saga/title/fandom: A Request (X-Men)

author: Candylyn

rating/genre: (PG) - romance, angst

warnings: death, graphic hospital stuff, underage kiss

summary: Jubilee makes a request of Wolverine on Christmas morning.

comments/disclaimers: I don't own the X-Men. This a short fic. I already know Marvel will never fulfill my greatest wish and put Logan and Jubilation together,*sigh,sob,cry,pout,throw my cat*, so I was thinking.....uh, oh....

Med Lab, 4a.m., Christmas Morning

The room was the darkest he'd ever seen it. There was only one light directly over her bed, giving his Angel a heavenly glow... any moment now, he feared, she would have this glow forever.

Five ribs, both legs, and her right arm, broken.
One lung completely, removed.
Both kidneys, removed.
Her stomach and four feet of intestines, gone.
Amazingly, only her face and head were not injuried.

Hank did his best to repair the damage Sabertooth did to her. The injuries a promise fulfilled, from a promise made years ago, right before Logan shoved a claw through the bastard's head. Looking back, he wished he'd gone on and did more damage.

He watched the monitors, not really sure what he was looking at, only knowing that as long as everything blinked and beeped with a rhythm, she was still alive. I.V.s hung off her like the lightstrings on the tree downstairs. Ironically, the bed she was laying in was the one Magik laid in the night she died. Bad omen.

He got out of his seat, realizing he'd wasted enough time away from her. All the stupid disappearing acts, all his avoiding her so that she could 'grow up' free of his bad influence...time wasted.

He laid next to her, carefully moving the wires and I.V.s so not to disrupt their function. She was the most beautiful thing in the world. He smiled when he looked at her face, ignoring the bandages and things she just looked to be asleep.

He stroked her face, same as he'd done so many times when he would quietly visit her room at night. Never to awaken her only to watch his angel sleep. He liked to watch her sleep, he had found a peace in it. Now she was about to sleep forever. Gently, he hugged her head; tears he'd fought all day gushed out like rushing waters from a broken dam. She moved ever so slightly.


"Don't Darlin', rest."

"No, no me this..."

"Anything, Darlin'."

"Kiss me?"

"Jubilation, I.."


He looked at her, he knew full well the type of kiss she wanted. The only type of kiss a sixteen year old girl wanted from the object of a three year old crush. At first he decided not too, but when she opened her eyes he had too. He lowered his head at a slight angle and allowed his lips to meet hers.

Their tongues slowly danced and for the first time ever Logan felt peace inside himself. Not the temporary peace of meditation or some other outside thing, but true peace. The peace he'd searched for all his remembered life. She pressed her lips closer to his. Their tears mixed then...


She was gone.

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