saga/title/fandom: Don't Wake Up chapter three

author: Chriscent

rating/genre: (adult) - romance

warnings: slash, language, heated sexual content

summary: X comes home to Los Angeles to square things with a friend.

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Chapter Three

Xander raised his head to see the shocked look on Matt’s face. Xander realized, unexpectedly, that he wasn’t bothered at all. At this point he didn’t care if his grandmother and his third-grade teacher walked in to find him going down on his best friend. The ball had started rolling after almost a decade of hiding how he felt. Some snot-nosed little punk barging in carried little weight.

He turned to see two snot-nosed little punks standing just inside the doorway staring at them. He realized he was still holding onto Matt and didn’t really care to let go.

“Beat it!” he growled, his voice carrying across the heavy silence of the room. It took all of one heartbeat for the little freaks to stop gaping and to turn tail and flee.

“Shit, X.”

Xander turned back to Matt’s wide eyes. He smiled when he thought of how those kids had just seen the two biggest names in extreme sports making out. Wonder how traumatized they are, he mused.

Focusing on Matt again he shrugged, “They ain’t nothing.”

Matt shook his head and took a step back. Xander frowned, was he backing out now?

Matt finally smiled his crooked grin and Xander relaxed a bit. “I don’t give a shit about them,” Matt said, dismissing the kids. “Let’s go upstairs. I really don’t want anyone else barging in.”

Xander grinned, and then chuckled. He shook his head, following Matt to the locked door at the back of the room that lead up to the house above. He never would’ve guessed that Matt would be receptive to his advances, much less eager. It was amazing. He kept thinking he was going to wake up sweating in his bed, alone.

They walked through the nearly bare, but obviously expensive house and up another set of steps to the master bedroom. When Matt’s wife had moved out she had taken most of the furnishings and décor with her, Matt hadn’t bothered to replace them.

There was only the large king-size bed in the room. The only light was coming from a closet at the far side of the room. Matt crossed to the closet and opened the door the rest of the way, then opened the door next to it and flipped on the lights to the bathroom within before returning to stand before Xander.

“You still okay with this?” Matt asked softly.

Xander shook his head at the irony. “You have no idea.”

Matt smiled, his teeth flashing white in the shadows of his face. “Where were we?”

Xander stepped forward, watching Matt’s eyes drop to the light playing across his chest. Xander heard him swallow in the hushed silence of the room. He smiled, “I don’t know. Where were we?” he rumbled softly.

Matt met his eyes with a slow smile. “Sit down,” he ordered, motioning to the bed.

Xander obeyed. The bed was so high that his feet didn’t touch the floor once he was seated on the firm mattress. Matt crouched and removed his shoes, then knelt before Xander and removed his boots as well.

Xander frowned as he watched Matt kneel before him. How interesting. Then he was lifting his head to see Matt’s face as he stood before him.

“Have you ever done...this?” Matt asked, his gesture taking in both of them and the bed.

Xander shook his head, and then raised his brows in a silent question.

Matt smiled with only one corner of his mouth and shook his head as he stared down at him. “No. I’ve never wanted to before.”

Xander nodded, not needing any further explanation. What was between them was unique, and didn’t mean they saw all men in the same way.

Matt’s eyes were roaming X’s hard chest, which seemed to glow in the light shining on him. “You’re incredible,” Matt whispered.

Xander quirked a small smile. “Matt, I don’t need you to...”

Matt’s hands on his shoulders urged him to lie back on the soft blanket. Then he was climbing onto the bed, stretching out beside him, his fingertips trailing up X’s flat stomach. Matt looked from where his fingers stroked X’s skin to X’s face. “Yeah, ya do.”

Xander snorted softly. He reached up to pull the man closer. Matt didn’t need much urging. His mouth met his, his hand pressed to the center of Xander’s chest as he moved slightly to find a balanced position over him. Then his hand was gliding to tease the hard nubs of his nipples.

