saga/title/fandom: You and I Got Something

author: Dimitri Aidan

rating/genre: (PG-13 (for now))- Drama/Romance

warnings: slash, adult situations, adult language

summary: (Flash/GL, Batman/Wonder Woman, Superman/Lois Lane. A little Nightwing/OMC and Hawkgirl/GL) As they get ready for Bruce and Diana's wedding, Flash thinks. Getting together isn't easy in their line of work, but somehow he and John managed it; evil robots, best friends, and Yellow Lanterns be damned.

comments/disclaimers: The lack of GL and Flash interaction in JL:U spawned this story. Actually the lack of Flash in general was upsetting. In the comic Raven is an empath. I’m not sure if that applies to ‘Teen Titans’ on Cartoon Network but it doesn’t matter much. She, at some point, used her power to convince Wally that he was in love with her. She had good intentions but…you know that’s a shitty thing to do. And in this story Wally is decidedly fucked up because of it. He just doesn’t know it yet.

Chapter 10

Never Heard By Anyone

Wally had been unconscious. Now he wasn’t anymore. That made sense. You can’t very well be unconscious all the time. Unless you were comatose. Which he wasn’t.

It had actually hurt quite a bit when he’d been unconscious. Pain had laced his body, like a million tiny white hot pokers pressed against his body at once. It ran up and down his spine but it also centered on his hip.

He was lying down and it felt like a twenty ton weight was crushing him. And he kind of knew a thing or two about being crushed. Gravity tended to be his weakness and those he fought were all but too happy to exploit it.


Oh, and pain! Mind numbing, brain cell melting, Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, type pain was resolutely kicking his ass. Badly. As in worse than when he’d been unconscious. His entire body ached in ways he thought could only be achieved by pissing Superman off and that burning in his hip…well; he was kind of wondering if there was actually any skin left there because it might as well have been on fire. Only it couldn’t have been because really bad burns tended to burn pain receptors, right?

He blinked, blurry eyed then, feeling something warm trickle down his nose, crossed his eyes to get a better look at it.

Blood. Never a good sign. Bleeding was bad, it was always always bad. He reached up to touch his head. Or tried to anyway. Hisstoppedmoving almost instantlyand pain danced over his nerves. He grunted and rather unceremoniously slammed his head down, expecting to meet metal and perhaps knock the hell out of himself.

Being unconscious hurt a lot less than this. He’d rather be unconscious.

Instead he met warm squishy…ness. A pillow?

He shuddered as a slimy feeling seemed to permeate his skin.

This was him not thinking about that. Maybe later, in the company of a very good psychiatrist or psychic or empath. Maybe J’onn. Only J’onn was being kind of asshole-like lately. Wally was pretty sure he spent too much time with Bruce and John.

Okay then.

He pushed himself up, trying to force the pain to the back of his mind. It didn’t work. Why had he thought it was going to work? His head was all fogged up and, though he was thinking okay, the world was blurry and swirling and moving around and he pretty sure he was going to be sick.

Only he wasn’t.

But only because the moment he was upright the air started flickering and a hologram of Sinestro popped up. Wally flipped it the bird even though he knew there was no the actual man could see it. Oh well. Didn’t matter anyway. He had more important things to focus on (escape) than Sinestro’s hologram anyway.

There was a static filled noise and then Sinestro’s oh so annoying and smug voice. “Hello there Flash. I didn’t catch your real name amongst all the screaming I’m afraid.”

Wally scowled. What screaming? He didn’t remember any screaming. A lot of cursing and insulting to a point where he’d been implying very foul things about Sinestro’s father and goats but that was beside the point. More or less.

“Really quite rude of me. I’m sure you’re wondering where you are and I’m in a good mood so I’m going to tell you. I tricked Johnny into coming to save me on an asteroid by claiming to be a downed shuttle. Unfortunately for this…illusion to work I had to actually destroy my ship. It was such a nice ship too. Served me well while escaping the Guardians.”

“What a long winded asshole.” Wally muttered.

“You’re on that ship. I decided the lock you up in the living quarters. If you venture outside you’ll die because…well, there’s a rather large leak in the ship and this is the only area with useable air left. Sorry about that. It’s hard to say if you’ll freeze to death or suffocate from lack of air first but either way it should be long and painful.” Sinestro paused as if he was thinking about something. “I had intended to show your body to Johnny and make him watch while I tortured you but he got away so I decided to torture you and then use you as leverage should he manage to track me down. Maybe you’ll get lucky and he’ll come and save you. You have to work with what you have after all.”

