saga/title/fandom: Change in Perception: Superman


rating/genre:(NC-17) - Romance

warnings: language, heated slash sex

summary: Superman/Batman/Flash pwp, Justice League (nuff said)

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Change of Perception I: Superman

Scan recognised. Beep.

Entry: Accept.

Zoom. Whoosh. The door slides open and Superman enters, cape billowing behind him. He's walking up to where Batman sits, watching the monitors. Only a curt nod acknowledges his presence.

They're watching Flash. The image on the screen creates mixed emotions; from pride at this superhero who is their teammate, through amusement at his antics, and to a weird semblance of parental worry at his impatience and his tendency to jump head first into danger.

Batman's idea of a family is somewhat twisted, but Superman knows and feels that the Justice League are more than just a crime fighting group. They've grown close, in many ways, and while they're equal in their status within the group, some different bonds have formed between specific members.

He wonders if Batman feels the same.

"You know, we spend so much time in this tower it's almost like we live here," he starts. Batman says nothing.

"I know we all have our own homes to go to at the end of the day, but sometimes the days never end - not that it's bad," he hastens to add, "to live with - all of you."

Batman's eyes narrow. Maybe it's time to get to the point.

"Do you ever feel like we're almost... Almost like Wally's parents?"

Funny how you can tell a guy raises his eyebrow even when half his face is covered by thick black plastic.

Superman falls silent.

After a while, Batman says quietly, "Wally has parents."

Superman winces because, how could he not think about this, how could he forget.

"I know." He says. "And he's an adult. That's not - what I meant."

"What did you mean then?" Superman can't read Batman's voice at all.

"I mean... we worry about him. We try to get him to eat healthier. We try to keep him out of trouble, as much as we can... in this line of work." Superman can't really say 'because I feel like we are'.

"He respects us, he likes us... and we like him, don't we?" Superman says hopefully, and tries to diffuse the situation with some vague humour - "Even you."

Batman smiles at him, that unnerving Batman smile of his. "Maybe we do like Wally. But not like parents."

It takes a few moments for Superman to understand that smile.

"You... and Flash?" He tries to sound casual about it. He tries to sound sophisticated. Above all, he tries not to slip into the Smallville accent. Batman just nods.

Talk about hit and miss. Superman tries not to look into Batman's eyes. Looks away and - down, and - notices the black cape covering Batman's lap.

And the phone rings. Batman picks it up and listens, expressionless, and then asks Superman politely to leave the room.

"It's personal. Not League business."

Superman leaves. But he remains standing right outside the door. Listens, and hates himself for it.

"I know you were watching me." The voice on the phone is almost unrecognisable even with super hearing, but then Superman realises it's the Flash. He just sounds... different.

Batman doesn't reply but the intense eavesdropping makes his breathing sound harsh and laboured in Superman's ears.

"I know you always watch me." The voice is teasing and still no response from Batman himself. "Want me to play out a little scene for you?"

Rustle of the cape. Superman doesn't dare look back into the room. He very decisively stares at the dark grey wall before him. That only makes his hearing seem sharper.

"Want me to stand in the corner for you, Bats? Wait for you?"

There are a few moments of silence. It's probably eternity for Wally to endure, but it's not that easy on Superman, either. Batman rasps, almost a whisper, "I see."

Another moment and then a chuckle through the phone line. "Let's try something else, okay?" And that sounds very much like Wally, now. But then that other Wally returns.

"Want me in another position, maybe? Huh, Batman?"

Superman wishes he could see. It takes all his will power not to turn around and use his x-ray vision to look at those monitors and see what Flash is doing to make Batman emit that tiny, almost inaudible whining sound under his breath.

"Talk to me, Bruce. Tell me what you want." There is still silence and Superman wonders if that's - a part of the game. "Do you want me on my stomach? On the bed? With my hands... wait a second...." There is a rustle and a hiss and then - "With my hands crossed behind my back, like this?"

Superman closes his eyes and bites his lips and thinks about fighting that octopus-like monster that squirted green smelly goo all over him two weeks ago, and manages to avoid burning a hole through the wall.

"If you come here when I'm like this, Batman, I'll submit to anything you want. You know that, don't you." That voice cannot be Wally. It was too low, too confident, too... sexy, maybe. Superman doesn't know. Too... something that Batman would like. A lot.

