saga/title/fandom: The Past Never Dies chapter 29 (Pitch Black/Riddick)

author: Shalimar

rating/genre: (NC-17) - het, angst, drama

warnings: het, sexual content, adult content, drug use, criminal activity, religious fusion

summary: What if Jack had stayed on New Mecca with Imam? What if Riddick had come back for her? (Riddick/Jack, Imam/OFC)

comments/disclaimers: General disclaimers apply.

Jack thought she had been tired the previous year, when she had done everything for newborn Ali except feed him, while Sahar had convalesced. As difficult as that had been, she was at least able to get several hours of uninterrupted sleep some nights. Doing everything for Shazza made it feel as if she never slept at all. Even though Riddick and Nahlah tried their best to soothe the baby when she wouldn’t quiet after eating, it was clear that they were in over their heads much of the time. Jack didn’t feel as if she could ask Fatima to help at night, since she was older than Imam and was already shouldering the bulk of the household duties during the day while Jack tended to her first child.

Fatima’s prophecy that Shazza would be an easy baby turned out to be dead wrong. When Jack’s real milk came in, the baby seemed unable to satisfactorily fill her empty belly unless Jack stayed in a particular position the entire time she nursed. Then, often as not, Shazza would fall asleep before eating enough. Jack would have to keep prodding her awake. To make matters worse, Shazza had a marked preference for one breast. Jack had to work hard not to give in to the baby so that her chest would not end up looking woefully lopsided.

To his credit, Riddick tried his best to be a good father. He was sometimes even successful, as Shazza seemed utterly fascinated with his voice and would quiet to hear it. Sometimes, late at night, when the three of them were all alone, he would croon off-key to the baby, a sound Jack had no idea he knew how to make. She made the mistake of teasing him about it once. The look he gave her made it clear he would cut out her liver without hesitation if she ever mentioned to anyone that she had heard him sing.

A month after Shazza’s birth, Riddick turned to her in the middle of one bleary night and asked, “Why did we do this again?”

“There are no null shots here, remember?”

It took his tired brain a little while to digest that. “Oh, yeah, that’s right. We used to have sex once, didn’t we?”

Jack wanted to slug him until she realized that his remark was more recall than sarcasm. “Yeah,” she sighed, prying Shazza off her preferred nipple to start the habitual fight to get her to take the other one. “It used to be nice.”

Shazza snuffled angrily at the new nipple, thrashing her head disagreeably. “It’s that one or none,” Jack warned, completely out of patience.

Riddick was looking at her speculatively for the first time in weeks. “Is it six weeks yet?”

She found his exhausted desire rather touching. “I’d think after this,” she gestured at the suckling yet grumpy baby, “you’d never want to fuck me again.”

He gave her a big, lazy smile that made her think about fucking him again. “I always wanna fuck you. You’ve just been a little, um, occupied.”

Jack giggled, ruefully comprehending his play on words. “Yeah, I guess I was … I think it’s two more weeks yet. It’s supposed to be a couple of weeks after you stop bleeding and I just stopped.”

“So, it’s a date, then?” he raised his eyebrows suggestively at her.

Jack felt delightfully warm between her legs all of a sudden. “I guess so,” she confirmed, wishing those two weeks were already over.

Riddick and Jack’s life with their first baby was definitely improving. Shazza was beginning to establish a regular cycle of eating and sleeping. Jack still had to get up in the middle of the night, but she got four hours of sleep at a stretch some nights now. When Shazza ate in the evening, Jack could put her down to sleep immediately afterwards and drop off herself. Shazza was even less resistant to using both nipples than she had been.

Today, she even smiled at me, Jack recalled, smiling in turn as she set the sleeping infant in her cradle, within easy reach.

With Shazza safely settled, Jack climbed into bed next to Riddick, intent upon sleep. She had curled herself comfortably next to him, thinking sleep was imminent, when one of his hands began to stroke purposefully up the back of one of her legs. Riddick, evidently, had a different agenda.

“Six weeks,” he purred into her ear. When she jolted at his reminder, completely awake, he added, “I’m not expecting you to do a whole lot. I know how to entertain myself.”

