saga/title/fandom: Don't Wake Up chapter six

author: Chriscent

rating/genre: (adult) - romance

warnings: slash, language, heated sexual content

summary: X comes home to Los Angeles to square things with a friend.

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Chapter Six

Matt smiled, licking his lips, obviously thinking of the new taste, “It is rather interesting.”

Xander kissed him briefly again, “Thanks, Matt.”

This time when Xander lowered his head he didn’t hesitate at all. Matt sighed softly as his hard shaft was carefully lifted from where it rested against his stomach, long fingers enclosing him. The silky-smooth skin slid on the inner shaft and he toyed with it, completely forgetting in his engrossed scrutiny that he was being watched.

Xander watched a bead of clear fluid appear at the tiny slit as he worked his hand on Matt’s cock. He felt strange, as if time had stilled for just this experience to happen. He watched his other hand reach forward, one finger gently rubbing the droplet into the distinctively rough skin. Before his realized his intent he had lowered his head and was running his tongue over the sticky residue, wanting to taste his friend’s flavor.

Matt breathed in a wavering sigh at the first hot-wet touch. He gradually sat back again, leaning on his elbows, his hand rubbing the velvet of X’s head briefly once before he lost the opportunity.

It occurred to Xander then that he should be bothered to have his friend watching him go down on him, but he pushed the thought away before it was fully formed. There were more interesting things in hand to concentrate on.

The salty tang of his partner’s fluid filled his mouth now and he continued, exploring the unique skin with his tongue. The satiny skin allowed his hand to glide the entire length as if it were lubed. He toyed with rubbing and stroking the man, listening to his response of sighs and moans. How interesting.

Mindful of his teeth X carefully brought the head of Matt’s dick into his mind, his tongue playing over the unusual intrusion. Matt groaned low in his chest, hips shifting beneath X, forcing his cock deeper. Xander allowed the penetration, flicking his tongue along the sensitive underside, marveling in the smooth skin, so different from the cobbled skin of the crimson head.

Matt relaxing back onto the bed caused him to withdraw slightly, forming a suction that Xander quickly increased. Matt groaned at the sudden tightening and shifted again, unthinkingly ramming his dick into X.

“Ah, shit! I’m sorry.”

Xander slowly lifted his head, blinking away the tears that had formed instantly when his throat had filled so suddenly, triggering his gag reflex. He swallowed the feeling away, smiling slightly. “It’s okay. I just didn’t realize I was gonna have to hold ya down.”

Matt grinned, “I’m sorry.”

Xander shook his head, still smiling as he dropped his head again to his objective. He purposefully put his hands on Matt’s hips, causing him to jerk in reaction. Xander smiled and stroked the sensitive soft skin in the hollows of the man’s hips. He saw goose bumps form at the delicate touch. How interesting, Xander thought, so many strange things I’m learning today...

Xander gripped Matt’s erection at the base, lifting it so that he could slide his mouth onto him. Matt made a sound that was neither a sigh nor a moan, and then gasped and tensed. Xander smiled as he slowly raised his head, his teeth gently dragging on the slick skin.

“Shit, X! Stop!”

Xander released him, still smiling. He didn’t bother looking up at Matt’s face. “Just wanted to remind ya not to try to kill me.”

Matt groaned, shifting as if he were suddenly uncomfortable. When he spoke is voice was gruffer, “See? I want you to be you.”

Xander chuckled, breathing air across the dampness on his friend’s dick and his own hand. Without grazing his teeth this time, he slid his mouth down again. Bobbing his head slowly in time with the muted grunts coming from above him he tried to take the head deeper with each penetration. After nearly choking himself several times, tears forming in his eyes from the repeated blockage of his windpipe, he slowed. Matt heaved a sigh as if he were relieved by the relenting torture.

X began exploring with one of his hands, still using the other to ensure there would be no sudden thrusts to end his life. Matt groaned and shifted against the sudden pressure on the mostly neglected skin just below his balls. Xander’s thumb circled, rubbing at the soft spot, then he licked down the man’s length. Matt gave a ragged groan at the first touch of X’s mouth on his balls. Now that the threat of being impaled was no longer an issue Xander used his free hand to stroke the man’s rigid cock.

It took all of two second of X’s drooling mouth suckling at his Matt’s sac for his arms to give out. He dropped back onto the bed and lifted his hips to the pressure of X’s mouth. Xander chuckled at his victory, causing Matt to groan at the vibration of sound through his sensitive nuts. Xander licked his way up and down Matt’s cock several times, purposely allowing his saliva to run down the man’s groin.

Matt shifted continuously against the massage of X’s thumb, which was now slick from the warm flow of fluid. Matt obediently widened his legs when X moved his arm to between his friend’s legs. He grunted at the first touch of X’s knuckle against his spit slickened anus. The sound was lost among the soft purring moans that were coming in time with Xander stroking his cock. He was soon grunting softly and squirming his hips against the invasive touch of X’s finger at his tight hole.

Xander raised his head to look at his friend. He couldn’t see his face. Matt had tilted his head back as if he wanted to ensure he wouldn’t see X between his legs even if he did open his eyes.

“Matt, are you sure?” Xander asked softly.

Matt groaned, the sound growing as if he were frustrated. “No.” He took a deep breath, his hips shifting, the tight muscle of his anus flexing against X’s finger. “But do it.”

“Matt?” Xander frowned at the underside of the man’s jaw.

