saga/title/fandom: The Past Never Dies chapter 21 (Pitch Black/Riddick)

author: Shalimar

rating/genre: (NC-17) - het, angst, drama

warnings: het, sexual content, adult content, drug use, criminal activity, religious fusion

summary: What if Jack had stayed on New Mecca with Imam? What if Riddick had come back for her? (Riddick/Jack, Imam/OFC)

comments/disclaimers: General disclaimers apply.

When Jack woke up the next morning, everything felt wrong. The sun was bright enough that she knew she had slept later than she should have, completely missing morning prayers. She felt unusually sweaty and sticky all over, and when she hopped out of bed to go fix breakfast, the unexpected breeze informed her that she was stark naked.

“Nope,” Riddick said, snagging her trailing wrist and pulling her back. “Come back to bed.”

Then she remembered. She had gotten married yesterday. She was in the guest bedroom. And there had been last night. Last night. The words induced a flood of pleasurable memories and sensations.

“I will,” she promised, pulling her tangled hair out of her face as she smiled coyly back at her new husband, “but I must use the bathroom.”

Once in the bathroom, Jack took a moment to think. She wasn’t sure exactly how many times they had made love during the night after the first scary effort had turned out so well. It seemed to her that there had been several sessions, all touch and sound in the darkened room, between bouts of fitful sleep. It wasn’t surprising that she should be so sticky. What was different was how good her body felt this morning, despite its frequent penetration. When she had been younger and abused, her sex had always hurt afterwards. It felt a kind of exhausted satisfaction now.

Jack had just finished with the toilet when Riddick came in, intent on the same location. She had certainly felt all of him naked, but she hadn’t seen all of him. She watched him urinate in utter fascination, scarcely believing the size of the organ he was urinating with.

“What?” he asked, noting her wide-eyed stare. “Never seen a man pee before?”

“You put that into me?” she gasped, halfway between appalled and amazed.

Riddick snickered at that. “Yeah, several times, when it was bigger. You seemed to like it.”

“I’m amazed it actually fit,” Jack opined. “No wonder you didn’t want me to see it before the first time.”

“You’d have freaked,” he agreed. “Better you learn to love it first.” All their attention on his penis served to make it remember its most critical function. It began to swell accordingly. Riddick grinned at her lasciviously. “Care to love it some more?”

Jack was surprised to feel an answering tug deep in her pelvis at the thought, but simply had to attend to other matters first. “My teeth are disgusting, and I need a shower in the worst way. Don’t you?”

Riddick perked up at that. “A shower … hmmm. That could be fun … “

“Both of us?” she squeaked.

He licked his lips, speculatively. “Well, you don’t just shower … “

Oh, Jack thought and then, Ohhh, as the ramifications of what he was suggesting set in. “Let me brush my teeth first,” she said.

“Not a bad idea,” he concurred, and joined her at the sink.

Once they had finished with their teeth, Riddick went about setting the water temperature in the shower. “Roomy,” he commented, significantly, over the noise of the water.

“We’re in the guest room,” she explained. “Heads of state have stayed in here before.”

“Bet none of them had as good a night as we did,” he quipped.

He held the door open, wanting Jack to enter first. The warm water on her sweaty flesh and hair felt so delicious that she forgot everything for a moment, including the fact that Riddick was awaiting his turn.

“I need some of that, too,” he said at last, moving her gently aside.

Jack blinked the water out of her eyes and watched him get wet, the water running through the channels in his taut muscles in little rivulets. Allah be praised, but he’s gorgeous. Sahar was right. I was crazy to resist marrying him.

“See something you like?” he teased, catching her looking at him.

“I thought you already knew that,” she smiled, as the tug in her pelvis increased. “But I really, really need to get clean. You can help me wash my hair.”

“Hmmmmm,” Riddick purred, deep in his chest. “Turn around.”

She closed her eyes, heard him squeeze the shampoo into his hands, and then they were massaging her skull, lathering her dirty tresses. Her neglected scalp felt heavenly, but parts of her she thought should need a rest perked enviously. It was hard to believe that her body wanted him inside her again so soon. And to think, at this time yesterday, I was fretting about the very thing I can’t seem to get enough of now.

Finally, when he was satisfied that her thick hair was clean enough, he maneuvered her back into the water to rinse out the soap. His slippery hands encompassed her breasts, teasing her achingly taut nipples.

“I see somebody’s missed me,” he surmised, his tone leaving no doubt that he had missed her, too.

Jack could barely concentrate on keeping her own hands threading through her hair to expose different portions of it to rinsing. “Can we please finish getting clean first?” she begged.

“Okay,” he said, agreeably, soaped up his hands and attacked her body.

Getting clean had never felt quite this good. Riddick touched every part of her, lingering just long enough to make her twitch. Finally, he pushed her carefully back into the water to rinse.

“Your turn,” he decided, after some time had passed, and put the bath soap in her shaking hands. “Don’t miss anything.”

Although she had touched him during the course of their lovemaking, it was more to further her own pleasure than a conscious effort to please him. This was the first time he had actually asked her to concentrate on his body, to seek to please him. She soaped her hands, trying not to betray her uncertainty.

He knew anyway. “There isn’t too much you can do wrong,” he assured her. “Men are easy.”

“You don’t use shampoo on your head, do you?” she wondered, never having considered what the bald did when washing.

“Here,” he said, stooping somewhat so she could reach the top of his head more easily.

She lathered his whole skull, ran her fingers over the planes in his face, played with his ears, and finished with his neck. When she released him, he straightened into the warm water and groaned as it rinsed the soap from him.

“How hard was that?” he prompted. “Just keep right on like that.”

Encouraged, she soaped his chest. She had learned the contours of his chest and stomach during the night, and appreciated them more all the time. However, when she got below his belly button, he took her hands and forced them lower, wanting them to caress his penis. After a moment, Jack concentrated her attention lower, her sudsy fingers eliciting a groan as they closed around his hard length. She simply couldn’t believe he had fit that inside her and how good it felt when it was there. She was amazed by how badly she wanted him to do it again. Hands shaking now, she snaked a hand underneath his penis to soap his scrotum and heard his breath catch. Instantly, she stopped, as he stepped back further under the water.

“You okay?” Jack asked, afraid she had caused him pain.

His answer was to lift her off the floor, put her back against the tile wall and sheath himself with her. Jack gasped as that fullness she was learning to love invaded her again.

“Guess I must have done it right,” she murmured, just before his lips seared hungrily onto hers.

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