saga/title/fandom: Don't Wake Up chapter five

author: Chriscent

rating/genre: (adult) - romance

warnings: slash, language, heated sexual content

summary: X comes home to Los Angeles to square things with a friend.

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Chapter Five

Matt grinned as he complied with Xander’s order, moving to sit almost exactly where X had been sitting, though he didn’t lie back.

“Why wouldn’t ya want me to return the favor?” Xander asked. He knew from experience that Matt couldn’t see him well. The only light was shining in his face, but leaving X’s face in shadow. He lowered his voice purposefully to a husky drawl to further the effect.

It seemed to work. Matt blinked up at him, his eyes narrowing as he tried to focus on his face. “It wasn’t a favor.”

Xander grinned. Good answer! He moved forward, forcing Matt to tilt his head back to keep eye contact as he stepped between the man’s knees.

“Did you like it?” Xander asked as he slowly leaned forward so that their faces were nearly touching. His head throwing shadows across Matt’s face to where he could no longer see it clearly. Warm breath fanned his lips as he waited for his answer.

“More than I would’ve liked,” Matt whispered, the soft purr of his voice unable to drop as low as X’s.

Xander smiled at Matt honest comment. “You wanted to hate it?”


Xander watched Matt almost reflexively work his jaw back and forth as if he were thinking of what he had done. “Should I be sorry that you didn’t hate it? And what’s wrong with you jaw?”

Matt smiled, “I’m not used to…” He just grinned.

Xander chuckled, the meaning obvious. “So I wore you out already?”

Matt paused for a long second, “Not yet.”

Xander’s only response to that was a low growl before he pressed his lips to the other man’s. They kissed for a long minute, tongues exploring and competing. Xander pulled back slowly, sucking his full bottom lip in and then licking his lips. “I can taste myself.”

Matt pulled him forward again, their mouths meeting in a brutal lock. Matt’s hands pulled him forward, as he slowly moved to lie back. Xander brought his one knee down into the space between Matt’s legs and essentially climbed onto him, holding himself above the other man’s prone form.

Matt’s hands seemed to be drawn to X’s head. He could feel and hear the soft rasp of his friend’s hands stroking the stubble. Xander worked his way along the other man’s jaw, licking and nibbling at the more-than-five-O’clock shadow there. When Matt tilted his head back he licked down to his throat and worked along the underside of his jaw. “I’m sorry I made ya sore,” he whispered against the soft skin of his throat.

Matt laughed softly, then said what they were both thinking, “I think we’re both gonna be sore when this night’s over.”

Xander growled and bit him, his teeth biting into his throat. Matt moaned and shifted beneath him. “Quit teasin,” he managed to rasp through his mistreated throat.

Xander chuckled, releasing him to lick at the marks he had left. “You’re depraved.”

“I don’t care.”

Xander lifted his head and looked down at him. “What do you mean, you don’t care?”

Matt scowled as if he were truly pissed. “I don’t care if this is wrong. I want this. I want you. And if this is wrong then, fuck it! I don’t care.”

Xander was shocked by Matt’s outburst, but, then, he had been shocking him all night. He was flattered, and quite a bit relieved, to hear his friend say those words. That niggling fear that this was all just a wet-dream would not seem to go away. He vowed that if he woke up alone in bed, sweating and aching for this man that he would not sleep again until they had relived this.

“Am I awake?”

Matt smirked and then full-out grinned at him. “Yeah, X, you’re awake.”

He smacked his lips onto the other man’s before moving down his exposed body. He pressed his chin and lips into the sparse crisp hairs on his chest, rubbing back and forth gently. “Thank God,” he whispered, surprised at how loud his voice sounded. He hadn’t intended for Matt to hear him, had just been voicing a thought aloud. If Matt heard, he didn’t react. Maybe he felt the same way, Xander thought, thinking of Matt’s knowing smile.

Xander licked and bit at the flat nipples before him, encouraged by the soft grunts and moans coming from his partner. The strangeness, or the difference from what he was accustomed to, fascinated him. He had been with a lot of women and had suckled more nipples than was probably decent, but this was appealing in it’s newness. He never would have thought that he would enjoy exploring another man’s body because it was different.

Matt tensed when X abandoned his nipples to work his way lower. The steady stroking of his hands over X’s shoulders and neck and head slowed. As the stroking resumed Xander wondered if his head would be sore in the morning from so much touching. His tongue dipped into the well of Matt’s navel and he paused to run his tongue around the hole before filling it again. Matt’s stomach flexed and rippled in response to the teasing wet touch. Xander smiled for a split second before sinking his teeth into the soft skin. Matt surprised him yet again by not reacting in surprise, but groaning low in a way that resembled a purr.

Xander rested his chin below his friend’s bellybutton to look up at him. He had been progressively sliding off the bed as he worked his way down. The rigid length of the cock beneath him was pressed snugly against his chest and even brushing his neck. “Do you enjoy me biting you?”