“Just do it, X!” Matt growled. His head turned to where Xander could see that he had his eyes squeezed shut. “No, I don’t want to, but it’s you, and I want to do it.”

Xander nodded as he thought of his friend’s uncertainty. “Okay, Matt. Just tell me to stop, okay?”

Matt grunted in answer, then groaned and tensed before him as Xander rubbed at the tight hole again. Xander lowered his head, hovering above Matt’s groin as he allowed spit to run from is mouth into his hand. He gently rubbed at Matt’s ass, stroking the tense muscle. Moving he took the head of Matt’s cock into his mouth and began sucking and licking at him, moments later he pressed his finger deeper.

Matt obviously didn’t know how to react. He groaned and lifted his hips to X’s hot mouth, which caused him to press onto the penetrating finger. He grunted, lifting and lowering his ass as if he were trapped in the small space between Xs’ mouth and hand.

With amazing little pressure Xander had passed through the unyielding ring of muscle. Matt gulped in air at the new sensation, his fists flexing in the blanket, his head turning from side to side repeatedly. Xander didn’t push in further. He rose up slightly to lick and kiss Matt’s taut stomach.

Matt sighed, his body slowly relaxing to the invasion. He brought both of his hands down to rub the roughness of X’s scalp.


Matt continued to slowly toy with the texture of X’s hair. “Mm-hm.”

Xander pressed deeper, surprised that the ‘ring’ of muscle truly was just that. Sliding carefully deeper he could feel the walls of the man’s hot tunnel squeezing at his fingers, accompanied by low groans that almost sounded like he was in pain. But there was no further resistance, just slick hot walls.

Xander pulled slowly free of Matt’s flexing muscles. He reached for the lotion, not wanting to hurt him any more that necessary.

The coolness of the lotion against the heat of his sensitive skin caused Matt to gasp. Xander took advantage of the distraction and pressed into him again, with two fingers this time. Matt went rigid, his body flexing beneath and around X. It took only seconds this time for Matt’s body to relax to the intrusion and X immediately pushed deeper, stroking his fingers into the receptive hole.

Matt writhed. “Aaaaaaagghh.”

Xander knew a little of men’s anatomy. He had once read several articles on homosexual sex. At the time he had just thought he was reading them out of some sort of sick fascination. But had he? He knew men could actually reach orgasm through anal sex. The prostate gland was located in the front wall of a man’s rectum. Stimulating the sensitive gland could supposively bring a man to climax without ever touching his cock. Xander didn’t know how much of that he believed. The one article had gone on to say that there was more to the act of anal sex than just getting off. It referred to penetration being a form of bonding, of showing intimacy between partners, and even as an act of possession or submission. Xander had scorned the idea of men showing ‘intimacy’ through invading each other’s bodies.

His views of the purpose and reasons for the acts of sex between men were not surprisingly changing.

Xander stroked his fingers purposefully against the assumed location of Matt’s prostate. He could hear the change in the sounds coming from his partner, his groans becoming deeper and less controlled. A sheen of sweat covered his skin as his taut body seemed to be struggling to keep from moving against the penetrating fingers. His breathing was coming in pants, his knuckles showing white as he clenched his hands into the comforter. And his cock was blatantly trembling, the veins standing out boldly.

Xander enjoyed just watching Matt. In the midst of his passion he was more attractive than X could have imagined. A bonding experience, huh? Yeah, you better trust the guy that was shoving something up your ass, Xander thought crudely with a brief smile.

“Mmmmm. X, what the hell are you doing to me?” Matt managed to whisper.

Xander leaned down again, his breath fanning the man’s straining cock. “I dunno.” His mouth closed over the head of Matt’s dick as he shoved his fingers roughly into him, deeper than before.

“Aaaaahhh, fuck!” Matt gasped, his body straining beneath X. “I’m—“ His words were cut off by a hoarse cry as Xander sucked his cock deeply into his mouth. Xander didn’t need to hear the words anyway. Matt’s body jerked violently against him, nearly ramming his erupting cock down his throat. His muscles clamped onto X’s buried digits, stopping any further movement, except exiting. Xander slowly slid his hand from Matt as he swallowed the thick salty flood in his mouth. When his fingers slipped free Matt gasped and thrust upward again. Xander started coughing at the feeling of being choked and raised up. He could feel the cum running from his mouth as he tried to keep from gagging.

Matt was quickly sitting up, “Shit, X, I—“ He stilled, staring at Xander.

Xander would have laughed at his friend’s expression if he could’ve. He could imagine how he looked, cum running from his lips down his chin, tears running down his face from the gagging. Matt looked at him as if he were scared X might start yelling at him.

Matt slowly sat up the rest of the way, his eyes riveted on X. “Are you okay?” he asked, still looking both wary and concerned.

Xander smiled as he raised his clean hand to wipe his chin, licking the rest of the salty fluid from his lips. “Yeah, I think.”

Matt’s hand touched his face, one sliding around the back to rub the rough stubble, his other thumb brushing softly across X’s full bottom lip. “Why are you crying?” he asked as he gently wiped the tears away.

Xander couldn’t speak at first. Feeling his hands touching him so gently was new and strange, and wonderful. He hesitantly pressed his cheek into the Matt’s open palm, closing his eyes for a brief second. Then he looked up and smiled, “Cuz I like to breath.”

With a wide smile Matt leaned forward and kissed him. He groaned softly after his tongue had swept into X’s mouth. Xander knew his friend could taste himself, and smiled against his mouth. Now that is bonding, he thought.

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