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2004 december 20
sorry about not having updated in a while, christmas and work are buttkickers. anywho, chapter 30 of alex's two of us is up and a new multi-universe/crossover by kaylee called personals. more to come tonight. coding is also a buttkicker!

2004 december 10
for the first time ever the haven had more than 400 vistors in a single day. yesterday, 2004 december 9, this site had 413 individuals visit. thanx.

2004 december 8
quick update: changed the layout of the links page. it should be easier to read now. cya.

2004 december 5
hello boys and girls. three new stories in the archive this week. first up, the mulder and scully romance/smut fic gender bent by mimic117. also a very fluff-licious, slashy teen titans fic entitled school days are the unhappiest by mara greengrass. last, and possibly least, a new justice league fic by me, candylyn, called kascade. its slash (batman and flash). its het (green lantern and hawkgirl). its wonder woman and...(insert evil manical laughter here). enjoy.

2004 december 1
hello all. from 1 november 2004 to 30 november 2004 the haven had 5128 hits!!! considering this is only my second month up (after a 13 month hiatus) i think that's darn good. thanks to everyone who visited my site last month and welcome to all newcomers.

2004 november 28 1444 hours
hello. i forgot to update another fic. ::bad candy, bad:: chapter 29 of alex's two of us is now up and ready to ready. i am sorry alex, you are always so nice to me and here i up and forget to update you. forgive me? also added a couple of my own stories.

2004 november 28 1005 hours
chapter 7 of you and i got something by dimitri aiden is up. honestly if it wasn't for dimitri i wouldn't have updated this weekend because i am in fanfic coding hades! i found a series of stories based in the x-files universe (mulder/scully love) that i will add next weekend... it's long peeps really, really long. look for it soon. oh and on a personal note my 8th wedding anniversary is coming up. so don't let anyone tell you 'net nerds can't find and keep love! cya.

2004 november 21
new x-men fic by kristy entitled orpheus. enjoy.

2004 november 20
three new jurassic park 3 stories featuring allan and billy: once bitten by sithkitten, would you believe it! by hergerbabe and you won't fall by jen faulkner. also added, yet another shatterstar and rictor love-fest fic entitled day of worship by x-trick. please keep in mind that most of these fics are rated r or nc-17 and all are slash, so if you are under 18 or don't like slash please don't read them, m'kay.

2004 november 16
new chapter for the justice league fic you and i got something by dimitri aidan.

2004 november 13 2105 hours
another new fic, touched by viridian5, has been uploaded into the archive. touched is a three parter starring shatterstar and rictor from x-force. the first two chapters are mild but the last one is a bit racy, hence the nc-17 rating. no kiddies.

2004 november 13 1830 hours
three new fics and one update. first up, a pirates of the caribbean slash fic called matter of rules by l.m. griffin (wren griffin), which starts out pg-13 but ends up nc-17. so if you are too young for nc-17 please do not start this fic. and then there is l.m.'s x-men het fic called two pair! guess what, its pg-13 from start to finish, so almost everyone can read this one. i added two sections of scribe's love and mischief saga, seeking balance and diety by day, both staring ares and joxer. these fics are hercules & xena universe slash fics. seeking balanace is nc-17 and diety by day is pg-13, for now. and finally chapter 28 of the x-men het fic two of us.

also, i have changed a few things about the site, today. you can no longer browse the archive by title or author, only by fandom. so please update your bookmarks. I have eliminated one step to get to the archive. all you have to do now is read the warning notice, once you have done so you can go directly into the archive gateway. the archive gateway is a complete list of the stories archived on this site. once in the archive gateway you can either scroll the page to find a story or click on the fandom name which will redirect you to that fandom's section of the gateway.

2004 november 07
hello. added a new fic, fool and it's second part fear by khirsah, to the archive. fool and fear are nc-17 x-men romances starring bobby and jean-paul, so no kiddies. also added a few more links to links page including one to khirsah's site. enjoy.

2004 november 06
elections are over and life can get back to normal. three updates: chapter 27 of two of us, chapters 13-16 of identity and chapter 5 of you and i got something. enjoy.

2004 october 29 b
new fic in the archive, the sequel to homcomings titled two of us by alex l. enjoy.

2004 october 29 a
hello, i have added a new a man apart fic to the archive called adagio by rae/celtia/celtiareborn. please go to the fiction archive to check it out, but it is nc-17, so no kiddies should be reading it. also, over the course of the day, i will be adding a new feature to the archive, chapter to chapter hyperlinks in the header. my vacation is almost over, so after sunday the number of updates per week will decrease. but no worries, i will try and update at least once a week.

2004 october 28
just added a batman beyond het fic titled identity by girl_gambit. it's... gasp... pg-13. the fic is a terry/max love story with a bit of action too, but without the dana-hater-aid.

2004 october 27
added two fics to the archive. minerva solo's x-men pg-13 slash fic journey, starring iceman and northstar. and a trio of fics featuring cyclops and wolverine by tnl titled love, or something like it falling in like & going all the way. go here to read them. also added links to minerva solo and tnl's websites. enjoy!! . also, i added a link to her site on the link's page.

2004 october 25 b
good morning boys and girls, i have added another tasty justice league slash fic, a change of perception by glitter jungle, to the archive. as always i have to ask you to take the long way to the new fic. i do this to make people read the warnings and acknowledgments. but that doesn't mean you can't add the direct link to the archive to your favorites once you finish jumping through the all hoops i have set up around here. more to come later.

2004 october 25 a
i have deleted the news and fanatic sections of the site. i was having serious trouble keeping the sections updated so they had to go. but i did manage to get a few more stories up in the archive, which isn't going anywhere. i reposted beauty tips and the beast by ramos. that wonderful little fic was on my old haven 2.0 site; i finally got around to reformatting it for this site. also, i added a few of my own fics to the archive... read if you dare. and lastly, i finished the graphic for the entry to the site, check it out.

2004 october 24
i added a rather delightful pitch black fic to the archive the private and personal journal of... by blueeyeddevil. it's a comedy, so get your laugh on! also, i have finally added two x-men fics to the archive. first up is a rather heated slash fic starring x-force's shatterstar and rictor what is already known by Janete (Jane & Te), and homecomings by alex l. its a drama/angst fic featuring almost every x-man that has been in the books over the last decade, but centers on logan, jubes, bobby, remy and rogue. finally, happy birthday dominique, you are legal so stay the hell out of trouble this year!

2004 october 14
i added several new sites to the links page. like i said earlier, i have a crap load to add but I am checking to see if all the sites are still active and if they are appropriate for this site... is there anything not appropriate for this site?

2004 october 13
first of all i would like to thank everyone that i sent requests to for their speedy responses. you guys rock. next i have two updates. first, i have set up a memorial for christopher reeve. second, a new cartoon network justice league fic entitled you and i got something by dimitri aidan. its a slash fic that centers on the flash (wally west) and green lantern (john stewart (no not the one from the daily show)). if slash, a story involving a same sex relationship, upsets you or is illegal in your neck of the woods don't read the story.

2004 october 04 b
hello. i added another fic to the archive: the apprentice by ardath rekha. it is a "must read" for all pitch black fans 18 years or older. (sorry babes, it's NC-17.) enjoy.

2004 october 04 a
i had to move the site back to tripod. otherwise all is well.

2004 october 03
got the links area up and running. it is no where near complete though. the archive is up too... sorta. also, i have posted the transcript from the first presidential debate between kerry and bush in the news area. enjoy.

2004 october 02
launch... still under construction.

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