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All wallpapers showcased here are 800 X 600. Please click on the images. Please note that if your desktop is set at 800 X 600 already the images may appear smaller than they actually are when you click on them.

Actors & Actresses

Denzel Washington silver background
Denzel Washington leaning against pole
Rhiana Griffith black & white
Rhiana Griffith tropical
Rhiana Griffith as "Jack"
Vin Diesel as "Riddick" animated eyes
Vin Diesel with gun green background
Vin Diesel in shower
Vin Diesel as "Riddick" grey & white
Vin Diesel "profiling" photo
Vin Diesel surrounded by darkness
Vin Diesel "The Pacifier" photo
Prince in Hawaii
Prince "One Night Stand" photo

Video Games
Butcher's Bay: Riddick with screwdriver
Butcher's Bay: Riddick with Gun
Butcher's Bay: Riddick with Shivs

Art & Drawings

Luis Royo #1
Luis Royo #2
Luis Royo #3
Anime: Hamtaro


"Gone...But Forgotten" Series: Psylocke
"Gone...But Forgotten" Series: Phoenix
"Gone...But Forgotten" Series: X-Man (Nate Grey)
DCU: Batman vs Alien
DCU: Flash in Motion
DCU: Batman/Superman
DCU: Justice League
DCU: Wonderwoman black ground
DCU: Wonderwoman 8th Wonder...
JLU: Flash & Green Lantern (Wally/John)
JLU: Green Lantern (John)
JLU: Original Seven Members
X-Men: Emma Frost & Jean Grey
X-Men: Emma Frost White Diamond
X-Men: Manga Iceman
X-Men: Emma Frost Queen of Hearts
X-Men: Bishop profile
X-men: Bishop profile remix
X-Men: Rogue/Gambit/Sword
X-Men: Rogue & Gambit Untouchable
X-Men: Rogue & Gambit movie-verse
X-Men: Prince Gambit
X-Men: Jubilee-Firecracker X
X-Men: Jubilee with killer shoes
X-Men: Jubilee profile pink on white
X-Men: Blue Jubilee
X-Men: Jubilee on swing
X-Men: Rictor & Shatterstar on bikes
X-Men: Storm double exposure
X-Men: Nate Grey & Threnody in battle stance
X-Men: Wolverine & Jean kissing (little)
X-Men: Wolverine & Jubilee in the Alps
X-Men: Manga Wolverine "Nuff Said"
X-Men: Manga Wolverine "Out of the Blue"
X-Men: Manga Wolverine "Claws"
X-men: Wolverine & hog
X-Men: Manga Wolverine "Red"

All wallpapers were designed by me, Candylyn Parker. Please feel free to use them on your desktops.
I do not own any of the characters (or the real people for that matter) nor do I have permission to use their likeness.
I have not made a single dime from designing these wallpapers, so please don't sue me. Just think of it as free advertising!