He has to turn around and peek. Just to... make sure the Flash isn't being possessed by something villainous.

He looks. Through the wall. Batman's hand is under his cape, in a familiar position but hardly moving. He's staring at the monitor.

Which is just outside Superman's line of vision.

"Are you gonna make me wait, Batman? Gonna make me suffer?"

Batman gets up and slams the phone, and it's all so sudden Superman just takes a step back and gets dizzy when his x-ray vision focuses back on the wall, and by the time he recovers Batman is out of the room and almost running into him.

They stare at each other wild-eyed for a moment.

Superman swallows.

Batman purses his lips.

"You can join me. If you want."

Superman wants to ask a million questions and say a million things and -

Batman moves past him in a swirl of cape. Superman hurries after him.

"Batman, is that you?"

They stop short at Wally's door. Superman looks questioningly at Batman.

Batman says in a low voice, "Superman is here with me."

There is a pause, a moment's silence, and then the door unlocks and opens a crack. When they push it further, they see a figure on the bed.

Flash is now a representation of All Things Pinup. Reclining there like a model, or perhaps a porn star, suit still on, but everything about him just says 'come and take it off'. There is a smile on his face which shouldn't feel like something new - Wally's smiling all the time - but Superman is sure he's never seen that smile before.

Batman probably has.

Batman, who's sitting on Wally's bed and caressing soft and long from Wally's thigh to his foot.

"Hey, come and join us, big guy." Those are Wally's words but the tone is all wrong, like a porny parody of what he normally talks like. Only not at all funny. Just - Superman wants to say 'disturbing' but all he can think of is 'hot'.

He crosses the room awkwardly and sits by Wally's head.

"Uh. Hey." Superheroes don't blush. They just have that look on their face like they're about to, but they don't.

Wally throws his head back on the pillow and laughs. The laughter, very comforting in its Wally-ness, is cut in the middle for a moan. Superman glances to see Batman's hand on Flash's crotch, not rubbing but more like petting. Gentle, careful petting.

He glances back to find his own hand on Flash's head, a reflection of Batman's, petting. Wally's eyes are closed.

He never felt like a parent, Superman realises. Not a father, just a friend. He gets it now. Now, when he doesn't feel like a friend anymore because he feels like something else.

Maybe he feels like - maybe he feels like Wally.

He feels more of a hero than ever when he gathers up the courage to lean forward and kiss his teammate on the lips.

It's nice. It's - really nice. Sweet and soft and very warm and wet and soft, there need to be more words for 'soft', Superman thinks and Wally's tongue is in his mouth. He licks it with his own tongue and it's really, really -

Batman pulls him back by his cape and he stumbles up and stands by Batman, away from the bed, and doesn't understand. Wally's still *on* the bed. And they're not.

"Strip for us, Flash." Batman says the nicest things. "But do it slowly."

Flash stands up. The head cover goes first, and he shakes the reddish orange hair until it's wild and mussed. Grins and looks like the Wally Superman's used to, for a moment. And then he -

Touches the yellow lightning stripes on his hips. Casual, sensual strokes. Then he takes his shirt off, probably very slowly for him. Then he sits back on the bed and - shakes his feet at Batman.

Who kneels and takes off Wally's yellow boots. Now *this* is slow. One by one - there are only two, why does it take him so long?

Wally stands there with just red tights that reach under his knees and bare, muscular, golden calves. Superman stares at them for a long time, and nearly misses - the tip of Wally's cock peeking from the top of his red tights, and Wally's fingers hooked and ready to pull the tights down and away but - don't. He's holding on. Batman watches him. It's like a battle of wills. Superman is pretty much ready to bet who'll lose.

Superman blinks.

Wally is naked and back on the bed, jerking himself off frantically.

Batman grins and it's somewhere between infuriating and just plain scary. Walks deliberately to the bed and pulls Wally's hand away from his cock.

Yeah, well, that was predictable.

What isn't quite that predictable is the hot desire in Batman's eyes when he does that. The very picture of hunger. He looks like he's about to -

Take Wally into his mouth and suck hard. Swallow him into his mouth, deep concentration and precise moves just like he does everything else and Wally screams, thrashes his head, reaches a hand out to Superman.