Wally snorted. Doubtful. John was more likely to let him suffocate-and/or-freeze before letting himself be manipulated into letting Sinestro go. He was okay with that actually. He didn’t want to be anyone’s leverage anyway.

It was that whole dying that was getting to him. He didn’t really want to die. Sure he was kind of resigned to the fact that he was going to die eventually (sooner rather than later no doubt) but he’d rather if it wasn’t on the threshold of getting what he wanted.

“But I’m happy to know that even if you get away you’ll have something to remember me by. It was fun. If you don‘t die maybe we can do it again.”

The image froze, flickered, and then vanished. Wally wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or not. Sure, he didn’t have to listen to Sinestro’s rambling anymore but now…he had nothing to do but wait for suffocation. And what was this about torture and remembering him?

Sure, Sinestro was unique in that he was a sicker bastard than your usual villain, but the whole knocking him up and locking up somewhere wasn’t terribly original. Maybe they really all did read that book and base their plans on it.

He swung his legs over onto the floor and winced again as pain went tearing through his side. He twisted slightly, biting his lip as he did and frowned. His jeans were still on and he didn’t want to go into how utterly relieved he was about that. Sinestro was just…creepy. And that ‘Johnny’ thing…

How creepy obsessive and mildly gay was that anyway? And not gay in a good way but in a Catholic Priest kind of way. Oh well. That was John’s problem at the moment, not his.

His relief was rather short lived however when he prodded the place the pain was radiating from carefully. It hurt still but it seemed to be dulling some. He pushed down his jeans some, hissing as the fabric rasped against sensitive skin harshly. He blinked at what he found, not sure of what to make of it for a painfully long moment.

Evidently his observation skills had suffered from his multiple blows to the head. Not really unexpected, thought he’d always thought memory was the first to go.

The flesh on his hip was white. And not just his usual shade of ‘look I’m a redhead and I have freckles’ lily white, but an angry impossible shade of white than only came from being burned. He traced the skin with his eyes, trying to process the shape and for a long moment it was just…Skin.

It didn’t mean anything.

Then awareness cracked him over the head with a very large hammer. It was an S. It wasn’t big; roughly the size of a silver dollar, and it didn’t hurt so much as the reddened skin around it hurt.

Wally was going to be sick. It was official. Because he remembered

Sinestro, once again John, standing above him, grinning in a way that just…didn’t belong on that face, and he was unable to move because his head was foggy and the energy bindings on his wrist were searing his skin and it was funny because he’d never thought John’s energy radiated actual heat. The burning wasn’t helping his mind clear up any and he was kind of sinking in and out of consciousness.

“I have to admit I can see why Johnny must like you. You’re spunky, just like everyone he spends his time with.”

Wally really wanted to tell Sinestro to suck his dick, really really wanted to…only he was more than a little bit afraid Sinestro would take it as an invitation. He’d always thought Batman had a lock on the sick and perverted freaks trying to kill him but it seemed that wasn’t the case. Congrats for John for not only finding a pervert, but finding an intergalactic type pervert. That took skill.

It was funny how he could feel his mind starting to whirl out of control as a hundred totally pointless thoughts crashed in on themselves.

Wally never attracted these types on his own. Sure, evil gorillas and guys like ‘Top and ‘Piper (who was sometimes a pervert, but never like this) but this wasn’t his usual thing.

He was still hoping Sinestro would drop the John act. Everything, even his voice, was John. He was trying to focus on the not right eyes but it wasn’t going well. It was hard to focus on two such small points that were really only wrong because Wally didn't feel that same surge when he looked into them.

“This day is going so well and I’d hate to cut our time together short, because you’ve proven to be a lot of fun, but I have things to do.” Jo-Sinestro crouched over him and bent down some. “How about a kiss for the road?”

He just glowered and wished that unconsciousness would hurry up. He’d worry about getting away later on.

A hand clamped down on his hip and for a moment he jerked at the cool hand and then there was pain. And he was screaming because fuck. That was pretty much the only word to describe it. And he saw John’s grinning face and knew it wasn’t John only it was John and was fading now and he really really…

Wanted to be dead right now.

That was a new one.


Wally pulled his hand away from the mark as if burned again then, losing the battle to keep everything on the inside inside, retched. His throat burned and his body burned and he was really about ready to pass out again.

