the activities surrounding it in order to keep his guitar safe from the splashing of water from people diving in or making strokes as they swam the length of the Olympic-sized pool. After all, he reasoned, it was like another appendage to him. He was not very far from it, even while classes were in session.

“Cut that out,” Jay grumbled, shrugging out of his brother’s reach. He scowled when he noticed the beginnings of an amused smile touching Sam’s mouth. “I thought you were supposed to be the mature one.”

“Ain’t Ah allowed some momentary lapses?” Sam quipped, chuckling. When he saw that his brother was honestly annoyed and hurt, he relented. He had forgotten how sensitive Jay could be. The years away from his mother’s home in the backwoods country of Kentucky had contributed to that. Since the arrival of their younger siblings, both he and Paige were making conscious efforts in becoming more involved by acting as guiding forces in the brothers and sister’s lives. The way the older Guthries perceived things, it was their turn to pick up the slack and help their mother.

Sam leaned forward in his chair. “Ya know ya ain’t got anythin’ ta worry about,” he said reassuringly. “The school talent show ain’t gonna know what hit ‘em.”

Jay sighed, tapping his pick against his chin pensively. “It’s been a long time since I performed in front of anyone.’’ Then he amended his statement. “Well, not counting Sammy. He’s hardly biased. Of course, he’s gonna tell me I’m good. We’re roommates. How do I really know if I’m really OK?”

“Because it’s true.” Sam could detect the note of wistfulness in his brother’s voice as he spoke. Through his mother and Paige, he was aware of the early and tragic heartbreak Jay experienced almost a year ago. It almost stunned him sometimes to still see how the loss continued to affect his brother. There was a haunted quality to his demeanor, a cynicism that reflected Jay’s shaken faith in humanity, in anything that was good and pure in the world. Inwardly, Sam told himself that Jay was too young, too inexperienced to have that kind of wariness. Then again, he remembered he was about Jay’s age when he came to similar realizations.

“Maybe I should tell Ms. Rogue that I’ve changed my mind,” Jay mused glumly, looking despondently at the guitar he cradled against his bare chest. He was suddenly feeling out of place among the excited squeals and barking laughter from his classmates who were engaged in a game of Marco Polo. Contemplating a return to his room for another afternoon of songwriting alone, he began to rise from his seat.

Sam shook his head. “Oh no ya don’t,” he admonished, firmly placing a hand on the younger Guthrie’s shoulder. “Paige has been goin’ on and on about these amazin’ pipes ya have. Ain’t really fair for ya to share the talent with her and everyone back home and not with the rest of us. What about your friends here? Ah think they’d want to hear ya.”

“Sam, I’m not in the mood…” Jay tried to shrug out of his brother’s grasp, but failed. While he had both the ability to soar the skies and serenade like a choir of angels, the younger Guthrie did not have enhanced strength. Narrowing his green eyes, he exhaled loudly. “What do you want from me?”

“Ya asked me for an opinion. Ah’ll need a chance to go over the material ‘fore Ah give one.”

“What’s the point? You’re going to say whatever you think is going to stroke my ego.”

“That ain’t true.”

“You expect me to believe that? I’m your brother. You’re not going to say anything that would totally crush me. Apparently, that’s Ms. Frost’s job.”

“Ya also know Ah’m one to tell the truth no mattah what.”

Jay glanced over at him. He hated to admit it, but Sam had a point. The eldest Guthrie child retained that country-boy candor and honesty that many mistook for being simple. Those who knew better saw it for what it really was—Sam’s steadfast commitment to his core values. Never in all their years of growing up together in the same house did Jay ever observe his brother even telling a white lie. To Sam, the truth was the truth. There were shades of gray.

Conceding, Jay slumped his shoulders and settled his guitar on his lap. He held the pick in his hand, trying not to think how unsure of himself he felt as he prepared for his first public performance in over a year. “Honest truth, right?” he prompted, searching his brother’s pale blue eyes for any indication of otherwise.

Sam held up his right hand, features solemn. “So help me.”

Taking a deep breath, Jay began to strum the first chords of the song he had decided to play at the talent show. He closed his eyes. The warm rays of the sun touched his face in spite of the thick clouds that fought to act as a barrier. There were so many metaphors that could have been drawn from the sensation. However, Jay chose to focus on the music that flowed in the air.

“There's a place for us,” he sang, his voice filled with a warmth and hope that he long forgotten was there. It continued to radiate from his throat and from the chords he was strumming. “Somewhere a place for us/ Peace and quiet and open air/ Wait for us/ Somewhere…”

Captivated as he was with his brother’s earnest performance, Sam found his attention wandering. He did not even notice the intrigued countenances of those lounging in or around the pool. Instead, Southern gentleman’s gaze was fixed upon a familiar person on the other side of the patio.