Between the weeks of bleeding that followed the birth and the random leaking of milk from her breasts, Jack had taken to wearing a thin robe to bed at night, with some billowy shorts under it. She was glad she had decided to start wearing some kind of bedclothes, because there was something about Riddick making her naked that Jack always found terribly arousing.

He moved her where he wanted her to be on the bed, with her back to him. She lay still, as he had suggested, feeling hyperaware of the movement of his hand. It meandered slowly up her leg, worried at the edge of her shorts. Jack could hear Riddick’s breathing quicken as he touched her, realized how tremendously patient he had been, how much he wanted her now. Yet, he took his teasing time. The hand became two hands, maddeningly caressing her calves and thighs up to her shorts, then plucking at them as if to pull them down, only to dance away. Such a simple thing, yet it made her almost unbearably tight with lust. She wanted those big hands all over her skin, all over and into where she was now very wet. Impatiently, Jack reached back and started pushing the shorts down herself.

“Here, let me help you with that,” he offered.

His voice stroking her ears only added to her ardor. She nodded, suddenly unable to form words, and shifted so it was easier for him to shimmy her shorts down her legs and toss them on the floor.

Riddick groaned deep in his chest. “Missed seeing that pretty ass.”

His hands didn’t stop at the tops of her thighs this time, but continued upward, to knead the globes of her buttocks, take the measure of her hips. Finally, one of his hands crept down around the inside of her thigh, slithering between her legs. Jack rolled over onto her belly, hiking herself up so that he could reach her slickness, wanting his touch there.

“Oh, yeah,” he breathed, as she felt a few of his fingers slide easily inside her. “Not the only one who missed something.”

Jack sighed, a ragged, encouraging sound, as he moved slowly in and out of her. The feel of him inside her had always been wonderful, but never had it felt like this before. It almost felt as if she might climax if he continued to play in her.

Riddick must have realized it, too, because he stopped, withdrawing his slippery fingers with a surprised, “Damn.”

While they had enjoyed a great variety of sexual experiences, and Riddick excelled at making her come in exquisitely interesting ways, never had she achieved orgasm while he was actually inside her. Breathless, Jack turned over, wanting to see if his penis could finish what his fingers had started.

“Please,” she whimpered, spreading her legs in invitation.

Riddick didn’t need to be asked twice. Since he still slept in the nude, there was nothing stopping him. Wiping his slick fingers off on his engorged cock, he entered her eagerly for the first time in three months. He groaned at the feel of her hot center surrounding him. Jack wrapped her legs around him tightly, ground her hips up into his, wanting him deep. As soon as he began to thrust, the wonderful sensation his fingers had awakened returned, only more intense.

“You think?” he gasped, hearing the catch in her breath.

Jack could only nod, so concentrated was she on what was happening between her legs. She met him stroke for stroke, feeling the tension mount in her with each one, unable to contain small moans of pure pleasure. Riddick growled above her, nipping at the join of her neck and shoulder, while she dug her nails into his broad back.

Her body arched taut, the pleasure spiral winding tighter and tighter until she at last exploded with a loud cry. She could feel her body contracting on him, squeezing him gratefully, while she lost herself in joy. Riddick’s reaction to her orgasm was to follow suit, fucking her hard as he entered the joy with her, taking them both to a completely new place.

When Jack could focus again, she stroked his prickly head while he chuckled into her shoulder.

“Looks like pregnancy might have had other benefits,” he commented, obviously pleased with their lovemaking.

“I guess so,” she agreed in amazement, realizing where they had gone without her even being completely undressed.

“I think you’re leaking, though,” he noted, bringing Jack’s attention to her wet robe front.

He made as if to withdraw from her, but Jack grabbed him fast. “I don’t care,” she insisted. “I want you to stay inside me.”

“Yes, m’am,” he smirked. “Wouldn’t want to argue with a lady.”

“Mmmmmmm,” Jack sighed as he readjusted above her, pushing himself in as far as he could. “I love you,” she said, unexpectedly.

She didn’t say it much, not wanting to make him uncomfortable, but sometimes she felt it so strongly, so completely, that she had to share it or burst. She could not have been more surprised—or overjoyed—when he leaned in close to her ear and whispered it back.

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