saga/title/fandom: Don't Wake Up chapter four

author: Chriscent

rating/genre: (adult) - romance

warnings: slash, language, heated sexual content

summary: X comes home to Los Angeles to square things with a friend.

comments/disclaimers: Standard Disclaimers apply.

Chapter Four

Matt’s warm breath blew across Xander’s rigid cock again. He clenched his teeth, willing the first touch to come.

The featherlike touch of the wet heat of Matt’s tongue flicking at the clear bead of moisture forming at the head of his cock. Xander tensed even more, if that was possible. He couldn’t see what was being done to him, was actually glad that he couldn’t. The sight of his long-time friend hesitantly tasting him would probably send him over the edge then and there.

Slowly the wet heat spread as Matt gained more courage. He could feel the man’s rough tongue licking at the small white scar there.

Xander nearly had to bite his tongue to keep from begging for more. He would not push Matt, could not. He repeated it to himself in a kind of mantra to keep from letting any pleading words slip out.

Matt’s hand stroked down his length. He cupped and fondled the hidden globes in the sac there. Xander moaned low in his chest. He wanted to rub and touch the smooth bare back Matt’s new position had exposed to him, but he locked his hands together beneath his head instead. He was worried that if he started touching him he would do something stupid like push Matt’s head down. Even as the thought moved sluggishly through his mind he gasped and had to struggle to keep from thrusting his hips upward as Matt took the head of his cock into his hot mouth.

It only took seconds of Matt’s amateur suckling and hesitant flicking tongue for Xander to forget his vow not to touch. His one large hand gripped the back of Matt’s neck, though he remembered not to press him forward as he experimented with slowly bobbing his head on X’s cock.

Xander hissed as he felt the scrape of a tooth, and then was gasping for air as Matt unthinkingly mumbled an apology with a full mouth. The vibration and rush of air was exquisite. Xander’s other hand smoothed down the neat row of bumps of Matt’s vertebrae. When his hand reached the waist of his worn-soft jeans he didn’t stop.

Rubbing at the tight halves of Matt’s ass had Matt grunting around his cock. Xander smiled and pushed at the material. “Take these off,” his voice little more than a rough growl.

Matt lifted his head, releasing his new toy after a final tug. When Matt stood to quickly shed his jeans, Xander lifted his hips and slid out of his own pants. Watching Matt, Xander frowned, seeing that the other man wouldn’t look at him.

Xander quickly sat up, gazing at the rigid length of the other man’s dick for a moment before looking up at Matt. “Are you okay?”

Matt stepped forward again, attempting to push X to lie down again. “Yeah, I just don’t think I know what I’m doing.”

Xander pushed Matt’s hands from his shoulders and pulled him forward until their faces were nearly level. “I know, Matt. I don’t either. I’m sorry. Ya don’t have to finish. We don’t have to do anything.”

Matt frowned and finally looked at him. “I want to finish.”

Xander tried to hide his smile at the man’s unwavering attitude, but ended up grinning anyway. His friend smiled back and then they were kissing, hot tongues twining and searching. Xander could taste the salty flavor of himself in his friend’s mouth. He groaned at the thought of how it had gotten there.

Slowly they eased onto the bed, Matt sliding to the side again. Matt broke the kiss and smiled down at X for a brief moment before turning to the neglected task he had set himself. Xander’s body was tensed in anticipation of the return of the hot suckling mouth, but was still taken off guard. Matt abruptly plunged his wide mouth onto his cock making Xander cry out. “Awwwwwwgh. Mmmmmm. Damn, Matt, I thought you were new at this.” The scorching swirling wetness that had engulfed him settled into a rhythm that finally allowed him to breathe normally.

Xander reached out to the now completely naked man before him, groaning nearly continuously as Matt tried out different methods of driving him crazy. He skimmed his hand down to Matt’s smooth ass. He could detect a change in Matt’s breathing as he rubbed and kneaded his hips and ass. Matt groaned against him several times as X explored as far as he could reach.

Xander smoothed one long finger along the divide of his friend’s ass. Matt stilled his, ministrations, for long moments several times as X stroked up and down in the man’s crack, going deeper with each pass.