John sat in the back of the cop wagon, considering the past few hours. He’d made it to earth and managed to track Sinestro to Dakota of all places. At first he’d been a little confused: What the hell could Sinestro want in Dakota? Then he had an epiphany type of moment. If Sinestro wanted to ruin his rep it wasn’t Detroit or Coast City you had to go to, because those people were so damn loyal he could wipe out half of the cities and they’d still stand by him. That was just…the Lantern legacy he supposed.

Besides, it wasn’t like he’d care.

But Dakota…well. John kind of had the nerve to be found of the two kids who looked after this place. It was his own fault really. Anyone under that age of twenty was sure to be nothing but a thorn in his side and that’s why he’d never done the ‘sidekick’ or ‘mentor’ thing. But these two, Static and Gear, weren’t exactly Robin or Superboy, they handled their territory all on their own and pretty much…winged it from the start.

You had to respect that.

Or at least you had to respect it until they jumped to conclusions and turned you over to the cops. Then you just wanted to kick the shit out of them. He knew he was being unreasonable and really shouldn’t entertain thoughts of beating two teenagers who’d only been doing what they’d thought was right but still…his pride was kind of wounded.

Yes, his ring had been on empty and he’d been bordering on useless anyway, but getting beaten by a techno geek and a spark plug that weren’t even out of high school yet was not okay. He was never going to live this down.

Wally would be laughing his ass off for months.

Plus, he was loath to admit, the fact that kid had called him a bogus hero may have hurt a little bit. Maybe he should get Wally to beat him up. They were pretty close in age and probably on about the same basic maturity level…wait, no, he couldn’t do that.

It was bad karma in the making.

Did he believe in karma? Something to ponder over later.

Still Sinestro had apperenlty grown a little sense since they'd less met.

He’d have a few hours while waiting for the League to catch the news and come bail his sorry ass out of jail. Assuming the government didn’t take this as the opportunity to wage all out war against them. They’d been looking for an excuse for months and Sinestro may have given it him by proving just how ’dangerous’ they really were.

And even if they hadn’t the anti-’Super-powered freaks’ sentiment was going to get a boost. It was getting so a kid was afraid to be struck by lightening, work with a crazed billionaire, or leave Atlantis these days. He smiled ruefully.

Way to focus on the matter at hand.

The doors opened and he blinked at Sinestro who was standing there smirking, hovering a few feet from the truck. John gave him the finger. Now it was Sinestro who blinked.

“What now? I’m not in the mood for you witty banter.”

Sinestro looked offended that he couldn’t be able to taunt John. Then he shrugged and held out his hand. “I want it.”

“A brain? Sorry, I’m fresh out.”

The alien twitched. “The ring Johnny, I want the ring.”

“Haven’t seen it, but I hear they’re doing a sequel.”

Sinestro glowered. “You know Johnny; you’ve gotten a lot more talkative since the last time we met and a lot more annoying.”

He blamed Wally. …kind of. He was stalling for time and kind of figured the best way was to leave Sinestro bewildered and confused. The best way to do that? Drop his usual deadpan sense of humor and go for the outright nonsensical and annoying. This was to say channel a certain redhead he knew.

“You remind me of someone.” He decided he didn’t like the way Sinestro was smiling. It was too smug considering his usual reaction would be to throw a hissy fit. “Who is it…wait, I remember. A certain pretty redhead you seem quite fond of.”

“Hawkgirl?” He arched an eyebrow. Sure her sense of humor was a bit more pronounced than his own, but not by much.

“No. I believe you call him Flash.”

John twitched. “Flash?”

“Yes. He was very…amusing. While it lasted. I’m afraid I had leave him in order to discuss things with you. But he was your usual; stubborn, cocky, and big-mouthed.” Sinestro was watching him closely. “I didn’t know you liked little boys Johnny.”

“Do I look like Batman to you?” He was angry. …no. Angry didn’t quite touch it. He’d officially hit a whole new level of rage. Rage did different things to different people. In John’s case he went disturbingly numb. He knew he was angry but he didn’t feel it. Was worried about Wally, because Sinestro was a bit of a pervert, but he didn’t feel it.

There was nothing except a cold sort of…void. Military training at it’s best. You didn’t get angry or emotional or let the horror of things distract you from the task that was appointed to you. Your emotions would cloud your judgment so you ignored them unless they were useful. Rage and worry weren’t useful; they were the biggest distractions besides pity.

