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the reason

welcome to the haven, my little corner of the web. i created this site to share some of my obsessions with the rest of the universe. i hope you don't mind. plus i noticed there isn't much out there for the insane, comic book reading, slash & het fan fiction loving, romantic geek demographic. if you need anything while you are here just drop me a line by e-mailing me here.

the updates

2005 november 18
hi! i am back. i had a bunch of things to take care of over the last few months but updates should be forth coming. please stay tuned.

2005 april 23
sorry about the long hiatus. first up chapters 35-38 of the x-men romantic fic two of us has been added to the archive. also i just got permission from chriscent to post a xXx slash fic don't wake up in the archive. and give it a chance guys chriscent may pair xander with an omc but he's one of the best omc's i have read in a long time. in addition to all of that there are two new desktops in the wallpaper gallery: royo#3 and x-men: jubilee profile pink on white. but wait there's more... later though.

2005 march 02 1049
hello. first off i would like to apologize to shalimar (and one reading the past never dies). when i posted the fic in the archive, i botched the links to the chapters. i have fixed that problem, so now the chapter links work properly. secondly, chapters 20-38 of the past never dies have been archived and are available for you to read. shalimar you are the bomb! finally, chapter 34 of two of us by alex l has also been archived. enjoy.

2005 march 02 0934
six new wallpapers: x-men: emma & jean, dcu: wonderwoman (black background), dcu: wonderwoman 8th wonder..., vin diesel as "riddick" animated, x-men: emma white diamond. and denzel washington leaning. enjoy.

2005 march 01
for the month of 2005 february the haven had 6439 visitors. i know, i know i didn't update. but i am very pleased with the number and i thank each and everyone of you who stopped in last month. i changed the visuals on the wallpaper page. it took too long to open and i just wasn't feeling the neutral colors. other than that i have nothing for you right now... sorry :(

2005 february 28 1829
hello again. the haven now has a wallpaper section. please refer to the hypertext under the planet logo to pay it a visit. i designed all the wallpapers and i am still not sure if i am going to take submissions or even post other's work at all. i'll figure out soon enough.

2005 february 28 1130
hello. sorry for the lack of updates this month. but i have a few today: chapters 8-11 have been added for you and i got something(jl/dcu),chapter 33 for two of us (x-men), chapter 5 for diety by day (herc/xena), and lastly a newbie slash fic entitled the other (dcu) by alexisbroken. enjoy. there should be one more update today if i can finish the coding, if not look for it this upcoming weekending.

2005 february 02
for the month of 2005 january this site had 8195 visitors! wow, thanx!

2005 january 16
greetings. happy doctor martin luther king junior day. two updates: chapter 3 of the blade fic, fallen, by slayerknight and a newbie, some dc comics universe slashy goodness from 'rith entitled outtake. enjoy!!!

2005 january 09
hello. chapter 17 of the batman beyond fic, identity, is now in the archive and chapters 1-19 of a pitch black fic entitled the past never dies, by shalimar, has also in the archive now too. enjoy.

2005 january 08
hi. chapter 32 of two of us (x-men) and chapter 2 of fallen (blade 3) have been added. three new stories have also been added; the pitch black angst fic last job by the lovely shalimar as well as justice league based secret and, it's sequel, 3x5 index cards. both by the talented dimitri aidan. more to come!

2005 january 03
hello my duckies. two new stories and one update. the newbies: a wolvie & j non-romantic fic entitled duty calls by the fab-tab-ulous ascian (aka the webmistress of wolverine and jubilee.com) and a slashy blade:trinity fic by the equally spanky slayerknight called the fallen. last but definately not least chapter 31 for romantic x-men epic two of us by alex l !!! enjoy.

2005 january 02
hello. for the month of 2004 december the haven had 6024 visitors. hot damn guys, thanx! sorry for the lack of updates; special apology to those of you kind enough to let me archive. i will update on monday 2005 january 03, but i wanted to post this before i did that. again thanx for making this site a success.

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