saga/title/fandom: You and I Got Something

author: Dimitri Aidan

rating/genre: (PG-13 (for now))- Drama/Romance

warnings: slash, adult situations, adult language

summary: (Flash/GL, Batman/Wonder Woman, Superman/Lois Lane. A little Nightwing/OMC and Hawkgirl/GL) As they get ready for Bruce and Diana's wedding, Flash thinks. Getting together isn't easy in their line of work, but somehow he and John managed it; evil robots, best friends, and Yellow Lanterns be damned.

comments/disclaimers: The lack of GL and Flash interaction in JL:U spawned this story. Actually the lack of Flash in general was upsetting. In the comic Raven is an empath. I’m not sure if that applies to ‘Teen Titans’ on Cartoon Network but it doesn’t matter much. She, at some point, used her power to convince Wally that he was in love with her. She had good intentions but…you know that’s a shitty thing to do. And in this story Wally is decidedly fucked up because of it. He just doesn’t know it yet.

Chapter Three

Is this Song for Nothing

The thing with the robots ended well.

Wally passed out from a mixture of blood lose, what turned out to be a mild concussion and (unbeknownst to most people) the suddenly obvious fact that he was gay. Or Bi. Or something.

Superman had punched a hole in the wall, located and liberated GL’s ring from a hapless robot then he and Supergirl flung the ship towards the sun or something like that. Wally found he really didn’t care much about how things had ended. He had much more important life altering things on his mind at the moment.

He realized as he pulled on jeans that this should have sunk in long before now…

But it hadn’t.

Okay, so he had a thing for John. It’d never really registered on a psychical…sexual…type of level until that moment when his body had gotten ‘happy’ at the closeness to the other man. It had honestly never even occurred to him that he was gay.

As in attracted to other men. He’d thought, in his own vague way, that an attraction to John was normal because he was John. He was strong and dependable and confident and patient and unshakable and steady and everything that Wally wasn’t. On any level. He had this dry ironic sense of humor that Wally loved to play off of, and this way of cutting through all the senseless drivel and getting right to the point.

How could that not appeal to someone no matter who they were? He was everything a person would want. The psychical aspect of it all hadn’t really bothered Wally enough to consider until now and that was very worrisome.

After all he’d always been attracted to women hadn’t he? Chased after them, lusted after them, tried to get them to give him the time of day… He was well known around the Tower as (a wanna be) ladies man and had attempted to ask many a woman out.

Sure most of them were married, dating, had to wash their hair every time he came around them but that didn’t mean anything did it? It wasn’t like he went out of his way to try and ask out women he knew would turn him down. That’d just be stupid.

What would be the point? It wasn’t like anyone would care if he were gay. Everyone who knew about his ‘thing’ for John took it in stride and they must have thought he was less than straight if they knew he had a thing for John. That made sense.

And it wasn’t like he’d never seriously gone out with a woman or was a virgin or something equally silly. There had been Raven…

Then again she had used her powers to manipulate his emotions and make him fall in love with her very much against his will. He still felt sick and kind of…dirty every time he thought about it. Yet he found himself thinking about it anyway and, more importantly, the fact he’d pretty much begun to chase after every girl in sight afterwards.

And they hadn’t actually slept together.

So she was a horrible example. Maybe Linda then. They’d gone out for nearly a year and that had gone great. She was a fantastic girl and they’d had a lot in common and she’d offered a ready ear when things got shitty and…


They’d broken up. He’d been busy with the League and that obsession thing with John has sort of cropped up. Things had sort of fallen apart and fizzled out and that seemed a lot more understandable now than it had then. She‘d claimed he just wasn‘t interested in her the way he should have been…and now they were just very good friends.

So maybe that was a bad example too.

He shuffled his feet for a moment while biting his lower lip. He was almost positive he’d hit upon something big but he couldn’t say what it was exactly.

He had a headache suddenly. He flopped back onto his bed and curled up around his pillow trying to order his thoughts. If not for the sake of keeping his brain from exploding then to keep from giving J’onn a major headache. Besides his issues were just that- His.

“Diana.” J’onn said stopping outside of the Amazon’s room. Diana turned and looked at him a smile playing across her lips.

“Yes J’onn?”

“Perhaps if you are not otherwise occupied you would check on Flash.” She arched an elegant eyebrow in silent question. The Martian was silent for a moment as he carefully considered his words. “I think…I fear, perhaps, that Wally is going through something very…private. Since he trusts you and Lantern more than he does me I thought it better that you speak to him.”

“Ah.” She nodded and stood up, smoothing down the skirt she’d changed into. “I take it this matter you don’t want to interfere in involves Lantern?”

J’onn just blinked at her. She laughed and strode past him with the air of one who knew more than they should. He refrained from taking a look at her thoughts to find out just how much she knew and instead headed back to his usual station to see if any chaos had broken out on earth in the past ten minutes.