There was only duty and purpose.

He had always thought it was like controlled insanity. He lost all of those fun higher emotions that came along with humanity and just…worked.

“Did you hurt him?”

“Of course. What else would I do with him? But not to worry Johnny, I’m sure I haven’t done anything you didn’t want to do to him. And I even wore your face.” His smile was mocking and disgusting and John would have liked to bang it into something hard and metallic until he managed to shatter part of Sinestro’s skull.

There were those death fantasies again. Apparently an emotional shut down also suppressed the part of him that considered those bad things. He couldn’t be blamed though, the last thing he needed was for Wally to be even more neurotic. There was a brief spike of rage and then he was cool again.

“He screams nicely.”

“Where is he?”

“Where is the ring?”

Blackmail. John had never been much for games or things of that nature. He smirked and sat back. “Haven’t got it.”

“He’ll die.”

John shrugged as well as he could with his arms chained to the roof of the police wagon. Sinestro didn’t know he’d made a slip. Wally was alive. That meant he’d get the great pleasure of ripping various organs out until Sinestro talked.

Oh, another one.

“It happens.”

Sinestro cracked first. He failed at his own game. That had to hurt. “Where is it Johnny? You couldn’t have put it far, you didn‘t have the time to …The boy. You gave it to Sparky. Honestly Johnny what is it with you and young boys? Not that I‘m complaining.”

He was going to start with whatever passed for a spleen in Sinestro‘s race of people. Those were pretty much useless anyway right? He could live without one.

Sinestro left and he sat there scowling. How in the hell could the cops miss the flying red man with the shit-eating grin floating along side their wagon on the middle of the goddamn highway any fucking way!

No wonder there was a need for a Justice League.


John wondered idly if Sinestro knew he was going to kill him. Probably not. There was that no killing policy Green Lanterns were bound by and everything. But hey, it wasn’t like he was going to tell anyone or anything. Things were going well. Static had given his a ring a charge (the kid was a walking battery. He should have thought of that in the first place.) before rescuing his partner from Sinestro’s bondage happy contraption, which he wasn’t going to go into for the sake of the teens’ sanity, and saved a bunch of people too dumb to run when they saw a billboard about to fall on their heads.

Ah, the wonders of public education.

He had Sinestro all nice and tied up with some handy wires he’d pulled up from the street and was now staring at the alien.

(Maybe not the spleen. Maybe the fingernails. That would be fun.)

Static had wandered off to do Christ only knew what and Gear was hovering nearby and trying to rub the feelings back into his shoulders by the look of things. He wondered how long Sinestro had him trapped in that thing that was most likely from one of his weird masturbatory fantasy.

Decided he didn’t want to know. Also decided he didn’t want to think about Sinestro and ‘Masturbatory’ in the same statement ever again.

(He wondered if it was actually possible to hang a living person by their innards. He really needed to get a hobby. This was starting to get disturbing.)

He reached out and smacked Sinestro who jerked to awareness then glared. He smirked.

“Don’t suppose you want to tell me where Flash is.”

“And here I thought you didn’t care about your little boyfriend Johnny.” Sinestro drew out that infuriating nickname in his usual fashion. “What do I get if I tell you?”

He blinked mildly then glanced over his shoulder at Gear who was watching them with thinly veiled interest. Traumatizing children was wrong. Oh well.

“If you tell me I promise to not pull out your insides, hang you with them, and find out if you choke to death or bleed out first. After I pull out your fingernails and find out if there‘s any truth to that rumor about hundreds of small shallow cuts hurting more than a few really deep ones.”

Sinestro’s eyes went wide and he smiled in a manner that was most likely unpleasant. He was afriad of him. That was always encouraging.Then the alien swallowed and straightened up as much as he could while wrapped up in a couple tones of underground wire.

“You wouldn’t dare. I know the rules.”

“Funny how you never thought to follow them.” He said mildly. “I’m going to try to make this as monosyllabic as possible for you: You touched what is mine, even if he seems to be having some serious issues with that idea but that’s really nothing for you to be concerned about. The sentiment is the same. If he isn’t okay I’m going to be very unhappy. Possibly even descend into temporary insanity and no longer be able to control my own actions.”

“I…I don’t believe you.”

“That’s fine. Beating up informants is fun.”

He was going to be under psyche watch for Months after this one.

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