Or rather, someone .

Walking past the flowering azalea bushes Ororo recently planted was Jubilee. The young girl appeared ready for an afternoon of relaxing by the mansion’s pool. Her ebony hair with midnight-blue streaks tumbled down her graceful back, providing a contrast to her creamy skin. A pair of pink sunglasses guarded her sapphire eyes from the summer sun. She was wearing a bright-yellow, string bikini, which revealed the slim curves of her slender body. Had Logan been in the vicinity, the gruff and protective man would have ordered her to cover herself with the beach towel she had slung over her shoulder.

Sam swallowed hard, feeling his heart thumping wildly inside his lean chest. He wanted to tear his eyes from her. He wanted not to think about dazzling she was. He wanted to have the inner resolve to regard her as just a friend or even as another younger sibling.

But in the end, he could not accomplish any of these things.

As he continued to watch her look for a vacant sling back chair, he was quickly taken back to her birthday party several weeks ago. Unlike last year, he was able to attend. Days before, he had taken the time to put careful thought into what he was going to get her. While he was walking around Salem Center, he found a small antique shop tucked in between Greenberry’s and a bridal salon.

The Southern gentleman was immediately attracted to a cedar jewelry box. Simple and authentically crafted, the piece spoke more to him than anything else in the shop did. It was beautiful without any excess decorations and smelled like the trees outside of his mother’s property. In a way, he had thought, he was giving Jubilee something that would remind her of him.

Sam remembered how broadly he had smiled when she opened the gift. Her arms immediately flew around his neck, hugging him close to her. He could still hear her voice whispering in his ear as she told him how much she loved it. The young girl’s perfume of bubblegum and cinnamon filled his nostrils. It made him yearn for more.

Quickly, he was faced with the reality that what he wanted was not possible.

Almost on cue, Bobby appeared by from behind her. The boyishly handsome Iceman draped his arms around Jubilee’s waist. Weeks later, Sam could still feel his stomach drop as he struggled to hide his disappointment. Desperately, he feigned a nonchalant façade even though he was implicitly reminded of what stood in the way of his happiness. Somehow, Sam managed to remain composed throughout the painful encounter. He forced himself to laugh at Bobby’s remarks and to put forth a guise that nothing was wrong.

As he contemplated his predicament, there was a part of him that wanted to hate Bobby Drake, to believe that he was not good for Jubilee. Sam racked his brain to come up with the evidence to justify this argument. If there were anything, perhaps there would be a reason for him to hope.

Much to his dismay, he could not. Sam actually liked Bobby. The two of them had been roommates several years ago during Operation Zero Tolerance. When Sam was feeling stressed about their undercover work, Bobby was always there for him, ready to offer a joke.

Then there was the way Bobby treated Jubilee. From what Sam was able to observe, Jubilee’s constant beaming and upbeat mood was easily traced back to Bobby. He seemed to have a knack for making her erupt into a fit of giggles. In addition, he was quite attentive, always trying to ensure that she was fine and that nothing was amiss. While he was affectionate, he was not overtly and sickeningly so. It seemed to be enough to convey the message that he cared about her.

Following the party, Sam despised himself for what he had done. He could not stand himself for not being able to be his forthcoming self. The fact that he was coveting someone else’s girlfriend made his stomach turn. Given that that someone else was a person he considered to be a friend made him feel even worse. He left that kind of thing to other people. His mother had raised him to be better than that.

Sam stared Jubilee adjust the strap to her bikini top. For her part, she was still unaware that she was being watched. As much as he wanted to will himself to tamper his feelings and thoughts surrounding her, he was aware that this nearly impossible. He had done so many times over since their dance on Valentine’s Day. His stubborn heart refused to allow him any relief.

“There's a place for us,” Jay continued singing, his face lit up as an audience surrounded him composed of his peers and several instructors. His voice was dreamy and strong at the same time. “A time and place for us/ Hold my hand and we're halfway there/ Hold my hand and I'll take you there/ Somehow/ Some day/ Somewhere…”

Jubilee found herself fixed to where she was standing. With rapt attention, she watched Jay Guthrie perform his rendition of “Somewhere” from West Side Story . Despite the fact that Paige had repeatedly boasted about her brother’s talents, Jubilee merely attributed her ramblings to sisterly pride. Now witnessing it, she could see why her friend was so proud. Jay’s comfort with singing seemed to put the most experienced musicians to shame.

