saga/title/fandom: Change in Perception: Flash


rating/genre:(NC-17) - Romance

warnings: language, heated slash sex

summary: Superman/Batman/Flash pwp, Justice League (nuff said)

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Change of Perception III: Flash

Sometimes when I know he's in the monitors room, I make it my business to show off a little in front of some of the cameras. Tease him a bit, and why not? He's done worse to me. Or better. Depends on your point of view I guess. At the time, my own point of view was all blurry from vibrating and foggy with lust.


So I'm running about, minding my business, and occasionally slowing down to, I don't know, pick up a pencil, or change my clothes, or rub myself over the suit and grin up at the cameras. I can almost *feel* him watching. He can do that for hours.

He can probably do that for *days*, but well, I can't.

I call him - don't need a speed dial when you've got speed fingers - to see if I can tease him into coming over to my room and *do* something with me. To me. Anything.

"So do you like to watch, Bruce?"

There's a long pause of silence. He likes to watch, but even more than that, he likes to *know* that *I* know that he's watching.

Yeah, he's kinky. No kidding.

Works well for me.

"I know you were watching me." I hear his breathing getting laboured. "I know you always watch me."

I wait a little while. Imagine his cock in my mind, filling with blood, hardening - if it's not already hard just from watching me wiggling my ass around.

I'm not cocky. I'm realistic.

"Want me to play out a little scene for you?" He likes those. Simulated discipline, all sorts of role playing, do this Wally, do that.

"Want me to stand in the corner for you, Bats? Wait for you?"

I face the corner, stand as still as I possible can, and it's like I feel his eyes staring at my ass. Honest. It lasts a fucking eternity.

He manages to whisper a choked little, "I see."

I wait another long while just to torture him, and then turn back. Only so much I can take.

"Let's try something else, okay?"

Think quick. I need to find something that will catch his attention, make me appear all submissive, but will let me *do* something before I go insane, waiting for him here like that.

"Want me in another position, maybe? Huh, Batman?" I know what will get to him.

I can hear a little choked off whiny noise on the speaker phone when I get on the bed all crouching doggie style.

"Talk to me, Bruce. Tell me what you want."

He's still quiet. It would be frustrating if I didn't know he's just as needy. Actually, it *is* frustrating. I find myself trying to fuck a hole through the bed.

"Do you want me on my stomach? On the bed? With my hands... wait a second...." I know what boys like, I know what guys want. I know what Bats likes, I know what Bruce wants. "With my hands crossed behind my back, like this?"

I'm fondling my own ass. And pretend I can't move my hands from where they are.

"If you come here when I'm like this, Batman, I'll submit to anything you want. You know that, don't you." This is it. I'm really, really close. Any second now he'll dump everything and run here to pound my ass. Oh please, make it soon.

"Are you gonna make me wait, Batman? Gonna make me suffer?" I can barely breathe, I'm so horny.

The phone slams. Knew I could do it.

How long does it take him to get here? I got undressed, changed my mind, put the suit back on, cleared some pizza trays out of the way, placed condoms and three different kinds of lubricant by the bed, took them away and stashed them back in the drawer so I don't appear too desperate... Opened the door, closed the door, locked the door and did it all again. Where *is* he?

I can hear his steps outside my door.

"Batman, is that you?" I hope I don't sound like I'm whining in need. That's what *he's* supposed to be doing right now.

He says, "Superman is here with me." And in a moment I think back to all the talks we had about sharing, about Superman, about fantasies. From teasing hypothesises about restraining abilities, seeing through things and using flight or hovering in sex, to more serious discussions about threesomes, involving other members of the League in our business, and Clark's feelings. I can't believe he fucking *brought* Superman here... I can't believe I'm still thinking about it instead of just opening the fucking door.

I unlock it but at the last second, I don't really open it. Leave just a crack, keeping the mystery. Or something. I get back on the bed and have just enough time to arrange myself in a position I know drives the Bat all batty, and I hope Superman would like it too.

I smile at him when they walk in. He's a bit deer-caught-in-headlights-y, but Batman is decisive, walks my way and then runs his hand up and down my leg, which is nice and sends shivers to all the right places.

But I want this to be a *threesome*.

"Hey, come and join us, big guy." I grin at him and he grins back and waddles along to the bed to sit by my head.

"Hey," he says.

I can't help but laugh. Dude, hey? It's funny as all hell until the world comes to a standstill - Batman's hand on my cock. Silence, thunder, and halt, o lightning. He starts petting my cock in tiny delicate movements. I moan. Superman's doing the same thing to my head and it really feels nice. Then he leans over to kiss me.

He has sweet lips, and he kisses *innocent*, like he's really putting a lot of emotion behind it and not just doin' it on his way to a fuck. It almost feels *romantic*, somehow. It lasts a long time, moments of kissage, tongue in my mouth and it tastes of sugar and spice and everything really nice.

And then it's over 'cause control-freak Batman wants to set the pace.

"Strip for us, Flash." He smirks at me. "But do it slowly."

What are you doing there, Bats? Showing off for Superman? Teasing me to death? What is your *point*?

I get up and get the head cover off me. I've been wanting it off for god knows how long now. I think about my every movement, trying to make it slow. I hum striptease music in my head and try to follow the beat. Touch myself a little bit. Then, shirt - there - show - off. Toss it aside.

