saga/title/fandom: Change in Perception: Batman


rating/genre:(NC-17) - Romance

warnings: language, heated slash sex

summary: Superman/Batman/Flash pwp, Justice League (nuff said)

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Change of Perception II: Batman

Batman sits, watching Flash on the monitors. He's been doing this for a couple of hours now; Flash moves too fast to really see most of the time, but sometimes he stops and prances around in front of a well-situated camera. Batman knows that the Flash knows he's watching. The thought never stops sending shivers of thrill down his body. This never ending loop of feedback. Hiding in plain sight.

He hears the door beep and covers his lap with the edge of his cape just in time. Superman reports to the Tower. He stands behind Batman and watches too. Batman is acutely aware of his crotch, but his face betrays nothing.

He wonders what Superman thinks about the Flash. If he notices all the Big Guy subtle hints, as subtle as Wally can be. If he notices the glances. If he's aware of it when he himself is staring sometimes, at Batman or Flash.

Superman starts talking, his soft heart showing, as always, when he talks about the League. How much he feels at home. Batman wonders if he's trying to get at something. Then, out of the blue, Superman asks if he feels like they're both parent figures to Wally.

No. Batman can't believe how oblivious Superman is to his own feelings. How off the mark he can be at times. How can he mistake caring for parental feelings.

He wonders if maybe Superman was never cared for in any other way. The thought is almost sad. Maybe Superman can't tell the difference. But Batman knows how he feels about Wally, and there's nothing paternal about it.

He says so, eventually. Challenges Superman to rethink his choice of words. Superman accepts, backtracks, and expresses worry and affection towards Wally. To that Batman agrees.

He can see the exact moment when Superman finds the right reference and categorises it.

"You... and Flash?"

Batman grins inwardly at the innocence still visible in this superhero's features, and nods in affirmation. Superman seems awkward, perhaps embarrassed.

The phone rings. Batman picks it up immediately. He's been expecting this call.

"So do you like to watch, Bruce?" The voice is low, sensual. Wally.

Batman needs Superman out of the room, now.

"It's personal. Not League business."

Superman nods in understanding and leaves.

"I know you were watching me." Again, Batman can feel his cock jumping to attention at the mere mention of the idea. "I know you always watch me." His breath hitches.

"Want me to play out a little scene for you?"

Batman pushes the cape aside impatiently and rests his hand on the bulge in his tights.

"Want me to stand in the corner for you, Bats? Wait for you?"

A long moment passes. Batman sees Wally standing there, facing the wall, hands behind his back. He sees the muscles tense and flex under the red suit. He sees every curve of Flash's ass.

Eventually he whispers, "I see."

Another moment passes and then Wally turns around and winks at the camera.

"Let's try something else, okay?"

Batman nods. He doesn't care that Wally can't see it. He doesn't care that Wally can't stay in place for more than two minutes unless restrained.

"Want me in another position, maybe? Huh, Batman?"

Batman almost whimpers when the red blur stops and Wally's kneeling on the bed with his knees wide apart.

"Talk to me, Bruce. Tell me what you want."

Batman isn't sure he can control his voice. He also doesn't want to choose. He'll let Wally call the shots. For now.

"Do you want me on my stomach? On the bed? With my hands... wait a second...." Flash is already face down on the covers, his hips thrusting forward, humping the bed. Then he rearranges himself. "With my hands crossed behind my back, like this?"

Hands. Behind his back. Crossed right over the small of his back, fingers splayed on his ass. Batman concentrates on regulating his breathing.

"If you come here when I'm like this, Batman, I'll submit to anything you want. You know that, don't you." Wally's voice is seductive. Batman's hand is on his cock under the pants, grasping in a tight circle of fingers.

"Are you gonna make me wait, Batman? Gonna make me suffer?" Wally's voice drops even lower.

That does it. Batman can't take it. And he has no reason to.

He slams the receiver down and jumps from his chair, adjusting himself and almost running out of the room. Turning in the hallway he runs straight into Superman's chest.

A moment passes and Batman calculates all the pros and cons, everything Wally told him, everything he himself knows about Superman, all the possible scenarios. He reaches a decision.

"You can join me. If you want."

Superman gapes.

Batman walks around him and heads down the corridor. He doesn't turn around to see if Superman follows.

On the way over to Wally's room, Batman wonders how to approach the situation, diffuse any tension that might occur from not asking Wally first, make Clark feel more comfortable.

"Batman, is that you?" Wally's voice is so young from within the room.

Superman looks at him uncertainly. Batman says quietly, "Superman is here with me." Gives Wally a chance to say yes or no or state whatever he wants before events reach a more potentially explosive level of intimacy.

After a moment's silence, they are admitted entrance. Flash unlocks the door but doesn't open it, waiting for them to push through. When they do, all worries Bruce might've had about consent are out the window.

Wally is showing off. It's his Come Fuck Me smile and his rentboy pose. Batman isn't waiting for Superman, he just goes with the siren call of Wally's body, caressing his long leg from hip to foot.

"Come and join us, big guy." Wally's using his inviting tone, the smile that puts people's mind at ease. Superman joins them on the bed. He looks awkward and timid. He looks like Clark. In fact, he looks like Clark on those occasions when Lois calls him Smallville to his face.

Wally laughs at that, or at the whole situation, Batman doesn't know, but he rests his hand on Wally's cock and like pushing a button, the laughter stops. Batman starts petting. Concentrates on small, precise pets. Superman's hand echoes his own movement, petting Wally's head. Those tiny, rhythmical movements almost calm Wally down. Take out some of the speed, ground him. Set a more controlled mood. The calming effect is not lost on Batman, either, and he indulges in it.

