saga/title/fandom: Two Pair: a brief introduction (X-Men)

author: L.M. Griffin

rating/genre: (PG-13) - Romance/Drama

warnings: het,language, violence

summary: Through sick or sin, Gambit and Jubilee will be there for each other. (Gambit/Jubilee)

comments/disclaimers: Standard disclaimers apply.

A Brief Introduction

Okay, there are a few basic things I think you, the reader, deserve to know about this fic before I go into the usual rules of copyright, yadda yadda yadda. I think this will save YOU time, and save ME time from any confusing emails, flames, etc..

The Points:

1. This is a story about Jubilee and Gambit. Yes, the other X-People have important parts (like Wolverine and Storm), but they are not the focus of the story. Jubilee. Gambit. You don't like it, please feel free to read something else.

2. This story is, by the request of my fellow roommates, anti-Rogue. You see, there is a belief in this dorm room that Rogue committed one heckva crime back in Issue #350, and it just hasn't gotten better. To anyone else who feels this way, you will love this fic. If you are a huge raving Rogue fan who thinks that's not nice, sorry. It's just the way I write.

3. I'm putting Gambit at about 7 years older then Jubilee. Meaning when she's 13 and a half, he's 21 and a half. So on, and so on.

4. If you're looking for a rating, PG-13. Some naughty language that little kids should not repeat. Ever.

5. This story 'tweaks' continuity. It's not so much an's more like a What-If?

I think that covers all the important points, so let me get on to other things. Such as...Gambit, Jubilee, and all the Marvel characters belong to, yes, you guessed it...MARVEL! I have only borrowed them for a bit. They were all returned with little or no harm. Except Rogue. But I explained that earlier.

Special thanks and dedication goes to;

Tina Hartman, my roomie, my friend, and my editor-in-chief, and who spent the other half of her time pointing her finger at me and screaming "Write More!". That's motivation, people. She never yelled when I stayed up past my bedtime to type to the wee hours of the morning, and calmly thwacked me when the plot bunnies started putting too many weird ideas in my head. She also HTMLED this fic, so I owe her big thankee's. THANKEE!

Renee Markowicz, my OTHER roomie, my friend, and the girl who encouraged all the good plot bunnies to come and migrate. She also looked after Gambit-chibi, Jubilee-chibi, and Logan-chibi when I was not home. Plus, she taught me that a little angst can go a long way. Yet again, THANKEE!

Jess Filipek, my other OTHER roomie, who endured me dragging her away from her studies to read the latest part of my fanfic-frenzy. Also, she gave me many hugs, and kept Tina and Renee from killing me. For this, I give her a big ole THANKEE!

I'd also like to give my thanks to Dyce, (Go Read Dyce! But after you finish this!) who's Jubilee fanfiction gave me the perspective of the Jubilee I wanted to portray. Plus the writers of Thick As Thieves (excellent Bobby Drake/Remy LeBeau fic. I highly recommend..), for their insights on the Ragin Cajun.

All email comments can be sent to I accept flames, but only so politely.

Timeline Thing:

Chapter One happens right around the time Logan left the team for a little while. A good hunk of time before the Phalanx arc.

Interlude One occurs shortly after Gambit returns to the civilized world after the events of X-MEN #350, and Gambit 1/2, and after Operation, Zero Tolerance.

Chapter 2, parts 1 and 2, happen shortly after X-Men, issue #361.

Interlude Two happens during the Age Of Apocalypse arc, where Wolverine is Death.

The rest of the story works on a What-If basis entirely.

Okay, that does it. Go read the story! Go, go! Jubilee gets all antsy when you make her wait!

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