saga/title/fandom: Don't Wake Up chapter eight

author: Chriscent

rating/genre: (adult) - romance

warnings: slash, language, heated sexual content

summary: X comes home to Los Angeles to square things with his friends after being gone for months and end up getting more than he could have dreamed.

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Chapter Eight

Matt rumbled a sound from deep in his chest, as if tormented by his own frustrated need, and denial. “Do it.”

Xander was unable to ignore the tender curve of his partner’s neck so close to his face. He sank his teeth into the warm scented flesh, not quite hard enough to draw blood. Matt growled in response, his already straining body tensing further, arms tightening about Xander.

“No,” he whispered before licking to sooth the indents of his teeth in the man’s skin.

“X, I’m not pleased with this situation either. I’m hornier than I’ve ever been, and if getting you to return the favor means letting you fuck me in the ass then shut up and do it!”

Lines crinkled between Xander’s brows when he lifted his head to stare down at his friend. Matt’s intense gaze shocked him further “Damn, Matt.” He rolled his eyes and allowed a smile to appear. “You’re not gonna play hard to get, are ya?”

Matt grinned, his intense look fading. “I’m sorry, did you want me to?”

Xander snorted softly, “No. I just figured I’d be the aggressor here.”

Matt scowled slightly, “I don’t think so! I ain’t the submissive type.”

Xander smiled, “So you want me to submit first?”

Matt sobered completely, staring up at him, “Honestly? No.”

“Why?” Xander questioned softly.

Matt’s eyes closed, his lips pressing together. Xander wasn’t one to miss an opportunity. He shifted upward, kissing Matt’s face in an almost delicate way. Forehead, eyelids, cheeks and chin. Then he was licking his closed lips, demanding and receiving access. Matt returned his thorough kiss, then was sighing as X’s mouth traveled down his jaw.

Xander reached Matt’s ear and bit. He gnawed and sucked at his ear. “Why?” he sighed into Matt’s ear, feeling the man shiver.

Matt was rubbing his head again. He groaned softly when X sucked at the skin below his ear and began moving forward to his throat. “Because you need me to.”

Xander lifted his head, surprised anew by his friend’s keen understanding. He kissed him briefly, needing to feel his partner react to him. “Are you sure?”

“Yeah, X.” They looked at each other smiling slightly, waiting for the customary next line. Matt deviated from the script, “I wish your dick were smaller, but, otherwise, yeah.”

Xander laughed. “Yeah, I hear ya there.” His smile slowly faded as he looked down at Matt. “Don’t do this just because I want you.”

Matt shrugged one shoulder, “I’m not.” When Xander just continued to look at him he swallowed and glanced away. “I want this. Whatever this is. And I trust you.”

Xander nodded slowly, “Then turn over.”

Matt’s eyes snapped back to his, “Right here?”

X’s full lips quirked a bit, his brows rose, forming small creases in his forehead. He was unaware of how ‘him’ the expression was, only continued to look at Matt when he just stared up at him, his eyes scanning his face. “You got somewhere ya need to be?”

Matt smiled, “No, I--“ He swallowed hard, his smiled abruptly fading. Then he was moving.

Xander raised up, feeling as anxious as Matt looked. When Matt was lying on his stomach, his hands beneath, his head that was turned away from him, he was the one swallowing in apprehension.

Don’t let it psych ya out, he told himself. They both wanted this, for some suddenly forgotten reason. Beating around the proverbial bush was only gonna make it harder.

The wide expanse of Matt’s firm tanned skin before him distracted him for a moment. He leaned forward, his mouth seeking the warm smooth skin. At Matt’s soft moan he went further, his hands rubbing, his teeth nipping as he worked his way across the mans shoulders and then lower.

Xander had always cautiously admired his friend’s lean hard body when the opportunity had presented itself. There had been times Matt was skating some half-pipe or pool, with no shirt and baggy shorts exposing narrow hips, that he had had to walk away to hide his embarrassing reaction. But now… He licked the nearly caramel colored skin flexing before him. He could hear Matt’s breathing becoming harsh, the lingering tongue bath causing him to shift uncomfortably.