Batman lifts his head from Flash's cock, where he hovers like a giant - bat. Black cape covering and looks strange with the wetness around his mouth and the cowl still on and says -

"Hold him down."

He resumes sucking.

"Oh my god." Wally moans. Superman holds both his arms above his head with one hand, uses the other to press on his chest every time Wally tries to arch off the bed.

And then Wally really thrashes and struggles when Bruce leaves his cock alone and slides lower down his legs. He almost *whines*. Superman stares at his cock which is covered in Batman's spit and echoes the emotion, if not the sound.

And then he *does* whine when he sees Batman *licking* Flash's foot, he can *see* tongue swirling around the big toe. Superman crawls down Flash's body, never letting go of his hands, and finds himself licking the head of Flash's cock and not really sure what else he's supposed to do.

"Batman," Wally pants, "has a little fetish with my feet. You just - *moan* - let my hands go, and we can - *gasp* - we can sixty-nine."

It's all so very crude and direct Superman feels almost surreal. No introduction, no preliminary chit-chat of any kind, and now he's expected to just let Wally's hands go so he can, uh, pull down the red and blue tights and, uh, wrap his mouth around Superman's cock and *grasp* his butt with both hands and, um, oh god. Oh. God.

He swallows down Wally's cock and glances up to see Batman winking - *Batman*, *winking* - at him with half of Wally's foot in his mouth.

He thrusts down and Wally makes a little choking sound so he pulls up immediately, and Wally kind of - slaps his ass. It doesn't really hurt and it only makes him want to thrust more. The second and third ones are no accidental slaps, they're *spanks* and Superman barely registers it when he pushes his hips forward and down. And moans around Wally's cock which seems to be lodged deeper in his throat and he doesn't know how it got there but it feels nice, and from the noises Wally is making it must be nice for him too.

Really nice. Something hot and liquid down his throat and Superman coughs and pulls up and he only realises Wally came when it dribbles out of his mouth back on Wally's cock. And then he's being sucked real hard and he makes a loud keening noise and Wally's fast, vibrating fingers are dancing all over his ass and around his hole and he - comes, looking up to see Batman kissing the tips of Wally's toes and then down to see his own come on Wally's face.

Oh. God.


And also, god.

He pulls away and sits on the bed in his previous spot by Wally's head and wonders if they should be doing something about Batman, who didn't even take his cock out of his pants, although it's pretty obvious he probably wants to.

Wally sits up, oddly refreshed and energetic. He looks at Superman with a practically mischievous glint in his eye.

"Wanna help me take care of him?" Superman nods. "I got an idea." And that at least sounds like the Wally he remembers from so long ago. Like, yesterday.

Wally arranges him on the bed with his back to the wall and motions Batman to come over and Superman is fascinated to see Batman just going along with it. Sitting in his lap, leaning his head back to rest on Superman's shoulder and not exactly smiling, but close. And Flash climbs up to sit in *Batman's* lap, facing them both, grins a wide maniacal grin, and starts to *vibrate*.

For real. This isn't just moving fast in one place, this is making the whole bed dance and the vibrations go all through Batman and reach Superman's crotch and he starts to vibrate in response, using the blurred motion he sometimes uses to mask his identity with. Batman's moans sound like he's sitting on a washing machine. Or a double-sided vibrator that covers his whole body and places fingers on his nipples that also vibrate, and has a round tight little ass like Wally has that's just undulating on Batman's cock. He's getting it from all directions, Superman realises when he feels his own erection shuddering against Batman's ass.

This. Is just so good. So many kinds of good.

Wally pulls down Batman's tights and takes his cock out in a blurry, vibrating hand, and that's all it takes for Batman to come with his mouth open like he's shouting with no voice.

We were really close to making Batman come in his pants, Superman thinks in a weird combination of pride, glee, and disappointment that they didn't get to do that. Maybe next time.

If there is a next time. What is going on between the three of them? Where do they stand now? How did they get here in the first place?

Flash pulls off and stands up, still naked and sweaty.

"We need to wash and get some sleep," he says. "And cuddle."

Batman is still sitting in Superman's lap. He nods.

"And we need to get a larger bed in here, big guy. One that would fit in three."

Batman nods again. And Superman smiles and wraps his arms around the man on his lap, not caring for any patented Bat Death Glare.

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