saga/title/fandom: You and I Got Something

author: Dimitri Aidan

rating/genre: (PG-13 (for now))- Drama/Romance

warnings: slash, adult situations, adult language

summary: (Flash/GL, Batman/Wonder Woman, Superman/Lois Lane. A little Nightwing/OMC and Hawkgirl/GL) As they get ready for Bruce and Diana's wedding, Flash thinks. Getting together isn't easy in their line of work, but somehow he and John managed it; evil robots, best friends, and Yellow Lanterns be damned.

comments/disclaimers: The lack of GL and Flash interaction in JL:U spawned this story. Actually the lack of Flash in general was upsetting.

Chapter Two

Trying to Find My Way

"You're a liar." Flash declared glaring at Batman. Wonder Woman and Superman were close at hand and turned to watch what was sure to be a scene. (Flash was just that sort of guy)

Batman just stared at him. There was a moment of silence, broken by the frantic scream of a woman as she ran from a silver tentacled robot of evil. Flash spared her a distracted glance then turned back to the black clad man.

"You said the robots kidnapped GL." He said, making a vague gesture to Green Lantern who seemed to holding a conversation with Green Arrow on the top of a nearby building. "And he clearly hasn't been Lantern-napped. So you lied."

"You'll get over it."

Flash frowned while crossing his arms over his chest. "I will not. I refuse to get over it. I have a splitting headache and I was in the middle of a major epiphany."

So what if his 'epiphany' was a direct result of running cross-country with the thought that Lantern may have been abducted? Well that and the realization that Dick had pretty much been right about the everyone but the amazingly socially hopeless Green Lantern being aware of his crush-type-possible-obsession-thingy.

Though on a serious note he was pretty sure Dick was over-exaggerating just slightly. Because really, even Lobo? That was just unheard of. The guy was even denser that Wally was rumored to be. (And that was pretty fucking dense. Not that the rumors about his supposed stupidity were true. It wasn't like he didn't know he had a thing for Lantern.)

"Can you even spell 'Epiphany' kid?" Lantern asked as he set down next to him. Flash shrugged.

"Does it matter? Is spelling really needed in this line of work?" Green Lantern looked ready to retort but Wonder Woman spoke first.

"What sort of epiphany did you have?"

He smiled at her. Diana was one of his favorite people in the world because, for better or worse, she was always interested in the lives of those around her. Maybe it was a chick thing or something but as long as he wasn't hitting on her she seemed more than happy to treat him like the little brother she'd never had.

"This isn't really the time-" Superman started but Wonder Woman cut him with a glare.

"If you don't have time for your friends than who in the world do you have time for?" She put a hand on her hip as if daring him to speak. Flash had to bow before her superior female-scariness-mojo. Even Batman couldn't stand up to her once she got going.

"Have I mentioned how scary your girlfriend is?" Lantern asked. Batman looked decidedly sour, or as sour as Batman could look, but didn't speak.

"I can't really go into details." He said trying to fight the urge to look at Lantern and failing miserably. He would have liked to think no one noticed but Wonder Woman smirked and Superman offered a small smile. (He could say for sure but he was almost positive he could feel Batman rolling his eyes behind that cowl of his.) "But I think I finally realized I need to get some things in order."

"Starting with your apartment I hope." Lantern deadpanned.

"Look, Mr. I-don't-even-own-a-TV-and-tuck-in-my-corners, there is nothing wrong with my apartment. It's classic mid-twenties bachelor chic."

"If you say so kid." He looked skeptical. Flash would have said something truly witting and awe inspiring, or so he liked to think, but Booster Gold went flying past and became a lovely fixture in the concrete. Lantern arched an eyebrow. "Can you believe people mistake this guy for me?"

"But he's…gold."

Lantern shot him a look that said, more or less, no shit genius. Flash was glad for the mask because he felt himself starting to blush and there was nothing worse than a pale, freckled redhead turning bright pink. His skin clashed with his hair and it was just horrible.

"Are you five planning to help?" A disgruntled Supergirl demanded.

"We were hoping you could handle it." Superman admitted, shrugging. "It's only a couple robots. It's a good chance for you to show what you're made of."

The blonde girl's lips pressed into a thin line. "How many robots constitute a couple?"

