saga/title/fandom: Don't Wake Up chapter two

author: Chriscent

rating/genre: (adult) - romance

warnings: slash, language, heated sexual content

summary: X comes home to Los Angeles to square things with a friend.

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Chapter Two

Matt didn’t look pissed, or disgusted. He stopped before Xander, their equal heights having them staring at each other, mere inches separating them. Xander was rooted to the spot. Whatever was about to happen, good or bad, he was going to take it willingly.

Then Matt was reaching for him. Time seemed to slow down yet it was also happening too fast.

Xander watched Matt lean toward him, closing the distance between their faces. Neither of them looked away or even blinked, staring into each other’s eyes. Xander was both thrilled and scared. Thrilled at what was about to happen and scared that it would. He was also terrified that Matt would stop.

The lightest touch of Matt’s lips on his was all it took. The anxiety fell away, the hesitation gone. This was what he had wanted and dreamed of for years, and if Matt had managed to take it this far, he wasn’t going to let it stop here.

His heavy arm looped around Matt’s neck, pulling him closer. His eyes fell closed as their lips pressed together. Matt’s lips parted beneath his, his breath sweeping into him, followed by the tentative touch of his best friend’s tongue.

As he met the exploring heat with his own Xander groaned. Their bodies matched up, hard chest and thighs pressed to hard chest and thighs. The rub of Matt’s hard cock against his own was all he’d ever wanted to feel. To know the attraction was mutual and welcomed was a heady feeling. But…

Xander swept the delicious heat of Matt’s tongue once more before he slowly pulled back. They were both breathing heavily, their breath fanning the wetness of the other’s lips. Xander closed his eyes and leaned his forehead against Matt’s. He couldn’t bring himself to release the other man, and hoped he wouldn’t have to, but he couldn’t meet his familiar brown-eyed gaze either.

“Matt, are you sure?”

Silence was heavy for a long moment. Xander actually held his breath as he waited for his friend’s response.

He could feel the deep breath Matt took before he spoke. “I’m as sure as you are,” he whispered, so close that his breath fanned Xander’s lips.

Xander grinned, “Well, that’s not good.” He turned his head, rolling his smooth forehead against Matt’s, and took a deep breath. “Cuz, I’m scared shitless.”

Matt pulled his head back to look at him and smiled. “You’ve never been afraid of anything.”

Xander’s lip quirked up as he looked at Matt. “I’m afraid of this,” he repeated.

Matt’s small smile was almost sympathetic. He understood! Xander felt that Matt truly knew his fears, of showing his vulnerabilities and, of course, the fear of rejection in this crucial relationship.

“Then treat it like every other thing that causes fear,” Matt advised softly.

Xander smiled, “Just go for it? Don’t think about it and jump?”

Matt nodded, his eyes never leaving X’s darker ones.

Xander nodded as well. ‘Don’t let it psych ya out’ was the best advice he’d ever gotten. He almost chuckled at the thought of ‘jumping’ on Matt, for as extreme as it would be, it was exactly what he wanted to do.

“But you’re sure?” Xander asked again, this time locking gazes with his friend. He almost wished Matt would back down, cuz going forward was beyond his wildest dreams.

“X, you couldn’t make me want this, if I didn’t already.” Matt took a deep breath, “This isn’t easy for me either. You’re my best friend!”

Xander smiled and closed the distance between them again, their mouths pulling frantically at each other. Matt’s arms circled him, his hands brushing ever so slightly over the ribbed material of his shirt. When their hard cocks brushed together again they both groaned, their kiss becoming more urgent.

Xander smiled against Matt’s mouth, loving his taste, the feel of his hands on him, his hardness pressed to his own. With slow movements he pulled at the edge of Matt’s baggy shirt, exposing a wide expanse of flat abdomen.

Matt suddenly stepped back, pulling his shirt up and off. Xander stood and stared for a long moment. His friend’s eyes were dark and heavy-lidded, his chest rising and falling rapidly. He had seen Matt without his shirt before since they often stripped in the heat of the California sun, and had even showered in a communal shower before. But this was different. His friend was exposing himself for only one reason. The thought of running his hands across the smooth hard planes of Matt’s body made him grow hard enough to ache.

Shaking his head clear of the new and intense thoughts, he quickly stripped his own shirt off.

They met each other halfway. When their bare chests first touch Xander couldn’t control the gasp. Matt smiled against his mouth, and then was sweeping his tongue between his lips, exploring him. Xander shuddered in response and met his fierce kiss.

Xander couldn’t keep his hands from exploring. They seemed to have a mind of their own as they stroked down Matt’s taut back. The muscles flexed beneath his touch, which only urged him to stroke him again.

Matt’s hands on him weren’t as gentle, but were just what he’d imagined them to be. He felt the tight muscles of his shoulders and back being kneaded and rubbed roughly. One of Matt’s hands slid up to cup the back of his prickly scalp and he groaned into the other man’s mouth.

Xander wanted more. He wanted to know every inch of this big dark man before him. He pulled his mouth away and, with a hand at Matt’s neck, he worked his mouth down the man’s jaw. The rasp of the stubble there was abrasive against his lips and tongue and he smiled briefly at the unusual sensation. Matt moaned when his mouth reached the sensitive skin beneath his ear, nibbling and kissing.

Matt smoothed his hands repeatedly over Xander’s rough scalp. It was as if once his hands had discovered the sensation of touching his shorn scalp they refused to stop touching him. Xander didn’t mind. He loved having his head touched. The fact that it was Matt, and that he was enjoying it so much, just made the chafing sensation better.

Matt groaned again and Xander found himself matching the grinding of the other man’s hips against his own. He groaned himself as the roughness of the denim encasing each of them caused a vibration of rough friction. The soft skin of their bellies rubbing together was a counter to the firm grinding of their hips.

Matt searched blindly for and found Xander’s mouth again, latching on and lapping at his tongue. Xander met his hot, frenzied stabs, stroking the other man’s tongue with his own. Their hands were in constant motion, stroking and rubbing.

Matt seemed to be fascinated by the feel of Xander’s scalp and he surprised X by pulling his head down and sliding his tongue across the stubbly velvet of his head. His hot breath fanned the wetness left behind as he licked at him again.

Xander groaned, clutching Matt’s upper arms as he dropped his head between them. As Matt kissed and licked his scalp in a surprisingly erotic way Xander smiled fleetingly. The weak feeling in his legs made him want to fall to his knees before the other man. The purpose of such a supplicating position had his eyes snapping open. It had never occurred to him that he could give Matt head, or vice versa. He had never even touched another man, much less sucked his cock. He enjoyed having women do it to him, of course, and the idea of doing such an intimate thing to Matt was strangely thrilling.

Seeing the wide expanse of chest before his eyes he dropped his head lower and covered one flat male nipple with his mouth. Matt tensed instantly and gripped Xander’s shoulders, his lips stilling against his head. Xander flicked his tongue against the pebbling nipple and Matt actually jerked in response. Xander smiled and flicked at him again and again.

Matt groaned and lifted his head, his hands smoothing over Xander’s shoulders and neck and now-damp scalp. “Mmm, X, that’s fucking awesome.”

Xander’s mouth relocated to abuse the other flat nipple, flicking ungently at the small bud.

Neither of the men had even considered that they could be interrupted until it happened. “Hey, guys, what’s up?”

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