And I can play too. I sit there and stretch my legs and I know Batman can't resist. He comes over and pulls my boots off, taking every opportunity to touch me. Hands glide down my legs, fondle my feet. Teasingly slow, and looking up at me from his kneeling position. And hey, why not. Not like I don't enjoy it. Superman's eyes are just so wide right now, I could laugh again if everything wasn't so sexy.

So I stand there, cock pressing against the waistband of my tights and I see Batman staring at it. So intense it could almost be scary if it wasn't for the bulge in his pants and the fact he's very nearly drooling.

I try to out-stare him but I'm not delusional, I know that won't work. I last *years* and *years* before I break and just give it up. Tights off, the hell with it, I'm gonna jack off here and now.

Ohh, yeah. So good. Who needs to wait for Batman or Superman when I can do thi - HEY.

Batman just *stops* me. Takes my hand away and has that look on his face that makes me wonder if he'll spank me for this but he just grins and - *yum*. He, I really think the only word is *engulfs* my cock in his mouth, hot and wet and I hold on to the pointy bat-ears of his cowl or whatever that is, and I think I'm screaming.

He stops. That's just not fair. Then he says, casually, calmly, to Superman... "Hold him down."

"Oh my god."

That's the only response I could muster while muscles like *steel*, and you know I'm not just sayin' that, restrain me and sort of *anchor* me to the bed and I kinda struggle but not really, and oh my god, like I said before, this is HOT.

I really can't move. Even if I wanted to.

Did I mention the HOT yet?

Stops being hot for a moment when Bats moves off my cock but then I realise he's moving down my legs and - hotter, even, although less gratifying physically for the moment but the *visual* alone, and then his *tongue*. On my *toes*.

Slowly my view is obstructed by an alien inching closer and closer to my groin, not that I'm complaining, and then he just makes a hesitant lick on the top of my already-wet cock.

"Batman has a little fetish with my feet," I explain. In case he hasn't noticed. "You just let my hands go," I try to cajole him, "and we can sixty-nine." The only thing I want more than his lips to do some more work on me, is that his cock which I can clearly see outlined under the tights over my head, to be out of said tights and in my mouth.

He lets go, and I immediately grab him, pull down the offensive tights, and suck him in. Just like we'd all assumed, big, hard, uncut and *big*. I slurp it in and grab his ass - the phrase 'buns of steel' goes through my mind, and I chuckle and he moans and swallows my cock into his mouth. Happy, content, horny. Life seems chipper. And Batman is really doing a great job with the foot thing, wet hot feeling that's echoing what Supes is doing to my cock. I love my life. Even when the Big Guy loses a bit of control and thrusts in too much and makes me cough, I still love my life. Except it made him pull almost all the way out, and we can't have that, now can we?

I smack his butt cheek, hoping it will aim him back into my mouth. Always works with Batman, worth a try. He kinda freezes in place, so I do it again and again. His cock twitches and then he fucks my mouth and deep throats me at the same time. I like it a bit rough, extreme pleasure, and my toes are curling in Batman's mouth and I come, scream muffled by the cock in my mouth.

Superman pulls away from my cock and looks down in my direction and it's a funny, what-just-happened look on his face, which is kinda cute. Endearing. I suck him extra hard and use my speed to vibrate all over his ass, first massaging and then just teasing his asshole and oh yeah, that gets them every time. Kryptonian come tastes funny. Not ha-ha funny, just, lick my lips with a thoughtful expression funny. There's come on my face and the Bat is kissing my toes like he does when I'm doing something real good.

I like that.

Clark is sitting by my head again, and Bruce, well, I can see he's still hard but he's trying to make it seem like he doesn't care, which means he *wants* me to take care of that, and hey, I know just what would put all three of us together so Superfuck and I get equal shares of Bat-pie.

I get Superman to sit by the wall. A touch of choreography, and he's the comfy chair now. I get Bruce to sit on him. Then I make a Bat sandwich, sitting on top of Bruce, facing him, leaning back, and - let *this* game begin. I mean, if a guy has such a useful super-power, it's a shame to waste it on crime-fighting alone, don't you think?

The Speed Force is *fun*, especially since it's my ass vibrating against Bruce's beautifully hard cock, pressing him in turn against Superman who I think is still hard. I know Bruce likes it, even though he's not really into making noises during sex. Or, you know, ever.

He likes it more and more and I know it can be enough if I make a point of it, but why not lend a hand if I can, right? I pull down his tights - can't believe he stayed fully dressed during all this time, crazy Gotham people, I'll never get them - and give him a speedster handjob. But gently. He comes right away, god, I love when that happens.

Moments pass. Long, long moments. Not that I don't enjoy the continuous physical contact, but really, *long* moments. I get up and bounce away, feeling sticky.

"We need to wash and get some sleep," I say, voice of logic. "And cuddle."

Fuck that if Batman isn't gonna make this threesome thing a regular deal. I want this to be real, and I know it could be good for both of them. Lucky for him, he nods for a yes.

"And we need to get a larger bed in here, big guy. One that would fit in three." I dare him to say anything. We all pretty much live in the tower half the time as it is.

Bats agrees with me.

And Superman hugs him tight, squeezing those big arms around him. I'd almost pity good old Bruce.

If it wasn't that funny.

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