He moved lower, his hand unconsciously sliding over the curve of Matt’s ass. His mouth worked toward the dip of his partner’s waist, licking and kissing and biting. He wasn’t expecting Matt’s movement, his hips lifting, pressing his ass into Xander’s touch as if in invitation.

Xander growled and sat up onto his knees, “Get up.”


Xander glanced to the side, ensuring that the necessary lotion was within reach before directing Matt up. Then they were both on their knees, their bodies pressed together, Matt’s back to his front. Matt groaned when X’s hands began roaming his newly exposed chest from behind.

Xander grinned at the sounds coming from his partner before dropping his head, his teeth sinking into skin between neck and shoulder.

“Aww, Gawd,” Matt moaned his head leaning to give Xander access.

Xander had no idea what he was doing, he just knew he wanted Matt to be ready to beg before he tried anything. His searching hands pinched his nipples, rolling them roughly until Matt was flinching away. He smoothed his hands out over Matt’s tight stomach, holding the man to the press of his hard cock against his ass. Matt shifted until the cheeks of his ass cupping X’s entire length.

Xander moved his head, devouring the other side of the man’s neck. Matt’s hands gripped Xander’s hips and he was rubbed himself back against the erection nestled in his crack. Then Xander was sliding his hands down to his friend’s cock. Matt literally jerked into X’s exploring touch.

“Awww, X, stop!” Matt croaked.

Xander removed his mouth only enough to whisper, “No.”

Matt groaned harshly, his hips trapped between the press of Xander’s cock and the unyielding grip on his dick. He thrust against X several times, his body straining. The sting of Xander’s teeth below his ear had him groaning again. “Please,” he gasped.


Xander released him immediately. Matt dropped to his hands and knees before him, still panting. Not wasting any time Xander grabbed the lotion and quickly greased his hand and dick. With extra lotion he reached out to Matt and shoved two fingers into him almost roughly.

Matt tensed and growled out a curse, but pressed against the intrusion. It was fairly easy for X to slide a third finger in beside the first two. Matt cried out, his body tensing at the new fullness.

“Are you okay?” he asked softly.

Matt didn’t answer. Xander could see his partner rigid and sweating, the muscles of his arms and shoulders and back defined clearly. Then Matt was pressing back against X, who took the hint and quickly pushed deeper. Matt groaned in time with the stroking motion.

“Do it.” Matt’s voice was just a low whisper. “Just do it, please.”

Xander slid his hand free and rubbed his straining cock, spreading the lotion. He pressed his head against his friend’s, lover’s, dark opening that he could see flexing. His stomach tightened and nearly rolled at the idea of hurting Matt. There was no way this wasn’t going to fucking hurt.

“Matt, I’m sorry. You’re gonna hafta help.”

Matt only nodded.

Xander took a deep breath, hating doing this to Matt. He held his dick with one hand, knowing that he had to get in the first time or it was just gonna be worse. He gripped Matt’s hip and rubbing against him. Matt shoved backwards, surprising X. He gritted his teeth and drove into the tight tunnel.

Matt didn’t make a sound except one small gasp when Xander’s hips bumped his ass.

Xander held still, hating himself for loving the hot tightness squeezing his buried cock. He stroked his hands up Matt’s damp back, lightly rubbing his shoulders before stroking back down.

Long minutes passed, with Xander just stroking his back and shoulders and neck. He could feel their throbbing heartbeats timed almost perfectly in the tight fit of his friend’s body.

“Are you okay?”

Matt turned his head and the word. “I don’t know,” he whispered.

“Bring new meaning to ‘takin’ it in the ass’?”

Matt chuckled and then groaned, his body flexing on X’s shaft. “Fuck you,” he croaked.

Xander smiled, his hands sliding around Matt’s sides to rub his stomach. “I thought I was fucking you.”