It probably had. This was earth after all and at times it seemed every evil in the universe was after it for some reason or another. Things had never been this dangerous on Mars.

Wally didn’t bother looking up when a certain princess walked into his quarters. She sat in the chair next to his bed and stayed silent, waiting for him to make the first move. He turned onto his back and stared down the bed at her. Her smile was friendly but her eyes serious.

“What can I do for you Princess?”

“You seem distressed today. I thought you might like to talk about it.”

His lips twisted into a scowl. “I hate your boyfriend.”

She nodded. “Bruce can be…trying at times. He fights so hard to keep even me an arms length away and delicate situations are occasionally…taken advantage of by him.”

Wally blinked. “I was talking about losing Lantern.”


There was a moment of mildly amused silence between them before Wally sat up and regarded the woman silently. Then he spoke while plucking at a loose thread in his sheet, careful to keep his tone neutral and unassuming.

After all if he was wrong he didn’t want an angry Amazon in his room.

“Back on your island you’re probably used to things like two women being together, right? I mean, with that whole no men allowed rule.”

This time her smile was more genuine. “Yes it was very common. I must confess I was distressed when I kissed my friend Athena and felt nothing. Not even a tiny spark. I thought I was doomed to a life of loneliness.”

Wally smiled. “Must be interesting. Leaving a place where you’re an odd one to come to a place where you’re perfectly normal and the stuff that happened back home is strange.”

“Disturbing would be closer to the truth. People seem so obsessed with what goes on in other people’s bedrooms here and then have the audacity to, after obsessing over what other people do and going out of their way to think and talk about, get upset and claim to hate people because of it. If they don’t like such acts then why in the world do they go out of their way to find out about them?”

“We call them Christians.” Wally muttered before shrugging. “People are funny that way.”

“I see nothing funny about it. The violence your people inflict on others because of who they care about is inexcusable. How can you be so cruel to one another?”

In that instant Diana looked much younger than she was and almost innocent. She twirled a stand of hair around her finger as she pondered the strange behavior that ’his people’ exhibited and he wondered what it was like to be so naïve. And then she said something that surprised him.

“I worry about you sometimes.”

He was pretty sure he looked startled. “You worry about me? Why? I’m pretty sure I can take care of myself.”

“As Flash, sure. But as just Wally? Would you really use you abilities on some defenseless person?”

“If they attacked me first are they really defenseless?”

She arched an eyebrow. “Compared to you?”

He was silent for one long moment then looked down at his hands as he went over her words carefully. Finally he turned and buried his face into his pillow as if to block out the thoughts swirling around in his head. It didn’t help much.

“I don’t know what to do.”

“About John?”

“I’m not gay.” Wally muttered. “I mean…John. He’s John. But I never thoughts that guys would…you know, do it for me. And I’m sure no one cares or anything but its still really not expected. I don’t think I want to be ‘The gay superhero’.”

“I think you worry too much about it.” Her lips twitched. “However I did watch a show on TV recently. A young man on it found himself very much attracted to a friend of his and was very distressed about it.”

Ah, the many wonders of extended cable.

“What’d he do?”

“…I believe he was targeted by his former friend, after confessing his feelings, and was beaten severely. Perhaps that was not the best example I could have chosen.”

“Maybe.” Wally agreed even as he felt his stomach drop out. John wouldn’t do anything like that of course…he was much too calm and reasonable.

“If you aren’t sure of your feelings for John, or of yourself, maybe some time off to consider and explore things would be advised.”

“Are you telling me to go on vacation?” She shrugged. “Do you have any idea what Batman will do to me if I just run off?”

“I’m sure we won’t fall apart without you. I‘m sure the second and third fastest men alive will be able to fill in.” Her smile was teasing. “And Impulse can look over Central City for a little while can’t he?”

“…Have you met Impulse?” Wally asked slowly. He liked the kid just fine, adored him even, but he was a total hyper whack job. If Wally was bad then Impulse was terrible, horrible…he was the Lex Luthor of hyper activity even.

The term ADHD had been crafted with Imp in mind.

“Maybe Robin could help him.” Her smile had turned downright plotting. “I’m sure if I ask Batman nicely Robin could be made available for a time.”

Wally blinked then shook his head. “Bats has no idea what he’s getting in to does he?”

Diana threw her head back and laughed. Wally nodded to himself. Yeah, Bruce had no idea what he was in for with Diana as his girl. He’d pity the man if not for the fact that Bruce had this tendency to be an evil asshole when he wanted to be.

He stood up and shoved his hands into his pockets. “I think you’re right. A little vacation won’t hurt anything and I think there’s someone I want to see anyway.”

“Mind if I ask?”

Wally shrugged. “Just a friend. Haven’t talked to him in a while but I think maybe he can help me sort me out.” She nodded and stood up as well. She flashed him one last smile then walked out of the room to…well, do whatever it is she did.

As he gathered up his things he wondered if Piper would mind him dropping in.

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