Xander was nearly holding his breath. The sporadic-ness of the blowjob had delayed his imminent release. He concentrated on Matt’s reaction to his invading touch, watching for any sign that the man wanted him to stop. Matt had just resumed his nursing of X’s cock when Xander’s unhurried fingers brushed the man’s tight opening. Xander probed gently at him before he could stop himself.

Matt’s head jerked up, gasping at the unfamiliar touch.

Xander stilled his touch, watching his friend’s reaction. “Are you okay?”

Matt turned his head at the sound of X’s voice, though he didn’t actually look at him.

Xander could see the frown on his face as he stared at the blanket beside X’s hip. He felt strange and guilty for having his offensive finger still pressed in such a vulnerable place. Seeing that Matt still refused to speak or move, Xander felt even worse and slowly pulled his hand away.

Matt’s eyes closed and he moaned softly at the withdrawal.

Xander didn’t know what to say, so he didn’t say anything. He just waited to see what his friend would do.

Matt slowly turned his head, allowing their eyes to meet. Matt stared intently at X’s worried gaze, his brow crinkled in a frown.

Xander continued to wait. Finally his friend glanced away again. With lips pressed together, he reached out and held X’s hand, the innocent one, palm-up in his. Xander didn’t know what to expect, but was truly shocked when Matt slowly let his saliva drip into X’s cupped hand. Xander’s eyes flicked to Matt’s, but he wouldn’t look at him yet. He was frowning still, as if he was troubled by his own decision even while he was making it. After long moments he leaned forward slightly to add more saliva to that already in X’s palm.

Xander was in awe. He admired Matt normally, but this was incredible. He was ashamed, knowing that if the roles were reversed, and Matt were asking him to do something so extreme, an act that only an hour ago had been unimaginable, he would most likely refuse. Matt’s quiet consent spoke volumes to him. That he trusted X completely, that the idea of them being together like this wasn’t brand new.

Xander watched Matt intently. Finally Matt met his gaze again, his look guarded, as if he’d just told a harmful secret.

“Matt, are you sure?” Xander asked softly.

Matt closed his eyes for a moment, then smiled faintly at Xander. “As sure as you are.”

Xander smiled in return, remembering exchanging those exact words earlier in the basement. He nodded, feeling the weight of his friend’s trust. He didn’t deserve such devotion, and he loved him even more for it.

Taking a deep breath, Xander looked at his cupped hand and couldn’t keep from grinning. “Do you have any lotion?”

Matt chuckled, looking at X’s hand. “Yeah.” He chuckled again as he stood up, “I’ll get some.”

Xander rose onto his elbow to watch Matt’s lean form move away. The light in the bathroom gave a striking silhouette of his naked friend. Matt showed not a hint of unease as he crossed the room again with the bottle of lotion. He dropped a dry washcloth into X’s hand with a grin and then handed him the lotion.

Squeezing the washcloth in his hand was all it took to dry the small pool of Matt’s saliva. Xander was in truth sorry to see the symbolic offering go.

Matt crawled onto the bed. He licked at X’s stomach on the way up, flicking a tight nipple with his tongue, and then catching X’s lips with his own.

Xander smiled slightly as the other man kissed him. Who would have thought that Matt would be playful in bed, he mused. Day to day he was a rather quiet person. The rowdy group they normal hung out with only made him seem that much more quiet. Matt was a person who was content to have the illustrious spotlight shine just past him without a regret. He’d been friends with people most of his life that always seemed to be one step above him, and it had never seemed to bother him. He remained supportive and dedicated to his friends and the sport.

Xander smiled as Matt nipped and teased his way back down his chest and stomach. He felt lucky to have Matt as a friend, and knowing that the man was becoming his lover was nearly overwhelming.

His lover. Xander frowned as the word echoed in his mind. How interesting...

Matt’s mouth reattaching itself to his tortured cock brought a halt to further coherent thoughts. He writhed beneath the assault of the hot mouth and groaned again and again. Xander wasn’t sure how much more he could take. The starting and stopping was making it take longer, but he was becoming over-sensitive as well. The sharp prickle of Matt’s chin chafing his naked hip was becoming rather painful, yet the unusual feel of it was curiously erotic.