Her focus quickly shifted to Sam, who appeared uncharacteristically glum. It seemed rather strange to see him like that. Yet, here he was, wearing an _expression that was a stark contrast against the pleasant backdrop of that afternoon. Usually, the Southern gentleman exuded a relaxed contentment. While he was not as gregarious as Bobby or Hank, the young man got on with other people just as well. His easy smiles and earnest demeanor made other people comfortable. No matter the situation, he was hardly the type to be stressed or anxious. Most surmised that this came from the low-key upbringing he had out in the country roads of his beloved Kentucky.

Jubilee contemplated approaching him. It bothered her to see him so unhappy. She knew this because he was such a decent person. He didn’t deserve to have whatever troubles on his mind weighing him down. The kindness he had shown her over the years, particularly when she and his sister were rooming together, continued to make an impression to this day. There was also this sense of chivalry she came to associate with him, which seemed to be lost nowadays. He still opened doors for women, pulled out chairs for them, or stood up whenever they walked into a room. When addressing people he did not know, he would call them either sir or ma’am.

Paige had remarked that it was part of their mother’s influence, a strong woman who saw nothing wrong with having good, polished manners. However, Jubilee had a feeling that Sam’s adherence went beyond that. He genuinely cared about other people, placing them at ease and expecting absolutely nothing in return. In this day and age, it was truly rare to find someone that altruistic living in the world. Even more impressive, was the fact that none of his experiences fighting for Xavier’s cause, where he witnessed some of the ugliness and hate from others, did much to change him. He was still Sam.

“He’s pretty good,” a voice mused in her ear.

Instantly recognizing to whom it belonged to, she smiled. Her skin tingled with excitement as she turned around slowly. She could feel her heart fluttering inside, which competed with the butterflies in her stomach. “Hey,” she greeted.

Bobby, wearing a pair of navy swim trunks with snowflakes printed all over them and a pair of black flip-flops, grinned at her. “Hey yourself,” he replied, taking in the vision of his scantily dressed girlfriend with a wolf-whistle. “I’m surprised anyone let you of your room like that. Not that I’m complaining or anything.” His gray eyes twinkled.

She pretended to be indignant, but stopped when it was clear that she was on the verge of laughter. “I’m a big girl now,” she said. After a brief pause, she whispered in a conspiratorial manner, “Scott and Jean are off with Logan and Warren on some mission.”

“Ah, there’s the catch.” His boyish features were amused as he took her into his arms. He kissed her gently, relishing the feel of her body against his. “I love it, by the way.”

She giggled. “You would,” she told him as she returned the kiss.

“But that pales in comparison to the way I feel about you, my lady.”

“Shut up, Drake.”

Bobby rested his chin on the top of her head. “What’s up?” He did not have to look at her to know that she was pensive. During the year plus they had been dating, it was startling to realize how attuned he was to her.

She was about to say something about her concerns about Sam when she was interrupted by a clap of thunder. Almost immediately, the skies overhead opened up. The dark clouds that briefly threatened were now black, water streaming down. In the background, she could hear the groans of the others, who were now surrounding Jay Guthrie and his guitar. Quickly, they scattered hurriedly to collect their belongings in preparation to retreat inside.

Jubilee watched the surge of bodies that made their way to the French doors. “Why don’t we go back to my place?” she suggested, raising her voice so that she could be heard over the booming thunder, the squeals from the crowd of people hurrying away from the patio, and the rain that began to beat down. “We’ll make it there before we get anywhere close to the doors.”

Bobby followed her gaze. There had been more people out here than he initially suspected. Agreeing with her assessment, he nodded. “Let’s get going before it really starts pouring,” he shouted, taking her towel and draping it over her head.

The two of them jogged away from the poolside. Bobby contemplated traveling via ice-slide. However, he decided against this when he noticed Jubilee shivering. They were halfway to the Summers’ home when a flash of lighting crashed against the ominous sky. Not wanting to take any additional chances, he guided Jubilee to the boathouse, the closest form of shelter to take refuge in. Jubilee, sensing his reasoning, picked up the pace.

The rain continued to fall when they finally reached the tiny building. Jubilee opened the door frantically, leading Bobby inside. The towel she had used to cover her was now soaking wet. For some reason, this struck her as rather funny. She tossed it on the wooden planks of the floor.

Bobby was peering outside of the tiny window, the smell of the lake and dust hanging in the air. The rain was now falling steadily, resembling a sheet of water that hovered over the manicured grounds. “I didn’t know you found the weather hilarious,” he said, smiling at her.