Matt raised his head, his hands stacking beneath to support it, as he looked at him. “Yeah, I guess.”

Xander frowned, “So you want me to be rough?”

Matt smiled, “No, X. I want you to be you.”

Xander smiled. Good answer! He was learning much about his friend tonight. He had known him for years, and, if asked, would have said he knew pretty much everything about him. But I guess you don’t truly know a guy until you’ve fucked him, he thought with a wicked smile. Matt was smart and talented, was never conceited, kind and friendly, clever and funny, and numerous other things, but he hadn’t known how sweet his friend could be, or how truly wise. Some of the things he said made X wonder why he hadn’t been thinking the exact same thing.

“Are you okay?”

Xander smiled at the soft question and rubbed his chin back and forth. “Yeah. I’m fine.” Moving slightly lower was all it took for the sticky tip of Matt’s cock to press in below his jaw. He raised up, looking down at the sleek length. He’d never been this close to another man’s dick. How would he have been? He smiled as he thought of the few times he had been bribed into changing Matt’s son’s diaper years before. That was the next closest experience and he had carefully ensured he had never made skin-to-skin contact with the infant with multiple layers of baby wipes. He didn’t know where the line of sexual abuse on children was drawn and didn’t really want to find out.

Xander slid completely to the floor, intending to kneel beside the bed, as he had witnessed women do before. He frowned when he realized he hadn’t taken into account the height of the over-large bed. An idea came to him and he stood and walked away. He could hear the bed shift behind him as Matt rose to watch him.

He remembered that several years before Matt’s son had been too short to reach the sink. So Matt had brought the boy a foam exercise step that his wife no longer used. It had worked perfectly for the child to reach the sink. Knowing Matt’s housekeeping skills were a bit lax and remembering seeing the teal step months before in the walk-in closet, he moved to see if it could be put to good use. It was there. He grabbed it up and smiled at Matt’s grin when he came out with it.

“What are you grinning at?” he asked as he dropped the lightweight step on the floor beside the bed.

Matt continued to grin, leaning up on his elbows to look at X. “You. Coming out of the closet.”

Xander rolled his eyes as he sunk down to his knees on the soft block of foam. “Ya really need to get some better jokes.”

Matt snorted softly and didn’t comment further.

Xander leaned over his friend, preparing to ‘take the dive’ and suck his first dick when he realized Matt was still balanced on his elbows looking at him. “Are you gonna watch?”



Matt tilted his head as he thought for a moment. “I want to see you. I’d rather touch you but you seem to wanna be down there, so I’ll jus watch instead.”

Xander frowned at his friend.

“You don’t want me to?” Matt asked.

Xander shrugged one shoulder, suddenly feeling silly for feeling uncomfortable. “I dunno.”

Matt quirked one dark brow, “Just answer, X. Do you not want me to watch?”

“I dunno. I guess it doesn’t really matter,” he quickly told him. “I don’t know how you’re gonna stay up like that anyway.”

“I’ll be okay.”

Xander smiled up at him, “You don’t think I can make you fall?”

Matt smiled back, “With your mouth?”

X’s brows rose at the shocking question. Well, fight fire with fire! “Without going above the waist.”

Matt’s eyes narrowed slightly, then, “Deal. What do I win?”

“Ya mean what I’ll win, and we’ll just hafta think of somthin later. An I.O.U.”

Matt smiled and nodded, “That works for me.”

Xander took a deep breath as he focused on what he would have to do to his friend with him watching. And now he was supposed to be great at it! After a long pause Matt’s washboard stomach visibly flexed as he slowly sat up, forcing X back. With X kneeling on the block their faces were nearly level.

“X, you don’t have to do this at all. I understand.” His callused palm felt strange on X’s face as he cupped his cheek, his thumb hooked beneath his jaw.

“I want to, Matt. It’s just…”

Matt smiled, “You’re not tellin me shit, X. Ya think I had a dick in my mouth before tonight?” X’s eyes closed at the blunt question. “It’s not somethin I longed to do, but it was you.”

Xander’s heart genuinely ached in his chest at his friend’s words. More than once during the night Matt had indicated that he cared more for him than as a friend. X had never questioned whether he loved Matt, but that his friend might return the sentiment had never entered his ever-cautious thoughts.

Xander opened his eyes to look up at the half-lit face of his closest friend. “Thank you.”

Their lips met in an almost gentle kiss. Xander’s hand cupped the back of Matt’s neck, wanting only to feel his hot teasing mouth on his, and disregarding all the rest. For endless minutes they continued, thrusting and coaxing, touching very little otherwise. They were both panting for breath when they called a mutual halt, leaning their foreheads together.

“You don’t have to do this, X.”

Xander nodded, bumping his head against his partner’s. “I want to.”

“Well, you don’t have to do it right now.”

“I want to. I want this.” He took a deep breath and rubbed his forehead against the other man’s. “I love tasting myself on you.”

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