Matt snorted, “Shut up!” When Xander gripped his still hard cock he gasped. “Oh, God!”

Xander didn’t think he was hurting Matt, more than before, anyway. He stroked his friend’s, lover’s, his mind whispered, cock.

Matt groaned, his body straining anew, his back arching slightly. “Oh, God, no.”

Xander frowned, but continued. And then Matt was pressing against his penetration, and X knew why he was cursing. He liked it!

Xander pulled back a bit, his dick sliding easily in the well-lubed passage. Pressing in again gently made Matt swear again. “No! Ah, gawd.” X ignored the words contradicting what Matt’s body was asking for. Carefully he rocked into the man, timing his thrusts with the stroking of his hand on Matt’s cock.

Sweat rolled down his face and body. His release was coming hard and fast. He gripped Matt’s dick and pumped him, wanting the other man’s release before his own. Matt groaned gutturally. His hips began moving faster and X matched his rhythm, swearing softly as his own control began slipping.

Matt trembled suddenly beneath him, his body jerking through his climax. Xander squeezed the last shot from him. Then he wrapped his arm around his friend’s waist, his other arm holding them up. His face pressed to Matt’s sweaty back and he pounded into him. Several times was enough. He roared hoarsely, his head pressing hard into Matt’s back, and exploded hotly deep inside his partner.

Heavy breathing was the only sound in the room for a long agonizing minute. Matt slowly collapsed beneath him, effectively dislodging his softening dick. Xander sat back and couldn’t help smiling at the completely relaxed man before him.

He carefully climbed off the bed, feeling shaky and exhausted. After cleaning himself in the bathroom he brought a warm wet towel to the apparently unconscious Matt. He felt strange wiping the lotion from Matt’s hips and legs but didn’t hesitate. Remembering Matt’s cum shot onto the bed, he gently rolled Matt to his side and cleaned his stomach and the blanket as well.

Dropping the towel into the clothes hamper he looked longingly at the shower, but turned away, needing sleep more. He smelled of sweat and sex, and his friend. Lover, his mind whispered again. Xander scowled, but was unable to deny the truth. He and Matt were lovers now. The mere thought wanted to repulse him until he looked to the curled body on the bed. Unfortunately, that doesn’t repulse me.

He outweighed Matt by thirty or forty pounds, but he still found it difficult to move him on the bed. It felt strange to tuck his friend in like a small child, and he smiled to himself while he did it. Then he crawled in beside Matt and promptly passed out.

Xander turned his head on the pillow, the stubble of scalp rubbing against the cloth with a strange but familiar sound.

He groaned softly and then, hearing the sound echo in the room, sat straight up in bed. No!

He looked around him with wide eyes and mouthed a curse into the darkness. He reached out, knowing the truth but having to check anyway. The bed beside him was empty.

Fuck! It was the wrong bed. The wrong room. The wrong house.

God, no! Not again.

He rubbed his hand across his rough head, thinking of the feel of Matt doing the same thing. How could it have all been a dream? He swore softly, closing and rubbing his eyes. Nobody had dreams that fucking real!

His body ached. His dick was hard and tight, and ached from being hard for too long. He could feel his pulse thudding steadily at the base and in his balls. He shifted his ass on the bed for a more comfortable position, groaning when it did little but make him throb harder.

He looked around his bedroom. Clothes dropped on the floor where he had shed them on his way to the bed. Windows shaded so dark it was hard to tell if it was day or night. His new toys and gadgets from the NSA were spread on the desktop across the room. He could see the green light indicating he had a message reflected off his sunglasses. Prolly that son-of-a-bitch Gibbons. He was really starting to hate that cocky bastard.

He sighed, and dropped his face into his hand and rubbed the lines of a frown on his forehead. It felt so real this time.

He grabbed the extra pillow and wrapped his arms around it as he lay back down. He wanted to return to the most vivid dream he’d ever had. He wanted it to be real this time. Closing his eyes, he whispered against the silky fabric, “I just want something I can never have.”

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