saga/title/fandom: Would You Believe It! (Jurassic Park III)

author: Hergerbabe

rating/genre: (NC-17) - romance, drama

warnings: slash, sexual content, language, adult situations

summary: Billy is surprised, but darned happy! (Alan/Billy)

comments/disclaimers: They arent mine, mores the pity. I dont write safe sex, but you should practice it! Thank you Elfin for the incredibly quick and great beta read! Archive: yes to anyone who wants it. Spoilers: well yes,

I had to laugh, I couldnt help it. The look of confusion and panic on his face only made me laugh more. I had to run and catch him, before he could escape. He tried to pull away, but I wouldnt let go, I was never going to let him go. Not ever.

Alan, I said quietly, as I pulled him into my arms, I love you too. After all this time, all the missed opportunities, would you believe it, he was the one who had said it first.

Id wanted to tell him, so many times, but since the island I had decided it could never be, would never be. I could never tell him. I knew he hadnt meant those words. Id known from the stricken cries, begging me not to jump after Eric. I knew hed forgiven me for getting him on that island in the first place.

But for a long time after the island, as Id been recovering, there had been long silences, hed avoided catching my eye. Id thought that even the remotest hope Id had before, that he might return my feelings, was gone. I was only left with the hope that our friendship would return to what it had been.

But now I know why things had been so different once wed returned, now I know.

The knock at the door had been unexpected, the person standing on the other side, even more so. Id let him in, feeling suddenly nervous. Hed barely glanced at me. I was worried that maybe he was going to fire me, or worse. He sat down, looking more tired than Id ever seen him, even on the island.

Alan? I asked hesitantly, Do you want a drink? He nodded, but still he barely looked at me. I handed him a whisky, he looked like he needed something strong. He downed it in one go, and held the glass out to me with a rueful smile. I refilled it for him, then sat down, waiting.

Billy, he started. I waited but he didnt continue.


No, dont say anything. Please, his voice was strained. I need to say something, but if you interrupt me, I wont be able to. I nodded and shut up. Billy, I never apologised for what I said, and I want to. Finally he raised his head and met my eyes. I smiled. I am sorry, I was just so, so He sighed. Then, idiot that you are, you jumped off that walkway. Do you have any idea what that did to me?

He got up and started to pace, Then the pteranodons, he gestured wildly, before stopping in front of me. He ran his hand over his face and up through his hair. I desperately wanted to stop him, I didnt want to hear how sorry he was for being a bad friend, I didnt want him to feel guilty for my getting hurt. I didnt want to know that he felt things for me, but not what I wanted.

I made to get up, but he stopped me, No Billy, let me finish. I have to tell you, at least to get Ellie off my back. I frowned in confusion. He sighed again and turned away. I love you, Billy.

I blinked at him, probably for several seconds, as I tried to absorb what hed said. That was when I laughed. I was so relieved, and happy, and I just couldnt believe it. Neither could he, but I couldnt help it. Which is when he bolted and when I stopped him, by the door, and told him that I loved him too. Which brings us back to now. Alan, in my arms, staring at me in disbelief and not a little suspicion.

I love you, I whispered and bent my head to kiss him gently. Finally his arms came up around me and he kissed me back. I opened my lips, inviting him in. To my delight he accepted readily, his tongue plunging deeply into my mouth. I moaned, and sucked on it gently, pushing him up against the wall and clutching his head in my hands.

He pulled away, panting, and grinned at me, Slow down, he whispered.

I took a deep breath and grinned back, Sorry, you have no idea how long Ive wanted to do that. He looked taken aback.

You have? he asked. I just kissed him again. I guess you have, he muttered, when our lips eventually parted again. I laughed and pulled back. Hesitantly, I held my hand out to him. He looked at it, then up at me, searching my face. I tried to let him see how much I loved him in my eyes. I guess he saw it, because he took my hand and let me lead him to the bedroom.

We stared at each other for a moment, both a little unsure. But then the awkwardness was broken by his self-deprecating laugh and he pulled me into his arms. I was happy to let him take the lead as we kissed again, and he started to pull off my shirt. I groaned shamelessly into his mouth as his hands began to explore my chest.

I clutched at his shoulders desperately as his nimble fingers grazed my nipples. I tried to pull his shirt out of his pants, but we got tangled up and fell on the bed. I looked at him and we started to laugh. It helped relieve my overwhelming nervousness. I lay back on the bed and quickly pulled off my clothes, watching him do the same. He was so gorgeous, I had to reach out and touch him. He shivered as I ran my finger across his chest. He pushed himself up and crawled over me, head dipping to claim my lips again.

Alan, I whispered into his mouth. I pulled him down on top of me and wrapped my legs round him, thrusting up against him.

Jesus, Billy! he groaned. He shifted slightly, and I felt his hard length slide against my own erection. I closed my eyes and let my head drop back, just revelling in the feel of him pressing down against me. His hand slid down my side and gripped my ass, pulling me closer as we moved together.

Oh! I gasped, his mouth latched onto my neck and sucked. He slid down a little further and I felt his cock slide between my legs, as he began to lick my chest. I parted my legs and bent them, Alan lifted his head and grinned at me, pushing them further back. I reached over to the bedside table, almost pulling the drawer out in my haste, but managing to find some lube. I handed it to him.

You want me to top? he asked. I half frowned at him and nodded. Was he kidding me? I wanted to feel him inside me so bad, I could taste it! He chuckled suddenly and I realised that Id said it aloud.

Happy to oblige, he said wryly. I felt him slip his slick erection between my asscheeks. I groaned again, he felt so good. He pushed into me slowly, stretching me beautifully. I panted hard, it was too slow, I needed him now. I wrapped my legs round him again, pulling me all the way inside me.

Fuck, Billy! he yelped.

Sorry, I breathed, I just need you so bad. He lifted his head and stared at me, before pulling out and slamming back into me. The breath shot out of me, Yeah!

Like that, huh? he gasped. I nodded and pulled him down, kissing him hard. Our tongues entwined as he set up a beautifully hard rhythm. His hand snaked between us and gripped my cock, stroking in counter-rhythm. My back arched convulsively, and somehow I managed to roll him over. He looked momentarily startled, then smiled up at me. I lifted my hips and sat back down hard. He gasped.

Like that? I whispered.

Oh yes, he whispered back. He started to stroke my cock again, as I started to ride him. There was no way I was going to last much longer, it was heaven, his cock hit my prostate with every stroke. And it had been so long, I hadnt been with anyone since I realised how I felt about him.

Alan, Alan, gonna, oh! I screamed, my climax hit me hard and I sat down, the jolt of pleasure, as his cock scraped against my prostate, pushing me over the edge. I felt my come jet over his hand and my muscles clamp down around his shaft.

He gripped my hips painfully, and thrust once more into me, coming with a shout of my name. I flopped down on top of him, tears stinging my eyes from happiness, hearing my name on his lips like that.

I love you, I love you, he whispered, cradling my head gently. He pulled out of me and wrapped his arms round me. I smiled and pressed a kiss to his chest.

I love you too, I said quietly. Happier than Ive ever been, I fell asleep in his arms.

The End

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