“You have to look for the humor in any situation.” She nestled her body close to him.

He turned to her, smoothing damp tendrils of hair from her face. “Looks like we’ll be here for awhile,” he informed her. “I don’t want to take any chances with the lightning. Well, unless you can think of something else.”

His girlfriend shook her head. Then she peered around the walls of the boathouse. Lifejackets, oars, coolers, fishing equipment, and nets were stacked along the back wall. “I think we can rule out board games to pass the time,” she said, sapphire eyes adjusting to the dimness of the tiny structure.

“Are you saying I’m not enough to amuse you?” Bobby added a histrionic wail to his wounded act.

She laughed, the sound resembling the tinkling of a bell. “Are you going to do that impression of Juggernaut singing the ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’?”

“I’m much more talented than that,” he snorted. Suddenly, the teasing twinkle from his gray eyes disappeared as he pulled her close to him. He leaned in and kissed her, his fingers ensnared in her long tresses.

She shivered. This time, it was not from being drenched from the rain or the coolness of the air, but by Bobby and the feelings he roused in her. Her hands roved over his damp hair and cheeks. A low moan was trapped in her throat as the kiss deepened.

Bobby allowed his hands to roam down her back. He smiled against her mouth when she shuddered. “I can stop,” he murmured, knowing full well that neither one of them wanted that.

She confirmed his suspicion when she shook her head no.

Bobby’s familiar touch was upon her once more. His gentle hands moved her hair out of the way and exposing more bare skin. Then his fingers were around her back, untying her bikini top. With a single discreet move, the fabric was undone and dropped by her feet. He lowered her onto the towel on the floor, gray eyes roaming across her creamy skin. His gaze was hungry and ravenous as they devoured her the sight of her.

She shivered again, the cool air puckering her nipples. After torturous seconds passed, where all he seemed to do was stare at her naked breasts, he finally curved a hand around her bare waist, and dipped his head down. His tongue circled, teasing the nipple into a peak. Meanwhile, the hand on her waist slid roughly upwards until her other breast was firmly in his grip.

As Bobby’s teeth replaced his tongue, Jubilee bit her lip in response. Her back arched even further, pressing more flesh to his mouth and kneading hand. Each time he sucked at her sensitive skin, or dug his fingers into her soft curves, it was a cruel tease that seemed to last forever. It wasn't long before more of her body grew greedy for such attention. A line of fire was lit inside her, forcing her hips into a familiar grind. She didn't even know what part of him her now eager sex was touching. Contact was all that mattered.

He lifted his head to look at her face. “How’s that for starters?” he asked thickly.

“It’s alright,” she gasped, her coltish limbs quaking in the aftermath of his attentions.

Bobby raised a brow at her, feigning hurt since he knew she was feeling otherwise. “Just alright?” His boyish face lit up with a playful smile, but his gaze was asking her for permission to go on further. “Let me redeem myself.”

She flashed him a teasing smile when her shuddering ceased. “I don’t know if you can,” she challenged wryly.

“We’ll just see about that.”

“Oh, really?”

“I can be persuasive.”

“Show me.”

Jubilee’s eyes widened she felt the fabric of her bikini bottom lifted away from her stomach. After tossing it aside, he spread her quivering legs and, settled himself between them. Only then she realized the extent of her arousal. The air was cold against her wet labia. His soft breath only exaggerated her anticipation.

She shut her eyes tightly as she felt his tongue lick her moist flesh. Her fingers grabbed at the towel underneath in response to the gentle, languid motion of his tongue. Bobby slipped fingers in her slit, gently easing her lips apart. Now even more of her was left exposed to the chill of the room and his deft lips and tongue.

She nearly succumbed to the whimper stuck in her throat, but held back. Jubilee wasn’t about to allow Bobby to declare triumph that easily. However, she gasped when the tip of his tongue flicked over the nub, and his teeth grazing it right after. Each time the coil of pleasure within her threatened to unwind, he backed off. What little lucidity that remained within her wondered how he knew. Meanwhile, he continued toying with her sex, sliding two fingers into her hot core, his tongue and teeth still heightening her excitement.

Bobby slid his lips to her inner thigh, and pressed his thumb where his tongue once was. The fingers buried inside her curled, locating and rubbing that sensitive stretch of her inner wall. He bit the skin of her trembling thigh gently, almost urging a moan from her. Then he sucked the tender area for a moment before lifting his head to look at her.

She opened her eyes at the new movement and smiled weakly. Semblance of rational thought that could be expressed in words and complete sentence flew out of her mind. All she could concentrate on was Bobby and how desperately she needed him.