Superman leans in slowly and kisses Wally on the lips. Their kiss deepens but Batman wants to show Superman all the things he can do with Flash. Wants to boast. In an understated way.

He pulls Superman back, away from Wally. Time to take another step, show Superman the ropes. Not the ropes... just how it's done. The ropes can come in later.

"Strip for us, Flash." Batman grins, daring Wally. "But do it slowly."

Flash takes off his headgear, twinkling green eyes sparkle at Batman. His hair is all mussed. Batman watches intensely. He loves this part. The skin exposed inch by inch, beautiful and tempting, and he always tries to wait as long as possible before touching Flash. Flash knows that, and tries to imitate a striptease. Touches himself just a bit, just hinting. Removes his shirt.

Sits on the bed and wants Batman to -

Almost reverently, definitely excited, he kneels and takes off Wally's boot. Then the other. He caresses as the bare skin is gradually revealed.

Now Wally's almost naked, only his tights are on and the head of his cock is peeking from the waistband, calling to Batman. Batman licks his lips. This battle's unfair, but it fascinates him just the same.

Flash fingers the edge of his tights and smirks.

Batman matches his smirk.

Flash holds on.

Batman's tense expression doesn't change.

Flash is on the bed, tights thrown carelessly on the floor and hand stroking his cock.

Batman has won this round. Not that it matters. Except it does. He returns to the bed and holds Wally's hand away. Grins at him and bends to take Wally in his mouth, suck at the plump head of his cock, lick around and then suck again, revelling in the taste but careful to calculate the speed and the strength of his suction.

Wally screams.

Batman holds his cape around him, looks up and tells Superman in a quiet voice -

"Hold him down."

He takes Wally's cock again. He can feel when Wally's being restrained, when Superman has Wally's arms pinned, his weight keeping Wally from thrashing too much. That's when Batman makes his own move, stops suckling on the cock in his mouth and directs his attention lower, sliding down long muscular legs to lick at Wally's toes.

Superman stares at him, and then whimpers.

Batman is hard and pleasantly aching under his tights. He hasn't even taken off the belt yet. He invests himself in driving Wally crazy with lust. He's setting a goal to himself, to outlast them both. And he sucks more of Wally's foot into his mouth and runs his tongue between the toes, just to hear the sounds Wally is making.

Superman has moved closer, he can feel it. He glances to see the alien hovering over Wally's naked cock. It's a beautiful, one can almost say *powerful* picture.

"Batman," Wally explains, moaning, "has a little fetish with my feet." He then suggests Superman will free his hands and that they suck each other. Batman moans at the thought, muffling it with the toe in his mouth. Superman makes all kinds of interesting noises. Batman has to look up and see what's causing them.

He's just in time to see Superman taking Wally's cock in his mouth. Batman winks at him, assuming it would put the newer part of their menage a trois at ease. That, and Wally's lips around his cock.

He can see Superman thrusting down into Wally's mouth and winces a little because he remembers how good it feels to have Wally's lips stretched around his cock, and he also remembers how good it feels when someone just *fucks* your mouth. And then he has to squeeze his own cock and take a deep breath because he can *hear* the slap of hand on flesh, and then another and another, and Superman moans and deep throats Wally. He likes to be spanked, Batman contemplates. This information should be applied later.

In the meantime Wally's toes curl in his mouth the way they do when he's coming, and that assumption is confirmed when Superman lifts his head, almost amazed, and Wally's come covers his lips. His mouth opens in a shocked o for a moment and then he's whining and spasming and Batman assumes Wally's taking it seriously now, because it doesn't take half a minute to get Superman off. Batman kisses Wally's toes in appreciation.

Superman blinks at Batman, like he's trying to figure out the next step. Batman looks back at him and doesn't make a move. It's up to Flash now.

And as expected, Flash, always perky and reinvigorated after sex, is up for the challenge. He has "an idea". Where Batman likes controlled and carefully planned, Flash likes spontaneous and inventive, and when he gets 'ideas', it usually implies a lot of pleasure in the near future.

Flash wants Batman in Superman's lap. Batman hides a grin and does it. As presumed, it's worth it. Flash settles on his lap and uses his powers for *good*.

So good. So very good.

Batman realises once again that he's only human, pressed between these two ultra-fast creatures who vibrate and make him feel this intense pleasure. Superman's cock against his ass and Wally pressing against his crotch, low pleasant buzzing that makes the *bed* rock. He throws his head back and moans when Wally runs fingers over his chest.

And then that hand flutters on his cock, strokes while shuddering, once, twice, and Batman's throat closes when he comes hot and wet on Wally's hand.

A moment of quiet, of afterglow, of the three of them savouring the feel. Or maybe just Batman savouring the feel, Superman beating himself with guilt or shame or whatever he's doing there with that nervous look, and Flash, well. Flash probably just wants to get up already.

And he does. Beautiful skin, sweat cooling off, glistening in the half darkness of the room. Batman feels the sweat under his own cowl.

"We need to wash and get some sleep," Wally says. "And cuddle."

Batman agrees with that assessment.

"And we need to get a larger bed in here, big guy. One that would fit in three."

Batman nods, grinning to himself. This was obviously not a one time deal in Wally's mind. Good.

Superman embraces him, squeezing his body close in a display of emotion. Batman glares, but his heart isn't in it.

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