Flash turned and looked over his shoulder then groaned. Hovering about fifty yards in the air was a giant ship and from the ship more metallic demon spawns were falling, hundreds at a time. Lantern chuckled and clapped him on the shoulder.

"I take it you haven't gotten over that robot thing."

"I hate robots."

He fucking hated robots. Yep. Hated. And all things electronic. He was going to have to detroy his DVD player. Because it was clearly evil. Maybe even working with the evil robots.

Stranger things had happened after all.

Flash considered that hatred of robots and all things electronic as well as the potential allaince he'd just uncovered, as he walked through the ship.


Yes, walked. Some may be shocked to know this but he did possess the ability to walk at a semi-normal pace when the situation called for it. And this situation did. He needed to use stealth and while it occurred to him that nothing was more stealthy then moving faster than the eye could possible follow Batman insisted that wasn't needed.

Then again, he was very upset at Batman. Not because he'd dared to use his weird John-obsessed thoughts against him, though that had something to do with it. No, it was because Batman let Lantern actually get captured by the robots.

For real this time.

They'd splintered into groups of three to take out the robots while GL, Bats, and Superman stormed the proverbial castle. It hadn't gone well since four hours later they were all sitting in the Javelin while the rookies sat around the sulked. It was about this point that Flash noticed the object of his obsession was elsewhere.

"Where's GL?"

Superman looked decidedly sheepish. "The Robots are holding him captive."

Flash twitched. "Look, I'm here already. There is no need to pull that again."

Batman scowled at him. "Use your actual head for a few seconds. Do you think Superman would actually say something like that if it wasn't true?"

"What do you mean 'use my actual head'?" And then he paused as two things hit him. Batman was saying he thought with his dick (which wasn't true. He was 25, not 15) and Superman wouldn't lie about this sort of thing. Not usually anything. Which lead to: "Fuck."

"Sounds about right." Arrow agreed. "I don't get it. How could you two, the Great Detective and the Savior of the World, lose Green Lantern to a bunch of machines?"

Flash decided he rather liked Green Arrow in that moment. He'd been thinking something along those lines but he couldn't actually say them, because underneath the cowl he was still just Wally. And Wally didn't have much on noble and fearless Clark Kent or Caring Billionaire Bruce Wayne, who took in kids and gave ridiculous amounts of money to charity.

Alas, no, he was just Wally. He was a part time college student (as being a superhero didn't help one get a degree) full time slacker and a kid, as Lantern was so fond of pointing out.

Where as Arrow…well Arrow could say that sort of thing. He had pull and the stones and the right. Hell, he even had a ward of his own. True, Roy had ended up on drugs...and a total manwhore...and a single teenage father...

Maybe that wasn't the best thing to bring up in Arrow's favor.

"My fault. I made an error in judgment and Lantern got captured as a result." Batman said as deadpan as ever. Perhaps Diana sensed something because, for an instant, she reached out and touched his hand. It was a quick touch and then she pulled her hand back and was back in Wonder Woman mode, ready for action.

"So what're we going to do?" She asked. "We have to get Lantern back fast. The more people we have experienced in stopping world takeover the better."

"Wait, they want to take over the world?" Flash asked, frowning. "Didn't we just stop a world invasion? Aren't we entitled to at least a month in between?"

"Why don't you take it up with them later?" Arrow suggested lightly. Undaunted Flash smiled.

"I think I will. Maybe get them to arrange to invade next week, during my English Lit final."

Diana laughed softly and Arrow looked amused but, per usual, Superman and Batman looked as stoic as ever. Sometimes Flash was willing to swear those two became devoid of all sense of humor when they put on the cape.

"The machines have threatened to kill Lantern if we don't stop our attack on their units." Batman said once they had all regained a form of seriousness.

"So lets surrender." Flash said then blinked and looked around in shocked confusion. "Did anyone else hear me say that or was it just me who heard me say that? Because I distinctly heard myself saying something really stupid but if no one else heard it than it's okay."

He really needed to get better control of his mouth.

Batman regarded him with an air of someone who spent entirely too much time dealing with idiots. And Flash kind of took offense to that. Really, he was only 25.

"If you can't do this objectively-"

"So you did hear me say that. It was the strangest thing, I heard myself but I couldn't remember deciding to say anything."