Matt had lain across the bed instead of just lying beside X as earlier. This had obviously been done on purpose, making it easier for Xander to reach him.

Xander groaned as Matt began pumping his cock with his hand as well as sucking him rhythmically. Oh, this ain’t gonna last long. He stroked his hand down Matt’s back before he lost all coherent thought. Reaching the man’s ass again he rubbed him gracelessly, having trouble concentrating suddenly. His breath caught in his throat several times as Matt seemed to try taking him in as deep as he could. Xander groaned and rubbed down his crack, trying to distract Matt from his endeavor.

It worked. Matt’s mouth stilled its persistent bobbing. His breathing was audible as it forced through his nose, fanning the hair at the base of X’s erection.

Xander rubbed gently at Matt’s tight opening, amused that the intrusive touch had effectively immobilized the man. Of course, how would you react to someone fingering your ass, he thought. He had no experience to relate it to and was, to his surprise, curious to know how it would feel.

The lotion had a pump on top, which made getting lotion with one hand convenient. As soon as X removed his questing fingers Matt resumed his suckling bobbing and stroking with slick fingers. Xander groaned and pushed the lotion away with his wrist, his hand cupped around the lotion he would need.

Suddenly he had to focus on not pumping his hips into Matt’s hot hand and mouth. The rhythm Matt had set with his slick hand tight around his cock, his mouth sucking, his tongue flicking, was fatal to the last of his control. Xander groaned, his hands closing in fists, the lotion going unnoticed as it squeezed slowly out of his hand. His struggled to keep from aiding Matt as his body went rigid, his breath coming in short grunts.

Matt, though a novice, obviously noted the change, for he increased his rhythm. At the last second Xander tried to urge Matt away as his orgasm began, but Matt refused, siphoning him, and pumping his fist until the shuddering end.

Xander couldn’t raise his head. His best friend had just sucked him though one of the best orgasms he’d ever had. He didn’t want to see him leaning over him, swallowing his cum. His stomach almost rolled in disgust at the thought and he squeezed his eyes closed, willing his breathing to calm.

The bed dipped as Matt rose. Xander refused to look at him, suddenly overcome with the weight of what they were doing. He wondered if Matt was having second thoughts, and then wondered how he couldn’t be. He had just given his first successful blowjob. X was expecting him to run to the bathroom and scrub himself like a rape victim or something.

But Matt didn’t seem to be in a hurry to leave the bed. When Xander felt his hand being lifted, he suddenly remembered the ill-fated lotion. He wondered if it was shot across the bed like his cum should be.

Matt pried his fingers open, and surprised Xander by rubbing the lotion into their three linked hands. It was such a simple thing. Xander almost smiled. When had Matt become the one in control? He turned his head and looked up at his friend holding his hand, still rubbing it between his own as he looked down at him. He felt like he should apologize for his doubts, for becoming overwhelmed.

Matt smiled, “It’s okay.”

Xander closed his eyes. Why had he never noticed that his friend was so understanding and sensitive to others? Cuz he’s a guy! What guy thought of one of his buddies as ‘understanding and sensitive’? X smiled at the thought. Especially one that could nearly best him at every damn skateboard and snowboard trick there was. No, he had never stopped to consider that Matt was considerate. Probably, or obviously, because he wasn’t.

“You okay?”

Xander nodded, smiling, opening his eyes to meet his friend’s gaze. “Yeah. But I think it’s my turn.”

He could’ve laughed at the expression on Matt’s face. He slowly sat up and watched as fear and desire warred for dominance. It made the man look very young and uncertain. X thought it was rather endearing. If that’s appropriate, he thought. Can I think of him as sweet? He smiled as he stood up and turned to face the bed. The man had just swallowed a healthy shot of cum after vigilantly coaxing it from him in the nicest manner possible. He’d call him whatever he wanted to be called!

“X, you don’t have to do this.”

Xander smiled, liking that now he was the one that was merely a dark silhouette, with the only light coming from behind him. The nervous look on Matt’s well-lit face made him wonder if he had looked so nervous. Probably.

“Matt, sit down and shut up.”

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