He smiled lovingly at his Jubilee. “How am I doing?” he asked, his voice husky. “Can you wait?”

She almost managed a nod, until he added a third finger. Her head fell back hard against the floor and she sucked her bottom lip in a desperate counter to her desires. It was amazing how well he knew her body.

His thumb rubbed her clitoris, the calloused roughness of the motion so purely him. She ached for even more. Mercifully, he didn't keep her waiting much longer. As he worked that bit of arousal more fiercely, some part of her still paying attention to the room heard a rustling and abruptly, his fingers and thumb left her bereft. Her head jerked up, cerulean eyes wide in need and surprise. He was now naked and over her, his gray-eyed gaze locked with hers.

Jubilee whimpered even as her nipples tightened with further arousal. Her clit throbbed in anticipation of his touch. She writhed in frustration as his hands on her stilled. His hard penis came to rest just inside her vaginal lips, barely within her.

Bobby smiled tenderly at his gorgeous love lying in his arms. He planted a kiss against her mouth, amazed how incredible she was. “Do you want me now?” he asked huskily, the rain continuing to beat against the tin roof of the boathouse.

Her sapphire eyes were heavy lidded, thick lashes leaving shadows along her exquisite cheeks. She was breathing heavily now, making her answer more than obvious. Instead of telling him, she decided to keep him on his toes by coming up with an inquiry of her own. “Do you want me?”

Nodding, he brushed wet tendrils of hair from her face. “I… I want you so bad, Jubes,” he groaned, nearly on the edge.

She held his face in her small hands. “I’m yours…” she breathed, smiling when she noted the look of relief on his face.

He thrust forward an inch. They both found themselves groaning at the sensation. She raised her hips to meet him. His hands cupped her breasts, teasing her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. Then she arched her back, pressing her breasts to his firm chest. Her hips rocked to meet each of his thrusts, urging him deeper. He complied more forcefully, until their motions lost any semblance of a rhythm, recklessly slamming into each other.

All Jubilee could concentrate on was his delicious hardness filling her over and over, the chaotic motions lending friction to the center of her pleasure. He was grunting into her neck and ear, adding to the sensations sending her closer and more frantically to the edge. In her limbs and belly, she felt a telltale tension and knew she was close. She could only bite her lip harder and toss her head towards his arms as he propped himself above her. The building tension of this pleasure became too much. Her body trembled and she finally parted her lips in desperate, ragged gasps for air.

“Oh, Bobby…” she moaned in his ear softly. “Yes, Bobby…”

He leaned down and kissed her forehead. “Jubes, I love the way you feel…” he groaned.

His continued thrusts sent wave after wave of pleasure rolling through her. In grateful response, her innermost muscles pulled and squeezed against his erection. He finally slowed, his own body trembling, and his now weak limbs were barely able to hold himself off her body. She wrapped her arms and legs around him and brought his chest to hers, as his sex throbbed and released hotly within her.

Still entwined, they lay a moment; neither was able to catch their breath. He shifted above her, sliding his spent arousal from her warmth. Jubilee gazed up at him with wide, loving sapphire eyes. Bobby felt his heart swell inside in his chest. Tenderly, he planted a slow kiss on her lips. Her mouth welcomed the contact and moved gently in response. Lips still pressed together, their bodies rolled until she lay on top. Needing a deep intake of air, she slowly pulled her lips away and dropped her head contentedly to his chest.

He stroked her hair gently, his fingers smoothing the strands from her forehead, damp with the rain and now, perspiration. “I could stay like this all day,” he told her softly.

“Why don’t we?” she whispered, raising her face to peer up at the handsome man holding her in his strong arms. She couldn’t imagine anyone she would have rather been with at that moment. “You know, forget the rest of the world. I mean, the rain doesn’t seem like it’s going to let up anytime soon.”

Bobby mulled over her words, listening to the rain beat outside of the boathouse. It made sense. There was no reason to wander outside in the torrential downpour. Neither one of them had anywhere to be or had pressing plans to attend to. He also had to admit that the prospect of making love to her again and again was another added bonus.

His gray eyes crinkled at the corners as he smiled at her affectionately. “Sounds like the best idea I’ve heard all day,” he murmured. Then he cupped her lovely face in his hands and leaned in to kiss her deeply.

Several yards away from the boathouse stood a lone figure. The tall, lean frame almost blended in with the trees that surrounded the mansion’s property. The rain plastered his hair and his clothes close to his head and body. It was uncertain as to whether the wetness that streamed down his cheeks was from the steadily falling rain, or from tears he was shedding for something he realized was lost.

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