Once he'd managed to stop his mouth from moving independent of his brain, as it was oh-so fond of doing, they'd devised a plan. He'd get GL out and the rest would blow up the ship.

It was their usual sort of plan. Grab and Destroy. Flash especially liked the whole 'He gets to rescue Green Lantern' part of the plan.

He almost giggled at the image of himself on a horse saving 'poor damsel in distress Lantern'. Only he didn't because he was far too manly to be giggling.

Finding the other man wasn't a hard task. J'onn was up in the Watchtower and was more than happy to direct him to where he needed to go, but homing onto GL's communicator frequency. Or something along those lines. Safe to say Flash had zoned when all the technical stuff had been explained. Not that he wouldn't get it...he just didn't care.

It didn't occur to him that maybe he should care in case he ever got into any serious-I'm-in-need-of-rescuing type trouble, but he'd never been much for thinking ahead anyway.

He was creeping along a passageway that, according to J'onn, would bring him right to where Lantern was being held. And then the ground underneath his feet shuddered and the entire ship erupted into total chaos.

A door he hadn't seen flew open and he was pretty sure he felt his nose being crushed. He stumbled back, cursing Batman and his stupid stealth ideas, when a hand grabbed him. He could feel the cool metal through his suit and sighed.

He fucking hated Batman.

"What the hell are you doing up here?" Lantern asked as he hauled Flash to his feet. They were both in a small cell which contained one transparent wall, a small cot, and a window. Everything else was made of sleek silver metal.

He pulled his cowl off and put a hand to his nose and found it was oozing blood. Lantern grimaced and reached out. Wally could feel his warmth and had to make a concentrated effort to not shiver at the touch as his head was tilted back.

"That looks nasty."

"It's fine."

He was lying. He was pretty sure his nose was broken and it hurt like a bitch but it could wait until later to worry about. It wasn't like he was going to die from a nosebleed or something. He'd just blow the evil robot up later, thus getting his revenge, then toddle off to the infirmary on the tower.

Only maybe without the toddling.

...he was clearly spending too much time with Bart. He was beginning to think like that kid sounded. And thinking of Kid, he wondered if he could sue for name stealing...

"We have to get out of here." He said after shaking the thought away. "We're blowing up the ship."

Lantern's lips twitched. "Of course we are. Would I assume too much if I asked what the plan was?"

"Yep. I was just the rescue party."

"…And who's idea what that?"


"He must be slipping."

Wally glowered at him from behind his hand. "Would it kill you to be a little more appreciative? I did just get my nose broken you know."

"And that's my fault how exactly?"

"I was trying to rescue you."

"Wasn't my idea."


Lantern just grinned then batted his hands away and looked at his nose carefully. The bleeding had more or less stopped and it was quickly going from overwhelming pain to dull ache, much to Wally's appreciation.

However without the pain distracting him he was now very much aware of the fact that Green Lantern was touching him. And not just touching him, really, but had his hands on either side of his face to tilt it up and hold him still and was watching him with the single-mindedness that only GL could manage. He could feel his entire body flush and suddenly wished he'd left the mask on.

His blush either didn't make it to his face or was ignored by the other man because GL didn't comment on it. Not that the situation got any better from there.

Lantern shifted just slightly and suddenly they were a lot closer. …Well, maybe not a lot but it sure as hell felt that way. He could literally feel the heat from Green Lantern's body and his body was…well, it wasn't being kind to him.

Damn form-hugging customs. If Lantern looked down he'd be exposed in more ways that one and the idea made his stomach twist. It wasn't a frightening enough fact to calm what was quickly becoming an unwanted hard on.

And goddamn those glowing green eyes.

Damn them and that stupid green-eye making power ring and even those freaky bigheaded guys because damn but those eyes were burning through him. He was almost sure that in Lantern tried hard enough he could pull a Clark Kent and see right though his skin and into his brain and maybe be able to read ever single perverse thought that was currently flitting through his brain and he thought that maybe that wouldn't be such a terrible thing…

Only he was having some wickedly dirty thoughts because of those fucking burning neon eyes and that custom that hugged every hard plane of John's body and then some and fucking hell he needed to get away from Lantern before he did something stupid like jump him.

A suddenly revelation hit him.

He was gay.

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