saga/title/fandom: Orpheus (X-Men)

author: Kristy

rating/genre:(R) - drama, romance

warnings: het, sexual content, violence

summary:Logan's life has always felt empty. He felt dead inside and with Jean's rejection, Logan spent his time feeling more alone then ever before. One night, he stumbles upon an injured stranger and takes her to the Professor. A meaningless promise becomes Logan's link to the powerful mutant. The more time he spends with her, the less alone he becomes, as though she's breathing new life into his lonely soul. Attraction becomes passion and passion leads Logan to find love and strange connection with his past. Nightmares are altered to reveal a truth that could damage his future. (Wolverine/OFC)

comments/disclaimers: Standard disclaimers. This falls post X-1 but there is a small X-2 reference about Logan and Bobby's parents but the events that took place in X-2 have not happened. Right now it's PG but it will become more graphic later between R and NC-17.

Chapter 4

Logan did not get a chance to spend much time with the school's newest guest after she woke up. The Professor had practically kidnapped her, hiding her away in either his office, the lab or one of the training facilities. Occasionally, Rogue would see her in the hallways and then report to Logan on how she appeared. Logan found himself annoyed by the fact that his time with her had been cut to nearly nothing, there was something about her the he found himself drawn to. But it escaped him as to what it was. He was almost disappointed that their guest had made no sort of attempt to mentally contact him, but he supposed that meant she was surviving what ever tests and questioning the Professor was putting her through.

"I think she's nice," Bobby fell instep next to Rogue as they moved from class to lunch.

"You think she's pretty," Rogue retorted, giving him a look. She nudged him gently to show she was teasing.

"Nah, besides, I have this thing for red-heads with some sort of white stripe," He teased.

Rogue didn't manage to answer because Logan had come into view. Bobby liked Logan but he couldn't help feeling jealous over him. Rogue and Logan seem to have this bond that he just wasn't apart of. He knew that Rogue's affections mainly belonged to him but Rogue adored Logan in a way she did not Bobby, and he always felt a little jealous over that.

"Hey kid," Logan said as Rogue scampered up to him. "Bobby," He said, giving him a nod.

"Hey Logan," Bobby replied, coming to stand next to Rogue.

"What are you two up to?" Logan questioned. He adjusted the strap of his knapsack on his shoulder.

"Just got finished with class. Rogue and I were on our way to get some food," Bobby replied.

"Actually you just missed her," Rogue said. Logan raised an eyebrow, showing he was interested in what she was about to say.

"She stopped by class this afternoon to see Storm," Bobby added.

"Yea...let's just say that she made "quite the impression" with all the boys," Rogue rolled her eyes as she said this. "The ones who weren't trying to pick their tongues off of the floor, made very inappropriate sounds," Rogue said.

"Wait...Storm just let them act like that?" Logan felt anger begin to boil from down in his stomach.

"She shut them up pretty quick," Rogue said quickly. Logan said nothing and waited for Rogue to continue.

"She seemed really cool. She was nice," Bobby said. Logan looked at him, still saying nothing.

"He's only saying because she's pretty," Rogue retorted.

"I am not!" Bobby shot back.

"Come on. It's true. What was that Pyro said? She had a body that Rebecca Romijn would be jealous of?" Rogue barked at him. "And then he sat there staring at her legs and then her ass for 10 minutes. You had to freeze his ear in order to snap him out of it,"

"He did what?" Logan's anger returning. He barely had a chance to speak to her, aside from the 5 minutes right after she woke up and Pyro gets to stare at her ass for 10 minutes. Now he knew that that was definitely unfair.

"That doesn't mean that I think that," Bobby defended. "I said she was nice. You said she was nice. She's a nice person! I mean you're the one working as Logan's agent here..." Rogue let an annoyed sigh escape her. Bobby paused, taking that as a sign to drop the subject .

"Alright, no more fighting," Logan said finally. "I'm gonna go speak with the Professor," Logan said. He thanked Rogue and Bobby and made his way down the hall towards the familiar office. Upon reaching the door, he knocked lightly and then entered without waiting for permission. Unexpectedly, Logan found all the X-Men gathered in Xavier's office.

"Ah Logan, I'm glad you were able to make it. Please shut the door and have a seat," The Professor gestured towards a seat next to Storm. Scott sat in a chair on the other side of the room. Jean stood beside him, she gave Logan a smile when his gaze fell upon her.

He closed the door behind and went to take his seat. That was when he saw her, really had a chance to see her for the first time. She stood next to the Professor's desk. She was wearing a black skirt, reaching mid-thigh. There was a slit in the skirt where her right thigh was, that revealed a very pleasing amount of leg. She wore a red body shaper, that fit her nicely, giving her beautiful curves. With that, she wore a matching red jacket which gave her a more professional look. Around her neck she wore a silver pendent of some sort. Logan couldn't make out the shape, except it was circular with all sorts of designs in it. It couldn't be any bigger than a quarter, but he liked the way it hung perfectly at the hollow in her neck. Her hair was pulled away from her face and on top of her head. Her bangs swept beautifully off to the side and pinned with a small red rhinestone barrette.

Logan took his time looking at her, staring almost. She was very beautiful. The bruising and cuts on her face were nearly gone and any others were hidden by her clothing. She was fair skinned, but because of the summer months, her skin was lightly tanned, giving her a beautiful glow. She had long, slender legs, accented by the strappy black heels she wore.

"At least Pyro appreciates a good pair of legs," Logan thought. He bet that the view from the back was just as gratifying. He could smell her. She smelled clean and sweet. This time her strawberries and crème scent was breeched by a soft flower smell. He assumed it was from her body wash or lotion or something of the sort. Either way he found that he enjoyed her smell. He breathed her in, his dark eyes still examining her. Completely unaware that the Professor had been talking for a couple minutes now.

"Pay attention," Storm whispered suddenly, tapping him lightly on the arm. Logan's trance was broken as he looked over at her.

"Huh?" He said, slightly dazed.

"Stop staring and pay attention," Storm repeated. Logan closed his eyes and reopened them a few seconds later. He rested his gaze on the Professor who was properly introducing their guest.

"...this is Naomi Reeves. Naomi, this is Scott Summers, Dr. Jean Grey, Ororo Munroe, better known as Storm and Logan. Which you've already met them all but I believe formal introductions are much more polite," Professor Xavier said, gesturing to each X-Men as he said their names.

Naomi gave them all a sweet smile and a nod. "It's a pleasure to meet all of you. I can't thank you enough for taking me in," She said.

"It's nice to have you here with us," Jean replied just as sweet. "I think we're all curious to know what it is that you can do..." She pried gently.

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