Xander pressed his lips harder to Matt’s, his tongue meeting and stoking his. His free hand rubbed across Matt’s shoulder, over his side, to find and roll his nipple gently.

Matt groaned and pulled away. He dropped his head to Xander’s chest, tonguing his nipple and suckling at it. Xander actually gasped. The rasp of Matt’s bristled chin against his sensitive skin was an entirely new feeling. He gripped Matt’s head and urged him to continue, sighing when he did.

Xander was losing himself in the feel of Matt’s hot mouth exploring his chest. His nipples ached from the abrasive whisker rubs and the not-so-gentle sucking. He was in mid groan when Matt’s warm hand stroked down to the edge of his waistband. He jerked in response, his breath catching in his throat.

Matt’s head lifted to look down at him. “Are you okay?”

Xander’s eyes closed and opened slowly as he looked up at his friend. He swallowed hard, his nervousness suddenly growing, though he nodded slightly.

Matt continued to look down at him for a long moment. His lips thinned slightly and he nodded his head too. It amused Xander slightly that they were both so nervous, yet unwilling to stop.

He met Matt’s lips as they came toward him, his hand cupping the man’s head to keep him there. They kissed for long minutes, neither asking for more. When Matt’s hand settled again at the skin below his bellybutton he reflexively jerked again. His breath sucked in, literally pulling air in from Matt’s mouth.

Matt didn’t remove his hand this time. He pressed his closed lips against X’s fuller lips and waited. Xander pulled in a deep breath, loving the man above him even more for understanding, for being patient. Finally he nodded, just enough for his lips to brush back and forth against Matt’s.

Still Matt’s hand didn’t move. He resumed the earlier heated kisses, seeming to want them both breathless for this next step. Slowly and carefully he finally moved his hand. X’s muscles jerked in response again, but it went unheeded as Matt slid his hand down to cup Xander’s throbbing erection through the denim of his jeans.

Xander groaned into Matt’s mouth at the pressure of the hand on his cock. His hips shifted of their on volition, increasing the pressure and causing the slightest bit of friction. Xander groaned again.

Matt smiled against his lips. The stumbling block had been removed, the hurdle had been taken. He rubbed him through the material, sliding his palm down his length to cup at the softer shape of his balls. Xander growled low in his chest and reached up to pull the grinning face above him down to his. His tongue forced its way in, flicking and stroking at the heat of Matt’s tongue. Xander partially freed the hand that Matt had trapped beneath him, enough to stroke his friend’s back, his other hand lying uselessly at his side.

Matt’s fingers were making out the shape of X’s erection through the thick cloth. Xander couldn’t keep his hips from thrusting into the man’s hand, which made Matt chuckle into his mouth.

Xander was squirming and grunting, and ready to beg for more, before Matt finally began working on releasing him from the constraints of his jeans. He reached down to help the slow process and got another chuckle for his over-eager actions. He didn’t care. He needed this. He’d needed it for years.

When the reluctant zipper gave way Matt raised his head to look at what had been released. Xander growled softly as he felt the first brushing touch against the hardness of his shaft. He closed his eyes, unable to watch the wide-eyed look on Matt’s face as he watched himself touch him.

Matt slowly wrapped his fingers around him, squeezing his thickness, and Xander found himself almost purring at the touch. Matt’s mouth touched down in the center of X’s chest, licking at the hollow of his breastbone. Then he was licking his way down, stopping to trace the tongues of flames tattooed on his stomach with the tip of his own tongue. Xander groaned and shifted, the slow stroking of his hard cock was driving him nearly mindless. The wet heat of Matt’s mouth caused his muscles to bunch and flex beneath his touch.

The flick of Matt’s tongue into the tiny indent of his navel caused him to smile. As he felt the fan of warm breath against the head of his cock, his blunt fingertips dug into Matt’s back. He swallowed loudly, his breath held as he waited for what would come next.

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